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January 6, 2021 in Healing Wednesday

Dr. Norm Shealy – Holistic Medicine

You may know Dr. Norm Shealy through the term “Holistic Medicine” because he’s credited for its concept. In 1971, he introduced spinal cord stimulation and developed the modern TENS™. His clinical work includes comprehensive holistic management of pain, depression, anxiety, and chronic disease.

Dr. Norm Shealy is accredited with a long list of writing accomplishments: editor of the Journal of Comprehensive Medicine; published 36 books and over 350 articles; plus, his most recent book – Conversations with G. You can explore his other popular titles on Amazon here: Medical Intuition, Living Bliss, Blueprint for Holistic Healing, and Healing the Soul.

Energy Medicine Expert

In 1978, Dr. Norm Shealy was founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association. He has 14 patents in Energy Medicine, numerous lifetime achievement awards and appearances on national TV programs. He’s been a dedicated lecturer worldwide since 1971 at medical schools, universities, hospitals, and churches, still today making up to 100 appearances each year.

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Interest in the Brain

I’ve always been interested in health. I grew up in a very conventional, lower middle class family. My father was a butcher. We had no physicians in the family, but at age four, I stated, “I’m going to become a doctor.” I don’t know why. By age 16, I knew I wanted to be a neurosurgeon.

And in medical school, in the first year, my favorite course was the anatomy of the brain. Now everybody else in the class thought it was boring. I thought it was absolutely fabulous. And I began working, in the summers, on the electrophysiology of the amygdaloid nucleus.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

In fact, my very first publication was on the amygdaloid nucleus in a cat. It’s very interesting in that it’s very similar in people. That’s the place where our anger comes out among others. But that led me, while I was in my neurosurgical residency, to get better interested in what we were doing.

We were actually cutting, with a razor blade, the front half of the spinal cord to control pain. So, when I finished my neurosurgical residency, I said, “We’ve got to get rid of this barbarian thing.” And I spent three years doing physiology. And that’s when I came up with transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and spinal cord stimulation.

New Dorsal Procedure

Interestingly, when I introduced that to a neurosurgeon, after the animal research, he jumped up on the stage and said, “You idiot, you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s only in animals.” But when I’d done only six patients, every neurosurgeon in the room wanted to do the procedure.

All of a sudden, I was getting 400 people a year sent to me for their dorsal column stimulated. But 94% of them had five to seven unsuccessful operations. And they were on Percodan, a narcotic, and Valium. On horrible tranquilizers. And so in 1971, I said, somebody’s got to find out how to take care of these people without making them worse.

Biogenics was Born

And that’s when I began really coming out of the box. In 1972, I learned about Autogenic Training. Autogenic Training is a technique that was begun in 1912 by a German psychiatrist. And it was so powerful when I introduced it to my chronic pain patients, that in 1974, I said, I got to find out more about how you train the brain. How do you recycle yourself, if you would.

I spent three years and got my PhD in psychology. And that’s where I came up with Biogenics, which is of course means the origin of life. Most people by age 18, have already become, well, patterned in the way they behave. And they react to life in a certain way. But unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans have unhealthy habits. In fact, one of the early papers in the early 2000s, was premature death.

Problem of Obesity

The average American dies between 78 and 79 years of age. That is because they are missing one to five of the essential habits. Now, the number one cause of premature death today is obesity. 72% or more of Americans are overweight. And 36% of Americans are fat. Now, truly being obese means you are 40 or more pounds over your ideal weight. A body mass index of 30 or above.

At the same time, I was learning all of this stuff, I learned that the number one chemical change that begins to show aging, if you will, is a lower amount of DHEA. Dehydroepiandrosterone. The average person peaks in making DHEA at age 25. Now athletes may peak in their teens, but by age 40 or 50, most people have lost a significant amount of DHEA. And by age 80, the average person has about 10% or less of what they had at age 25.

DHEA Rejuvenation

So, my first research in rejuvenation in the nineties had to do with rejuvenation of DHEA. And I discovered four ways that we can do that. And then in 1995, I was invited to the Ukraine to study their concept of using very high frequencies. And they were using this on acupuncture points. 52 to 78 billion cycles a second. Now, the average tenure was one to a hundred cycles per second. This was 52 is 78 billion cycles per second, but a billionth of a watt.

And so, I developed that technique and I started applying it. About that same time, I began to get these downloads of what I call rings. The ring of fire, the ring of air, the ring of water, the ring of earth, and the ring of crystal. Each of these has a very specific biochemical response. Fire raises DHEA. Air raises oxytocin, the nurturing, bonding hormone. Water normalizes aldosterone. And aldosterone, it can be either high or low. Either one is bad.

Working with Telomeres

The earth ring raises calcitonin, the most important hormone for controlling your bones. It keeps you from getting osteoporosis, but it’s also stronger than morphine in relieving pain. And finally, the ring of crystal, which lowers free radicals a whopping 80%. That’s phenomenal. Nothing else I know of in the world can lower your free radicals 80% percent.

