peggy phoenix dubro healing wednesday

Peggy Phoenix Dubro Video

Meet Peggy Phoenix Dubro Peggy Phoenix Dubro is a distinguished International speaker and teacher. She’s a true pioneer in the field of human-to-human energy dynamics and Universal Calibration Lattice®. Peggy is joyfully dedicated to the creation of practical tools that can be used personally or professionally to assist in our …

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all about lemuria

Lemurian Akash

Lemurian Akash Many of Kryon’s Soul Family, feel a deep connection with Lemuria. Is it possible that you were in Lemuria? If you were, what does that mean for you today? All over the Planet, Old Souls are awakening to their Lemurian Akash. Pleiadian and Lemurian Ancient Discoveries Lemuria is …

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future of magnetics

Future of Magnetics

Future of Magnetics Kryon has said specifically, ”Don’t predict the future based on the past.” Those of you who have followed the Kryon teachings over the years have heard about the incredible power of magnets in our future. Well that future of magnetics may be closer than you think. Let’s …

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beyond corona enhancing human biology

Beyond Corona

Beyond Coronavirus As a valued member of our Kryon Soul Family, I’d like to share this replay with you. It’s a high-quality recording of a recent Q&A I facilitated with Dr. Todd Ovokaitys (affectionately known as Dr. Todd). It’s called Beyond Corona: Enhancing Human Biology. As many of you already …

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