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December 2, 2020 in Healing Wednesday

Holistic Healing Physician, Emotions Expert & Best-Selling Author

Have you ever thought about how much your emotions influence your health? Dr. Bradley Nelson, emotions expert, says that “Emotions are the underlying cause of most physical and psychological distress.”

His best-selling book, The Emotion Code, provides step-by-step instructions for working with the body’s energy healing power. It explains how to identify and release trapped emotions that block us from wellness. He discusses the effects of emotional energy on our health and success in his other title, The Heart of the Emotion Code.

Dr. Brad was our featured guest on Kryon’s Circle of Twelve First Wednesday episode in December 2020. WATCH FOR FREE.

Illness at Age 7

It’s really great to be here and great to be able to speak to your audience. It is true, I had two spontaneous remissions and I’ll tell you about the first one. I was seven years old and I was really sick with the measles. My parents had made a bed for me upstairs on the couch, in the living room, so that I could be near their bedroom.

And I had overheard them talking and I knew the plan for me.  The plan was I was going to be admitted in the hospital the next morning. And I was going into something called an oxygen tent. I didn’t really know what an oxygen tent was. The tent part of it sounded interesting to my seven-year-old boy brain, but I was too sick to really think about camping. This particular night, my parents came into the room. I’m lying there on the couch just feeling really ill.

Spontaneous Remission

I remember this like it happened yesterday, even though of course it was many years ago. And my mother said to my father, “Honey, will you kneel down and say a prayer with me so that our boy will be able to get well?” And so they did. Now knowing my dad, this might’ve been the first time that I heard my dad pray, but I think my parents were very worried about me. So my dad starts offering this prayer and in the middle of this prayer, something really dramatic happened. I’ll try to describe this.

Some kind of a change began at the top of my head and it went whoosh through my body that fast, and I was instantly healed. Now to go from being really, really sick one moment to being completely, entirely vibrantly, healthy, and totally cured in the next instant is so bizarre. It’s so impossible, so amazing and incredible, and so unique, that you can’t ever forget it. I remember every moment of that little vignette like it happened yesterday to me and it was a long time ago.

Higher Power at Work

So I held my tongue. I didn’t want to interrupt my dad. I held my tongue until my dad was done praying, which didn’t take long. And when he was done, I said, “I’m better. I’m better. Heavenly father healed me. I’m well.” And they said, “That’s fine, honey, go back to sleep.” The next day proved that I was better.

I learned from that experience that there is a Higher power that we can draw upon. So that really stuck with me. As a young boy, I kind of filed that away… but I thought about that a lot. That changed my perception in a really powerful way.

Failing Kidneys

So fast forward about seven more years, and things tend to run in those seven year cycles. I started getting pain in the back and the pains started off gradually. Then all of a sudden they reached this unbelievable crescendo where these pains would take my breath away, or sometimes literally just put me on the ground. They would strike out of nowhere. It felt like I was being run through with a sword or something. It was really terrifying, frankly.

My parents were very worried about me, took me to the hospital, tests were run. They were told that I had kidney disease and that I had about a 50/50 chance of getting well, and that there was nothing that they could offer me. They had no treatment for this. And of course, my kidneys were dying. If your kidneys die, at that time back then there were no kidney transplants. They didn’t know how to do those and so I was done.

Seeking Alternative Treatment

My life suddenly had come to a grinding halt and there was nothing that medically could be done for me. So my parents decided that they would try some alternatives. And my mother was kind of a health nut back then, back in the days when people actually thought you were certifiable if you took vitamins and things like that.

They took me to see a couple of holistic doctors and they practiced out on the edge of town. They had a trailer house in the middle of a wheat field. Now, these two doctors, Dr. Alan Bain and Dr. Ida Harmon, were old time, osteopathic doctors. They did a lot with herbs and things, and they were true healers.  I can remember going there and seeing buses from other states that would come there. People would charter buses to come and see them because they were such great healers. So they started working on me, and within a very short time, within a couple of weeks really, I started feeling better. I started feeling improvements right away and within about three weeks, I was practically better. Within a month it was gone… I was completely well.

