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Who is Kryon? 

Kryon - the Magnetic Master is often described as a loving angelic entity, who shares messages of peace and empowerment with humanity.

Throughout history, Spiritual messages have been channelled through Divine messengers. Currently, there are several around the world who channel Kryon.

Lee Carroll is the "original channel" for Kryon who has been sharing messages of love and light with the world since 1989.

Together with his partner, Monika Muranyi, they continue to share Kryon's messages through original weekly programs, books, and courses.

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Healing Wednesday 

Loving messages and Circle of Twelve meditations are delivered by Kryon each Wednesday.

Access to a growing library of all Healing Wednesday programs, music, and Kryon channels.

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krysalis academy

Premier destination for online learning with a variety of courses based on Kryon teachings.

Get an Interactive understanding of the higher frequency of wisdom Kryon is transmitting.

All courses are offered solely online as digital classes delivered through this private online school.

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We're so excited to be able to bring you new episodes of Healing Wednesday with Kyron's "Circle of Twelve" potent energy each week. Take a look at the other types of events, retreats, and tours which are coming soon from Lee Carroll, Monika Muranyi, and the Kryon Masters team.

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Customers served! 30000 +
Customers served! 30000 +
Customers served! 30000 +

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The Parables of Wo

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