I got the last bit of that information downloaded to me in in 2005. I said, well, if we could just keep our DHEA up, our calcitonin up and our free radicals down, that alone should rejuvenate the body. And that’s when I started working with telomeres. Telomeres are the tips of your DNA. We are born with a certain number of them, thousands of bites, so-called. And in an average healthy person, we lose 1% every year of life.

High Frequencies

Genetically, the average person is born with enough to live a hundred years. But because of unhealthy habits, the average person dies 22 or more years too soon. At any rate, our first project was to stimulate with these high frequencies, 52 to 78 billion cycles a second, the acupuncture points of the range of fire, earth, and crystal. And lo and behold, it regenerates the telomeres 3.5% a year.

You’re saving, essentially, four and a half years of life. Every time you do that. And then I discovered, well, if you put it into a mat, and the mat is very simple, it has a copperish-green in the center of just a two inch thick piece of poly-foam.

Regenerating Telomeres

And you hook it up to a tesla coil, and that produces 52 to 78 billion cycles a second, at a billionth a watt, presented on a square. One hour a day of lying on that, you can turn it on while you’re sleeping. Well, they generate your telomeres by an average of three and a half percent. Either you do that on an hour or you take an hour stimulating the points specifically. And we perfected that in almost 50 people.

Then in 2011, one day, I said, well, you know it takes so much time. Most people won’t spend the time. I had trouble getting people to spend 20 minutes a day to do Biogenics or autogenic training. And I suddenly thought, maybe if we use specific essential oils? Now I get these ideas. They come to me. I call them a download. And the first one, of course, I got was the fire.

Essential Oils

So, I sat down that day and created, suddenly, the combination was about eight different essential oils that we could put on acupuncture points. You just touch the point, roll it like that, and move on to the next point. Takes 30 seconds once you learn the points. And lo and behold, it raised DHEA. Then, I developed similar blends of essential oils for each of the rings.

And they all work. And then, we did this study with applying the three basic oils for fire, earth and crystal. Just those. And learned that it does rejuvenate the telomeres three and a half percent a year. Similar to electrical stimulation, but taking a minute and a half a day. The next year, I did all five oils, but it was no better. So, although oxytocin and aldosterone are important, they don’t seem to be involved with telomere rejuvenation. I’ve been doing that all these years.

Acupuncture Points

Now, a little over a year and a half ago, a company called Lifewave asked me to evaluate the possibility with one of their acupuncture patches. These are not oils, but little one-inch patches that are loaded with amino acids to stimulate acupuncture points. We did a study of 15 people, where we had them put the patches on specific acupuncture points. And lo and behold, in six months their telomeres grew 8%.

Whopping. But we finished that in the spring, and started a study with 60 people. 45 of them got the real thing and 15 got the placebo. And interestingly, nobody practically had an increase in telomeres in six months. In fact, the average person went down, whether it was active or placebo. And what this means to me is what I call, the fake-demic, pseudo-demic about this maybe-virus that is existing.

Patches and Crystal Bliss

But the reaction to it has caused absolute terror, across the world presumably, but certainly in this country. And it looks as if fear and anxiety are causing more problems than we can overcome with anything so far discovered. Now, in January, interestingly, I’m going to try one more experiment. This time, we’re going to tie the patches and we’re going to also include crystal bliss which reduces free radicals.

We can assume that these people have had an increase in inflammation and free radical production. So, we’re going to measure their free radicals, as well as their telomeres and see if we can overcome the stupid-demic. I don’t know… that’s going to take us at least another six or seven months, but the important thing is 97.3% of people are lacking one to five of the essential health habits.

Essential Health Habits

Only 2.7% have all five of them. Now the five are, no smoking. It used to be the number one cause of death, by the way. It’s only number two now. Body mass index at 18 to 24. Again, only about 27 or 8% of people have a normal body mass index number. Number three, eating five or more, preferably eight or 10, servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The average American eats 2.2. And ketchup and french-fries are not a vegetable.

And of course, exercise, a minimum of 30 minutes, five days a week. Only 10% of Americans get that. And sleeping seven or eight hours every night. At least 45% or 50% of people get less than seven hours of sleep every night. A person who sleeps six hours or less functions at the level of slightly drunk. There are more automobile accidents caused by people who don’t sleep adequately than are by drugs and alcohol. So if everybody just took up the five habits, our average life expectancy would go up from 78 or 9 to 100 and our health costs would go down about 70%, our medical costs to keep us healthy.

Taking Care of Yourself

Now we know that they could still use the RejuvaMatrix, the mattress on what you lie, or they could still apply these frequencies to the acupuncture points. I’m going to continue working to find other ways of rejuvenating telomers, but the top of the list is take care of yourself.

You know, we have one responsibility in life, to take care of ourselves, and second to help other people. I want to point out from my point of view, the person who made this is quite as important as I am. I would be bored out of my gourd trying to figure how to do that. But teaching people, counseling people, educating people, guiding people to be healthy has been a lifelong joy for me. And I want to just say you can, I think, prevent the vast majority of aging.