Path to Becoming a Healer

And my folks took me back to the clinic and they ran all the tests again just to make sure. And that’s when I heard those words, as I recall, spontaneous remission. “Whatever we did must have helped.” I knew they hadn’t really done anything. Even though I was only 13, I knew that it was these other people that actually helped me so I decided that’s what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to go into the healing arts and I wanted to do what these people did.

Lying on their treatment table, looking up at them and saying, “I want to do this. I want to do what you do when I grow up.” And they would say, “No, you don’t. No, you don’t. Because if you go to chiropractic school or naturopathic school, or you become an osteopath they’d say, “You’ll get your head so full of fixed ideas that you won’t be able to think for yourself when you get out. You’ll be like a zombie.” That’s what they told me.

Power of Prayer

So when I finally had that experience with prayer where I heard a voice that said, “This is a sacred calling,” that’s when I was trying to figure out what to do. I had kind of gotten sidetrack from that dream for a long time. But that was a very powerful answer to prayer that put me on that healing path again. When I got into practice, I decided, okay, God’s gotten me into this. Maybe God will help me with these patients that I’m seeing.

So the secret, really, of my success is prayer.  I got in this habit of asking for help for every person that I saw. I might’ve been seeing 20 to 30 people a day and every person, before I’d go to work with them, I would just take a moment. It was a totally private, totally personal thing and it wasn’t any kind of a long drawn-out prayer. It was really just a momentary pause where I would just silently ask for help, “Father in heaven, please help me to help this person in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.” And that was it.

Asking for Help

I’ll tell you something though, I learned, once again, that God, Higher power or Father, is aware of us and everything we’re doing all the time. There were times during those years when somebody would come in to see me and I didn’t know how to approach their problem. I didn’t know how to help them, didn’t know what to do. In response to that very short, heartfelt prayer, that asking for help, there were times when the information would just flood into me like an avalanche of data and understanding.

In the 20 odd years that I was in practice in one form or another, that happened as many times as I can count really on one hand… so that was kind of the exception rather than the rule. What I’ve come to understand though, is that when you pray and you ask for help, that help always comes. However, it doesn’t always come in the way that you expect, or maybe in the way that you want.

I believe that the angels around us, those angels that are guiding and supporting us through our mortal experience, are often our departed loved ones, maybe descendants of ours that are yet to be born. When we ask for help, I believe that help comes through those angels. That help will often come as something very subtle. It’ll be an idea that we think might be our own idea, but it’s really coming from them because they’ll whisper things to our minds. It might be an impression. It might be a thought that we have. And that’s usually how those answers come.

Emotional Baggage

That was my practice. That’s how it went for many years, where I’m just asking for help with each person and then trying to help them as best I can. And I learned some really fascinating things. The Emotion Code book that I published in 2007, after leaving practice in 2004, is really about what I learned. One of the most important things that I learned during those years was that we have emotional baggage. And that’s a phrase that we often use, usually in reference to other people other than ourselves.

What I found was that emotional baggage is very real and very powerful. And what I found during practice was that no matter how old or young my patients were, no matter what they were suffering from, no matter what their condition was, whether it was some kind of pain, headache pain, migraines, neck pain, low back pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, whatever it might be, there was emotional baggage that was the biggest underlying cause of that pain.

Stuck Emotions

I also found that emotional baggage is always present and is always a factor in every disease process that we suffer from as human beings. And it was an amazing thing to gradually realize this. That observation was part of the impetus for me getting out of practice and writing this book, The Emotion Code, because people had to know about this. 90% of all the physical pain that people have is due to emotional baggage. Now think about that.

If you’re reading or listening to this right now and you’ve got a headache, you’ve got back pain, neck pain, whatever, there’s a 9 out of 10 probability that that pain is actually being caused by the emotional energy of some experience that you went through that is still stuck in your body. These bodies of ours are pure energy. Even though if you look at your hand, your hand looks pretty solid and if you slap it down on a desk, it makes a nice thumped sound. The reality of it is that our bodies are almost entirely empty space. In fact, some Quantum Physicists recently calculated that if you could take all the empty space out of every single person’s body on earth, you could fit all 7.8 billion of us into a little box the size of a sugar cube.

