beginnings show prageet harris

Beginnings Show with Prageet Harris

Beginnings” is a compelling live TV show featuring friendly chats with Lee's esoteric pals, like Prageet Harris, who often teach and lecture with him across the globe. He interviews them about their life stories – their Beginnings.

You'll enjoy candid conversations between Lee Carroll and his friends. Hear about the remarkable experiences they have had as they developed into some of the finest teachers in the new energy.

Enjoy this Free Episode

Anything goes! You'll discover secrets and stories you have never heard before, and personal histories you didn’t know about. This is essentially a talk show with Lee and his friends. There is no channeling, just casual conversation.

Filmed in front of a live studio audience in Marina Del Rey, California, this 90-minute Beginnings show explores the very interesting life of Prageet Harris. WATCH FOR FREE.

The Stargate

Enjoy this Beginnings show with Lee’s featured guest Prageet Harris, an internationally known English channel. He has assisted people with spiritual growth for more than 25 years. Prageet has presented with Lee around the world. He channels an entity known as Alcazar and is known for designing the Stargate.

If you've never experienced the energy of the Stargate in person, you must. There is definitely something powerful in it's geometric structure! You can learn more about the Stargate Experience on his website.

Delightful Stories

Have you heard of Prageet before? If not, you will – for he and the Stargate are quickly becoming extremely popular! This is due to the remarkable energy that completely matches the new paradigms on the Planet.

Don't miss the remarkable history of Prageet Harris, complete with childhood photos. You'll delight in his stories! From growing up in England, and flying an airplane solo, to his eventful journey to India to see Osho...  Prageet's adventures are filled with synchronicities.


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