Cancellation Policy

In-Person Event Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests MUST be made in writing. Send an email to:

61+ days prior to event <or> within 24 hours of purchase date = 90% refund

  • A minimum of 10% handling fee for all cancellations will be deducted.

31 – 60 days prior to event = 60% refund

    • A partial refund will be granted when a cancellation request is received within 31 to 60 business days prior to the scheduled event, and not within 24 hours of your purchase date.
  • A fee of 40% will be deducted (20% from the purchase transaction and 20% from the refund transaction).

0 – 30 days prior to event = 0% refund

  • Refunds are not permitted for any cancellations less than 30 business days prior to a live event. 
  • If a written cancellation request is not received by more than 30 business days prior to an event, the registrant will be liable for the entirety of the registration fee, regardless of attendance or absence from the scheduled event. Please contact Kryon Masters at


Online Event Cancellation Policy

All sales are final. No refunds will be provided for any online or live-streamed events.

  • However, if we choose to cancel an event for any reason, registrants may be extended a refund in full (100%).
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