Andreas Goldman

Andreas Goldemann

Intuitive, Sound Healer & Spiritual Guide

Andreas’ healing gift was noticed early. As a child, family and friends went to him to receive healing; just being in his presence made them feel better. But being an intuitive empath wasn’t fun – instead of being free and having fun adventures, Andreas felt pain around him all the time – and he didn't embrace his gift. But after multiple injuries, disappointment in love, and financial trouble, he realized it was time to do so.

Andreas can use his voice – sounds, speaking, and singing in an ancient language of the soul – combined with movement and reflection to facilitate deep inner transformation and healing on every level of mind, body, and soul. He can do this even when not physically present with the people he’s healing.

Andreas specializes in releasing negative emotions; energetic spinal column straightening; reviving the main CHI/life force; and the energetic, spiritual straightening of individuals.