Beyond Corona


August 20, 2020 in Free Gift

Beyond Coronavirus

As a valued member of our Kryon Soul Family, I’d like to share this replay with you. It’s a high-quality recording of a recent Q&A I facilitated with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys (affectionately known as Dr. Todd). It’s called Beyond Corona: Enhancing Human Biology.

As many of you already know, Dr. Todd is a DNA researcher and an expert (to put it mildly) in stem cell technology. In the interview, Dr. Todd and I discuss the Coronavirus in great detail.  You’ll hear valuable information about preventive treatments and possible cures. WATCH FOR FREE

Immunity Boosters

Do you know what you can do to mitigate the risk of Corona (COVID-19) and boost your immune system? In Beyond Corona, watch as the doctor who rid HIV shares his insights and instructions on how we can all stay safe during this pandemic. Learn more facts about the Hydroxychloroquine protocol that others won’t talk about.

Dr. Todd Answers…

  • Are people overreacting?
  • Which supplements help boost immunity?
  • Which nutraceuticals will help diminish symptoms and improve odds of quick recovery?
  • What about vaccines?
  • What can we do to stay safe?
  • And so much more!

I’m even including a printable list of over-the-counter supplements Dr. Todd suggests to help you stay healthy that you can share with everyone you LOVE.


P.S. If you enjoyed this “Streaming with Lee” episode, you’ll want to check out the rest on our blog.

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