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September 2, 2020 in Healing Wednesday

Reconnective Healing® Instructor and Best-Selling Author

Dr. Eric Pearl ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years when one day his patients began reporting healings from simply holding his hands near them. Now Dr. Eric (and his partner Jillian) teach what science today calls Reconnective Healing®, affecting the lives of millions globally.

He was our featured guest on the very first episode Healing Wednesday in September 2020. WATCH FOR FREE.

Strange Events

I had practiced chiropractic for 12 years, and then all of a sudden, in one night, a few strange things happened. A lamp next to my bed turned itself on and woke me up. I opened my eyes to find that my bedroom door, which I had closed when I went to sleep, was now open. I thought maybe someone was in my house, so I got up and immediately located the largest knife I could get my hands on, a can of pepper spray that I think would make me look intimidating, and I grabbed my Doberman Pinscher, who I thought would intimidate anyone in the house. Instead, she hid behind me. We went hunting, couldn’t find anyone, and after 20 minutes, I decided I might as well go back to sleep. It must have been my imagination.

I got back into bed, I reached over to turn the lamp off. You know that little round knob or button that’s on pretty much every lamp in America? It was not clicked into place but rotated partway, and I knew that wasn’t me because I’m a clicker and a locker and a shutter and everything’s sealed. I’m closing my eyes and going to bed. All I know is that Monday I went into my office and my employees started asking me what happened over the weekend. I said, “Nothing. Why?” They said, “You look so different. You sound so different.” I just didn’t give it that much attention.

An Unknown Visitor

I went in to see my first appointment and I adjusted my chiropractic patient, finished with them lying on their back, and told him to rest his eyes for a minute or two. When he opened his eyes, he asked me who had come into the room? While his eyes were closed. I said, “No one. Why?” He said, “I heard someone.” “No one was there,” I told him. He said, “I felt them.” I said, “No one was there.” He said, “They were standing at the door.” I said, “Really, no, they weren’t.” So, he said okay, but you know when someone’s just placating you, they don’t really believe you. I thought, “Well, something interesting must be going on with that person’s morning yet I ignored it.

I went onto the next patient. When she opened her eyes, she said, “Who came into the room while I was lying here?” I said, “No one. Why?” She said, “The person at the door.” “No one was at the door.” She said, “I heard them.” “No.”

Patient Feedback

All I can tell you is, on this one day, in my 12th year in practice as a chiropractor, although no one had said this to me before, seven different patients insisted someone came into the room. They felt someone walked around them on the table, or ran around them and two of them actually told me it felt as if someone was flying around the ceiling. So, it would be difficult for me to ignore that, but simultaneously, my attention was pulled because other patients were telling me they could feel my hands on them when I wasn’t touching them. I’m saying, “Oh, yeah. Sure you can. Close your eyes.”

They closed their eyes and I just stand there at a distance, and I hold my hands or angle them or move them, all sorts of things. They could tell me right shoulder or left ankle, so it became a game. It’s my office and I could have whatever games I wanted and it was fun. So, I played with that.

Amazing Experiences

As I would pull and stretch my hands further away, I would start to see their muscles pull larger and twist up their eyebrows and their lips. Their eyes would flutter uncontrollably and their fingers would move. When they opened their eyes, they started telling me that they were seeing colors that they had simply never seen before. They were smelling flowers they hadn’t smelled and were seeing people in the room with them. Although physically it didn’t make sense that they could be there, they knew that they were there. They were not awake, they were not asleep, they were someplace more real.

Then people started getting up and walking who had come in in wheelchairs! I started getting calls from the parents of some of my children with cerebral palsy or epilepsy that suddenly they were able to walk again, run again, play and laugh, and talk. They did not have seizures and did not need their medications.

