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Inside Stories of Channelling

Many of you have inquired about the beginning of the man in the chair. And how Kryon began communicating with me.  I would say, "In the early years, there was no communication at all a love wash came over me and I melted into tears." Kryon says now, "It’s not a Soul exchange…it’s a Soul meld." Over the years, I've become friends with many other talented Channellers. Today I want to share a special story with you. In it is how I began channelling with Marilyn Harper and where we first encountered one another.

Channelling with Marilyn Harper

WATCH FOR FREE the most revealing "inside story" (in the video below) about how Kryon first got my attention and what led me to begin channeling with Marilyn Harper.  Don’t miss the channelling at the end of our discussion (a surprise awaits you)!

Meeting Marilyn Harper

Interestingly, I met Marilyn for the first time on stage in Sedona, AZ. Marilyn channels Adironnda from the 17th Dimension (as well as a Council of 12 others including Ascended Masters, Archangels and Master Teachers).

We talk about the phenomenon known as Walk-ins (Marilyn’s one) and how we each began our own Spiritual journey. Also in this Streaming with Lee, you'll learn how every single Channeller has a unique and different energy. As Marilyn says, "It’s the same energy spoken different ways – it’s like a woven tapestry of information".


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