Eliza Anne McDaniel is a survivor of sexual child abuse. She is the author of, Behind Closed Doors, and Journey to the Heart. Eliza openly shares the many layers of betrayal and the challenge of finding self-worth, self-love, and a life of dignity. In breaking the silence of these dark secrets, Eliza is helping others who have experienced similar abuse to process and release their feelings so that they, too, can forgive, learn, and love again.

In Eliza’s own words, “It is time to put an end to abuse and start the healing process. It comes with loving yourself, the child within, and forgiving your abusers. The forgiveness is for your own heart to move forward on your journey and to set you free from the prison of your mind. Forgiveness is the key to unlocking your heart and shining your beautiful light!”

Website: www.elizaannemcdaniel.com