Phone Calls Continue

Did it happen with every single patient of mine? No, but it happened with a lot, a huge lot of people. We began to realize that something truly significant was going on, when I started getting phone calls from their doctors and other people saying, “What did you do?” I said, “I didn’t do anything, and don’t tell anyone.” Of course, the more I said that, the more everyone started talking, and then people started asking me to teach this.  I said, “You have got to be insane. How do you teach something like that?” The truth is I’m standing there with no idea what I’m doing. I’m waving my hands in the air looking like an idiot. So, you go outside, wave your hands in the air, you let me know what your neighbors start to say about you.

Then TV and Talk Shows

Next the researchers came, the scientists came, trying to study me. They were taking measurements of things around my hands and around my body, and they’re saying, “We’re seeing aspects of light and information,” I didn’t even know what they meant by information, “that we’ve never seen before and think may well be here on this planet for the first time.” I’m going, “Really? How can you say something like that?” And they said, “Well, we can’t prove it, but we haven’t seen it.” Television came, talk shows came, and people started really insisting that I teach it.

My First Class

So, I went to an adult class at a place called the Learning Annex in Los Angeles, and they gathered 25 students. I brought in all sorts of crazy notes I made for myself to try to see if I could teach this and give them what I considered teaching information. After I got there and I looked at them, I knew immediately those notes were going to do nothing.

So, I opened up a massage table, I walked around the room, first while they were in their chairs, I let them feel this in their hands, and their hands started to involuntarily move too and respond just like everyone else’s. Then I showed them how to feel it, and I let them work with people on the massage tables, and other people were having physical responses. As I put it, I guess I unleashed 25 new healers onto an unsuspecting planet. And can I just tell you that my phone started ringing so much that I had to buy my very first computer!

Reconnective Healing

It was interesting because I discovered that I was right when I said we can’t teach this. Now, my perspective of it was a little limited. My perspective of it was some kind of a gift seemed to have awakened within me. I could find this, I could feel it, I could play with it, and I thought, “Well, it’s a gift.” And you think of a gift as something being unique to a person. What I found out was that Reconnective Healing is, as the researchers explained, this bandwidth of healing frequencies that includes everything we’ve had in the way of energy, all the energy healing techniques. We’re accessing parts of energy.

What Reconnective Healing does is it seems to release the little membranes. There’s all the new techniques and the old techniques with different portions of energy serving these loving membranes. And Reconnective Healing seems to allow all the membranes to open, and it reconnects all of healing, all the gifts of the techniques without even having to learn them.

Becoming the Healing

Something happens when we interact with what science today calls the Reconnective Healing intelligence, or the frequencies. And it awakens us, or inspires us, catalyzes us, so we become a catalyst actually for this, and allows us to access this spectrum of healing so we can stop doing, and instead become, the healing.

We can stop worrying about whether we’re moving clockwise or counter-clockwise, or North or South, or up or down, what to do first and what to do second.  Just let go of the steps and let go of the fear and the protections, because all you become is light.  Light has nothing to protect itself from because darkness doesn’t exist. Darkness is only an absence of light.

All of our fears that we protect ourselves from is merely us not allowing ourselves to shine as the light that we are. And once we grasp this, and that’s really all it is, is just a cognizant grasping of something that then moves beyond the thinking mind. When we get this, we simply become the light that provides healings for those with whom we interact.

Something Dormant Inside

I don’t believe that this can be taught. What happens is, it is communicated. In other words, once you interact with it, it seems to ignite something. It awakens something that’s dormant within. I say this living, breathing, walking generation of Earth, I believe we were placed here with something dormant to receive and to be activated.

Once we interact with it, it happens. So, you don’t access Reconnective Healing from sitting in a corner and meditating any more than you sit in a high rise hotel on a beach try to bring the ocean in. It’s not coming in. If it does, you better run, it’s a tsunami. You have to actually stick your spiritual little bathing suit and march it down to the ocean. And it’s the same with this. You have to interact with it.