Energizing Exercise

Personally, I not only have the five habits, but I exercise two hours, seven days a week. I was a hyperactive child growing up, and I enjoy moving. But if you don’t like to exercise, I’m going to show you my favorite exercise. Just move your arms. You stand. You’ll get a little more energy standing slightly bend your knees. Music conductors live longer than any other profession.

Yeah. And I call it bouncing. Go to YouTube, Bounce with Dr. Shealy. But 30 to 40 minutes of my morning exercise is bouncing. I’m doing it on a vibratory machine where the whole body is being bounced 20 to 50 cycles a minute, as well as moving my arms. To me that energizes me. And I wake up full of energy, but finishing my two hours of exercise, I’m more energized and ready for the day.

Focus on Healthy Diet

Now, the other thing is my diet. I eat a very, very restricted diet. I eat the equivalent of 20 servings of fruits and vegetables in a slush. You don’t have to get it out of five pounds of vegetables that you blenderize. You can do it with a powdered concentration of these antioxidants ORAC. That’s the antioxidant capacity. So I get the equivalent of 20 servings of fruits and vegetables.

And my breakfast generally consists of about 58 to 60 grams of protein, primarily as whey protein and hemp protein. Then, later in the day, I’ll have another 50 grams roughly of protein as another scoop of whey, plus two tablespoons of beef gelatin. And then I have at least one serving a day of some kind of high protein meat product. It can be anything from beef to chicken or fish. I particularly like salmon and sardines. But I get about 120 grams of protein a day. And I get the equivalent 20 servings of fruits and vegetables.

Water, Fruits and Vegetables

I obviously eat some regular vegetables and fruits as well, and I love apple juice and I drink a cup of coffee once or twice a day. And I drink half of my body weight in pounds in ounces of water. That to me is a healthy lifestyle. I start the day, actually before I do my exercise, I have a full glass of water. Now I live on a farm, so I get well water, which we have tested to be sure it’s good.

So I have a glass of water. And then in my morning slush, I have another two glasses of water. Then mid-morning I’m likely to have a cup of coffee and another glass of water. My chronological age is 88 years as of two weeks ago today. If you go to NormShealy.com, it will take you to our website. And there you will find what I call the bliss oils (which I spoke about above for the telomeres).

PEMF Device

Now, I haven’t told you my favorite creation yet. About 30 years ago, I had a sudden image of chakras. Chakras are the energy centers of the body. And I thought, “Well, they must refer to the earth energy.” But the further we are, the greater they are. And so I wrote down that the first chakra will be 7.83, and each addition would add 7.83. And my guide says, “Well, Norman, that is true, but we’re not clones. So it’s plus or minus two.” So there’s 5.8, there’s seven times 7.83 plus two, which essentially goes from 5.8 to 56.81. Now I couldn’t find an engineer. I can create what I want in paper, but I can’t put the wires together.

And four years ago I met an engineer who was willing to do that for me, and he created what we call first a chakra sweep, PEMF, post electromagnetic frequency device. Now PEMF has been around for 25 years or more, and it’s used for many, many things. In a healthy person, every cell in our body at rest has a minus 70 millivolt charge on it. It just sits there. To fire it has to go down to minus 60 maybe. If it goes down to minus 50 or 60, it’s hyperactive. If it goes down to minus 90 is underactive.

Chakra Sweep Technique

So we started using the chakra sweep, and my first study on it was to see what it did to free radicals essentially. I had people sit in a room with it nine hours a week for four weeks, just a little over an hour a week average. And we measured not their telomeres at that time, but they’re adrenomedullin. Actually adrenomedullin is the number one biochemical reaction to stress. In a healthy person it is between one and 10. My average patient had over 150 units of adrenomedullin.

So doing that just for a month, their adrenomedullin came down well over 50%. We brought them back and we had them just sit there for three hours this time. And that time we looked at a drop of blood at the beginning under the microscope, as well as did the free radicals. And in that one hour exposure, the inflammatory markers in the blood came down 80%. And the free radicals came down 40%, just from that one hour exposure. Wow, not bad.

Producing Gamma

Then one day I thought, “Well, I wonder what this does to the brain, EEG. I bet it produces gamma.” And we put on a coil eight inches in diameter. Just put it near the head, not touching the head. And low and behold, it put the brain into the frequency called gamma. The excellent part of gamma is 40 cycles per second. Now that was first discovered over 25 years ago in Buddhist monks who meditate eight hours a day for years. And we could put people into the gamma state on the EEG within two minutes by putting that into the head.

So then I tried it on 10 longstanding opioid, narcotic addicts. 20 plus years they’d never been free of cravings and addiction. As of this month, we are finishing three years, and they are totally free of addiction. They’d been freed, out of prison. They have their children back. They have jobs back. And not one of them has become addicted again.

Shealy-Sorin Gamma PEMF

The interesting thing is, despite our success, the opioid treatment centers are not interested because they treat people for one to three months and their success rate is a whopping 17%. Ours within a month begins to be 100%. But we now call it the Shealy-Sorin Gamma PEMF. And just two days ago we finally got our patent approved.

I would say the most important thing is to think health and detach from those things you can not change. I can’t change the weather. I can’t change government. But I can change my attitude and behavior.


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