Frequency of Emotion

Would it be crowded? Well, yes, but it could be done. So the interesting thing is, when we’re feeling emotions, every emotion has its own frequency of vibration. And since the body itself is just a vibration, it’s an energy field, if you’re feeling an emotion powerfully enough, your whole body can take on that frequency. So if you’re really feeling angry, for example, your whole being can be taking on that specific vibration. Every emotion has its own frequency and its own vibration, and they’re all different.

When an emotion is powerful enough, if it’s too powerful, say, it may become trapped in the body. Or if there are emotions that are maybe coming up for you that you don’t want to feel and you suppress those, you bury those, you stuff those emotions, those can create trapped emotions as well.

Trapped Emotions

We all have emotional baggage. A trapped emotion is literally a ball of emotional energy, if you can imagine, about the size of a baseball, about the size of a softball. These things will inhabit the body and they interfere with our ability to be who we are capable of being, who we are supposed to be. And so when we release that emotional baggage, it can make an immediate change in how we feel.

There are so many stories about this. I have seen so many different cases of depression, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, PTSD, eating disorders, and self-sabotage, of all kinds get well, all kinds of physical conditions. We now have between 6,500 and 7,000 practitioners around the world in 80 countries doing this work and having great results of this. Visit our website: discoverhealing.com and if you scroll down a ways, you’ll see the latest feedback. We have about 9,643 testimonials. These come in every single day.

Generational Inheritance

I finally realized no matter how many hours I put in, I’m never going to be able to make a dent in the world. This has to go out to the whole world. Here’s a testimonial that just came in within the last couple of days, maybe today or yesterday. This is from a woman named Chantel who says, “One of my first emotion codes releases on myself was a trapped emotion of inherited terror.” Now we can inherit emotional energy at conception from mom or dad that they might’ve inherited from their mom or dad. And these can go back for generations sometimes.

She says, “I had been afraid for a long time to be home alone, especially at nighttime. My entire body would seize up with fear and I would be certain that I was hearing someone breaking in pretty regularly. I would even wake up at the smallest noise in the middle of the night and have my husband walk around the house to make sure we were safe. If I was going to be home alone or with the kids even for one night without my husband here, I would take them to my parents’ house so that I would not have to deal with the fear.

After we released this inherited trapped emotion of terror, I have been able to be home alone for multiple days on end and even walk around outside at nighttime with zero fear. I am not constantly worrying about if the house is locked up or if the alarm system is on. I feel completely relaxed and peaceful.”

Sharing Emotional Energy

So isn’t that interesting how some ancestor of this woman’s experienced something terrifying. That emotional energy became trapped in that person’s body. When that person conceived a child, that emotional energy was shared to that offspring. She doesn’t say how far back this one went, but we see sometimes these go back 10 or 20 generations. And so that emotion of terror was in her, but it really wasn’t hers. It really originated with that ancestor. So isn’t that interesting. That’s all part of The Emotion Code. You can learn it all from the book. It’s not only the future generations, but it also is the generations in the past.

In fact, let me share a story with you. I was at an event once speaking to a group of about 300 people and asked for a volunteer. “If you’re really in pain and if you think that no one else through could possibly be in more pain than you, just raise your hand.” So, this woman raised her hand and she hobbles up onto the stage and she’s limping, she’s got this terrible hip problem. On a zero to 10 scale, she’s a nine. It’s been going on for a year. And so I tested, found one thing, corrected that, took her pain from a nine to four and then the next thing that I found on her… And by the way, we use muscle testing or other forms of getting information from the body, other forms of biofeedback, but usually muscle testing.

Ancestors with Us

I have her run up on the stage. And the next thing that I find going on with her is that she has an inherited trapped emotion of fear and she got it from her father. The subconscious mind knows where these things are originating from. In testing her, I got that this came from her father and he got it from his father who got it from his father. And it went back that way in the fathers line 12 generations.

Now, at that point, when I’m doing a live event, usually what I’ll do is, I will ask that person’s subconscious mind, if those direct line ancestors are there with us. It’s funny because they’re always there. They always show up for the release of this energy because we’re releasing this energy not only from that person who’s alive and in their mortal body, we’re also releasing it from the spirit bodies of these ancestors who have passed on. Right?