A National Warning

When I was a bit younger and more into enjoying a little bit of partying, I was in another country with a whole bunch of friends. I was looking forward to sleeping in one morning when the phone started to ring, and I answered. On the phone was this guy with a deep radio voice saying, “Are you aware that the…” (and we won’t say which country it is, it’s a big country) “…such and such medical association has convened a formal meeting about you and issued a national warning?” And I started to laugh. Because I thought it was a joke. And he said, “I fail to see the humor in it.” And whenever says, “I fail to see the humor in it,” they’re correct, they failed.

So he said it again, “What’s so funny?” And I said, “I really find it hard to believe that an entire country of this size, the medical association would have a meeting and issue a warning about one American who’s standing there waving his hands in the air. How very threatening.” So, I said, “Thank you. I’m going back to sleep.” I hung up the phone and went back to sleep, for a moment. The phone started ringing again. There were three PR people in the lobby, and suddenly, three national TV shows were all there at once being kept at bay.

Healing Hands on Camera

One man comes up to me, and very friendly he says, “Listen, we’re going to bring up this woman and we’re going to talk to you.” So, the camera comes on, and he’s really Jekyll and Hyde, nasty. Camera goes off, and he’s nice and friendly again.  I’m thinking, “What is going on here?” So, he’s like, “Listen, we’re going to bring this woman on. Would you just look at her hands and do a little healing?” I said, “Sure.” So, in comes this very tall, sweet 86 year old woman and you can see the swelling in her knuckles, in her fingers. One hand she could only close about three to five degrees and the other, maybe a full 12.

He said, “So, when we come back on after this commercial break, we want you to heal her.” I said, “…I don’t know, if I can do anything right there in that second.” And he said, “Well, okay, fine, so when we come back, I’ll explain why you refuse to do the healing.” I’m thinking no, that’s even worse so we’ll just see what happens. So, she sits down very properly, kind of excited by the concept, and shows me her hand. I held my hands up and her fingers started to move, and then the other one started to move. And she goes, “Oh, I can move my fingers. Oh, look, I can close my hands.” She was very excited.

Watching Together on TV

So, that night, we had our staff there in three different rooms that were close together, we have three different main channels on, as all the shows were on. We watched the first one, we watched the second one, watched the third one, and the healing’s phenomenal, the interviews are phenomenal. The sweet 86 year old woman was healed. Then, all of a sudden, I hear someone go, “Eric, back here, back here.” I said, “What do you mean? It’s over.” “No, she’s back.”

They had brought this woman to a big medical association representative, and he’s interviewing her, so I watch. She says, “Well, look, I can close my hand. I can move my fingers.” He said, “Well, that’s not possible.” And she said, “But look, I can close my hands.” He says, “That’s not possible.” Now this very kind woman who had this healing, you could see something had welled up inside of her, and she’s getting angry. She looks at him, and goes, “I can button my own sweater. Look.” And she buttons it. The guy loses all color, and he pauses. Then he says, “Well, all I can say is you were very lucky.”

Universal Intelligence

Lucky? What was she going to do? The worst thing that can happen with Reconnective Healing is nothing, and that never happens. If you’re lucky, the healing comes in the form you anticipate. But I always say, “If you’re truly fortunate, the healing will come in a form you have not even dreamed of, one that only Divine intelligence knows for us. We have to stop directing and intending specificity of healing in this world. We need to learn to let go of the personality ego and just sit back and say, “Hey, there is a greater, a Higher intelligence. This intelligence knows where to go and what to do, and we just need to get out of its way and give it license to do so.”

That is the main challenge to facilitating this clearly because our human personalities want to direct and control them. When we do that, we constrict. When we let go, we allow the perfect orchestration of, call it God, call it love, call it the intelligence of the universe (call it what you will), to demonstrate itself to us. And that in itself is a reward. Reconnective Healing in itself is its own reward, and yet everyone benefits.

Here to Grow

I thought that healers would be the most open and mainstream medical would be the least, and it’s really turned out to be quite different. A lot of the healing teachers confuse teaching nothing with teaching no-thing. In other words, they equate nothing with nothing-ness. And a lot of the times as students, we’ve invested our money to learn techniques and methods. As teachers we are invested because that’s how many make their money by teaching techniques and methods.

Really, it’s time for everyone to become, the teachers of the teachers. We’re not here to stay at the same level. I know a lot of times people will say, “Well, it’s the same thing that Jesus did,” or this, that, and the other. I’ll say, “You know what? Maybe. Yet Jesus said (paraphrasing), “You shall do even greater things than these.”

Human Evolution

We are here to grow and evolve. Healing people who say, “I don’t need a healing. There’s nothing wrong with me,” it’s not about something being broken. Healing is not just about fixing something that wasn’t working. That’s a very limited perspective. Healing is about our human evolution. So, everyone needs, or is here for, healing because we are all here to evolve.

Fortunately, about two years ago, we created a program called The Portal, and had already been teaching in our live programs how do Reconnective Healing distance sessions (before COVID hit). You don’t need to be in the same room, you don’t even need to be in the same country. Jillian and I facilitate sessions for people who go to the website and look us up schedule with us. Everyone can be taught Reconnective Healing. On our practitioners directory you can find someone who speaks your language to facilitate a Reconnective Healing distance session.

The Portal Program

Our program called The Portal, is a phenomenal way of teaching level one. It includes eight hours plus an extra two hours, but is not taken all at once.  Jillian and Ana came up with this format. We do six minutes of an exercise, five minutes of philosophy, seven minutes of science, and eight minutes of something else. Then there’s another exercise and before you know it, first hour’s over. You go into the second hour and there’s seven more minutes of this and six more minutes of that, eight more minutes of that. It’s like a smorgasbord line you can keep returning to at your own pace.

If you only have five minutes to sit down, or 10, then you do it, you don’t need to block time out, so that’s really phenomenal. As a matter of fact, we offer the first hour of it for free so you can take a look and see the talks. This is about your inner knowingness, your truth, which is your instinct. It’s not your intuition because intuition is when we start thinking about our knowingness, we start to cloud it with thinking. It’s instinct.

Live Training in NYC

Your instinct, how does it call you? Do you want sessions, do you want to learn the work, do you want to learn it just for yourself, or do you want to learn it at a level where you can share it with your family or your community? All of this is really wonderful and all of it is available.

This year, there is just one Reconnective Healing LIVE training going on in the country and it will be held the first or second weekend in October, in New York by LaGuardia and taught by our main teacher. We’re actually going to be able to show up there and be on the floor with those of you who are attending in New York City.

Learn from Home

Reconnective Healing is also being taught in different countries by people we have been working with and training for the past couple of years. So fortunately in that arena, we were prepared for COVID. The Reconnective Healing intelligence always knows what’s coming and it prepared itself to find a way to be able to communicate and share with you.

Whether you want to learn the work for yourself and for your family in the privacy of your own home, or you’re thinking, “I really want a healing session,” it helps emotionally. And throws you on your life course in ways you haven’t dreamed of. It brings about abundance, prosperity, and clarity, emotionally and spiritually.

Reconnecting You

The most exciting thing about Reconnective Healing to me is that it opens up healing. What it’s doing is reconnecting us. Is it reconnecting us to our original fullness? Yes, but it’s reconnecting healing itself. It’s taking away all the limitations and the steps and the procedures. And the don’t do this and the yes do that. It’s taking away all of the imaginary protections that we’ve been doing and allowing ourselves to be. What are we if we’re not here to be, for everyone and everything, to understand that I am you and you are me?  The truth is, we’re neither.

We are simply existing in a field of awareness and consciousness that everyone is touching and no one is touching. Everything is touching and nothing is touching. I’m sure that for a lot of you who are watching this program are going, “What am I feeling in my hand? What’s vibrating in my body?” I found out that from a Hay House editor who was the first person who said, “I can’t edit your book.” And I thought, “Oh my God, what did I do wrong?” She said, “Every time I pick it up, it starts to vibrate and it drops out of my hands.” And I go, “Got it, you dropped the book. I did it.” I was so happy.


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