Removing Pain Instantly

I got a yes from her body. Yes, very strong. Those ancestors were there. So, I released the emotion from her and the pain was instantly, completely gone. And she’s literally dancing around on the stage. She goes back and sits down. Right? So, I finish my lecture and went back to our booth. We had some of our staff there. About a minute after I get to the booth, this woman comes up to me and here’s what she says, “Dr. Nelson, I wanted you to know something.” She said, “I’m one of those people that has the gift to see spirits. It’s kind of a blessing, kind of a curse. I’ve had this all my life. I wanted you to know that when you were talking about those ancestors,” those grandfathers of hers she said they were on the stage right there.

She said, “I could see them. And I just wanted to verify that to you that was true.” She said there was something else going on that I don’t know that you were aware of. She said, “what I saw was surrounding the stage, there were at least 200 spirits”. And it came to me who they were. They were the spirits of this woman’s yet to be born descendants. And they were their rejoicing that they were not going to have to take on this crippling emotional energy from her. And I thought, gee, isn’t that just so cool?

Healing Inherited Emotions

The beauty of this work is that anybody can do it. And it’s really simple. The inherited side of this is something that’s fascinating and very powerful and can result in powerful healing because we all can be carrying… And I think we all have inherited baggage that we carry. We all have ancestors and they all had hard times. Part of us is that baggage from them but also we have inherited emotional energies that we picked up during our own lifetimes. Sometimes it’s from things we don’t even remember. And yet you can find and remove that kind of emotional baggage with the emotion code really easily. Kids can do this. Anybody can do it. The beauty of it is, precisely, that it is so simple, really, and so easy to do.

If you’re looking for a practitioner to work with you, we have, like I said, 6,500 plus practitioners in 80 countries around the world. One of the beautiful things about this work is that it is pure energy medicine. And so, it can easily be done at a distance. And all of our practitioners are trained how to do that. So, most of them work with people in other countries, many of whom they’ll never actually meet. And yet whose lives they may very well have changed.

Types of Imbalances

What I found during those years when I was in practice, is that there are really six different kinds of imbalances that cause all of the physical and mental and emotional difficulties that we suffer from. Those things include pathogens, for example, little infections that get them in the body, instead of housekeeping, they include Coronavirus for example. They include structural misalignments of things. Any tissue in the body can become misaligned.

They include nutrition and lifestyle issues, maybe you’re not getting enough sunlight or maybe you’re deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral. You’re not going to be healthy if that’s going on. Toxicity, the circuitry and the systems of the body. The body is very highly organized. And then energies, like trapped emotions… energies that shouldn’t get into the body like emotional or trauma energies, things like that. What I found was that the subconscious mind of the individual is really all powerful.

Intelligence Within

Our conscious minds are along for the ride but our subconscious minds are the vastly intelligent part of us. I believe that they’re more intelligent than we can begin to comprehend. We haven’t even scratched the surface really there, but the subconscious mind of each one of us is tied into the database of a Universal intelligence. The Light of Christ, the morphic field as Rupert Sheldrake would say. It goes by different names but the Universe is filled with intelligence and our subconscious minds are connected to that. Our subconscious minds are genius.

What I found was that I could ask my patients what was wrong with them. When I asked the subconscious mind, the subconscious will tell me. The body code is simply a way to find whatever kinds of imbalances are going on so that you can work on yourself and you can raise that immune system of yours to the highest possible level. And that’s really what’s going to keep you healthy in the day and age that we’re living in. It’s not your mask, it’s not the social distancing, it’s being as healthy as you can possibly be.

Removing Emotional Imbalances

You do that by getting rid of the imbalances going on in the body. Emotional energies, the trauma energies, things like that. Toxins, getting the right vitamins and minerals and things like that in the body. The body code is this encyclopedic but yet very simple and dramatically fast way of finding imbalances and then correcting them. The Emotion Code chart is in there as well. It’s an app that runs on desktops too, and it’s available at discoverhealing.com/app or you can download it from the App store, Google play, and so on.

Last thing I wanted to say, “There is a God in heaven and He is your father and He loves you. And He’s aware of you and knows what’s going on in your life. He knows about all your challenges. What I found in my life is that, if you just ask for help, it will come. So, you just trust and ask and life can work out.”


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