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March 28, 2021 in Healing Wednesday

Dr. Sue Morter – Elevating Human Consciousness

You may know Dr. Sue Morter as the host of Gaia TV’s “Healing Matrix” or from her bestselling book, The Energy Codes. In it, she provides techniques to activate untapped energy and neurocircuitry in the body, empower hidden potential, and become one’s true, essential self. Dr. Sue Morter utilizes high-frequency energy patterns to activate your full human potential.

Bio-Energetics Expert

In addition to founding Morter HealthCenter in 1987, Dr. Sue Morter is the founder and visionary of the Morter Institute for Bio-Energetics. This is an organization committed to teaching self-healing techniques with an inner wisdom-based approach to life. It is based on Quantum Science and Higher consciousness. Through three distinct schools, she provides tools and avenues to empower the global community to discover and embody a joyful, inspired life. Dr. Sue Morter was our featured guest on Healing Wednesday in March 2021. WATCH FOR FREE.

Consciousness Awakening

Thank you so much for what you are doing in the world to awaken individuals to the truth of who we are, what is going on here. and how we might better implement and integrate those things. It is my great joy to contribute to that conversation in my way. About 20 years ago, I had an opening, an awakening in my own consciousness that was the by-product of sitting down and trying to learn to meditate.

Now, the moment that I started trying to learn to meditate, I began having tremendous transcendental and transformational experiences. And as such, I was opened to a reality that I had no idea about. And I’m actually kind of glad that I had no idea about it. Because if I had known that there was another place that we were supposed to awaken to and enliven our awareness in, I would have been so busy trying to get there that I know I never would have. It wouldn’t have happened because I’d have been dialed into “the try” instead of into pure presence.

Multi-Dimensional Experiences

So I was terrified as a kid, I slept on the floor of my closet growing up because I was just afraid of life. And there was only one direction I had to look if I was nestled back in the closet. So the idea that I’m traveling the world and speaking to audiences of 100,000 and those kinds of things are mind-blowing when I stop to think about it. But what happened was because I was intimidated in life, I became kind of a perfectionist. And in that perfectionism trying to control everything and trying to make it better and make it right, I was very stressed as one would become. So I sought out meditation about 20 years ago as a resource for relaxing, for managing my stress.

Instantly I started having transcendental, multi-dimensional experiences and I awakened in an instant high above the Earth. I could see the Earth beneath me about the size of a marble and I was embedded into it up to what would have been my knees, but I didn’t have knees because I was a ray of light and I could see 360 degrees around me in a brilliant light. So bright it was 10 times brighter than the brightest day in the desert that I had ever seen. And it wasn’t a light that you wanted to shield yourself away from. Rather it was what I was. It was something beckoning me into the fullness of my being.

Nature of Who We Are

Most importantly, I could say that every time I took a breath, this beautiful pink iridescent horizon would rise. And as I would exhale it would just gracefully fall back into its position. As I would take another breath, it would rise again and it would just gracefully fall back into place again. And I knew that this was the true nature of who we are and what it is that is happening here. Now being trained as a doctor prior to that, I was of course very curious as to what was going on here and what was the purpose and how was it going to serve, and how could I reproduce it?

The felt sensation inside of that state is actually the most important piece that I want to share. And it is this felt knowingness that there was nothing missing. There was nothing broken, there was nothing to achieve or to become. I was completely whole, completely present and I had always been there. I knew that this was the truth of who I was. And then every experience that I was having was just an experience. It was a project that I was engaging in. And so I spent the next five years trying to integrate and reproduce and figure out what was happening and why did this opening occur in my life? How was it going to influence me and how could it benefit my patients? And work with a healing modality.

Reproducing the Experiences

And between that timeframe in the next five years when I began implementing it, I began to determine and to discover how to reproduce this experience for myself. I began sharing that with my patients. And as I did, I started noticing that as they were starting to do some of the things, that it required for me to return to that state on purpose and consciously and intentionally. When I would relay those practices to my patients, I noticed they started getting better faster and they were staying better longer, and they were needing less in-between their visits with me.

And pretty soon, my practice really became more of a teaching center rather than only physical healing or emotional healing, or even spiritual healing. It became a place where people would come to learn about how to sustain these states that they were achieving inside of the bioenergetic work that I was doing. And so I began to teach and then I began to be called out into the world to teach and speak at conferences, and be invited into all sorts of applications of what had birthed in me.

Our Protective Mechanism

Now, what I know is this thing that birthed in me is in every one of us. And that’s what I teach now is how to awaken to the true essential self, rather than being anchored as and identified as the protective personality, the false self, which is the ego. But I have a tendency not to call it the ego because nobody wants to have an ego, but when I call it the protective personality, people don’t seem to mind having a protective personality. It’s like what can I do? I had no choice. I had to develop these ways of surviving in life. And as I did, I generated this false version of myself that isn’t really as full and whole and complete as it could be.

Now I do want to say that only the ego doesn’t want to have an ego. So that might be something to think about if it would dawn upon us that that’s something that we want to kind of release or get rid of. And what I really want to say about that is that the ego is not something to get rid of. The ego is a version of us that was established as this protective mechanism. And it simply needs to be embraced. It needs to be pulled back into the mix, rather than excised and gotten away from. If we ever want to operate inside of unity consciousness, which is where healing and wholeness and health and vitality and our immunity, and all other popular considerations exist. It is in the merging back together of all of our parts.

Identifying as Your Soul

I basically describe it like this. When we land here, we sort of splat and we disperse. And in that dispersal, our mind goes one way, our body goes another, our breath goes yet another way. In the course of our lives, we feel dispersed. And in the midst of that, we develop a way of being, we become attached to the mind because that’s the faculty of us that will allow us to make decisions, to protect ourselves, to do all the things that are necessary to feel like we fit in, to feel safe and complete.

However, we will never be complete as long as we are identified as the mind. And so basically what I’m doing is teaching people how to peel themselves off of the mind and discover the real version of who we are that has a mind that is supposed to be serving us. So rather than the mind controlling everything that we do with its limiting beliefs and its ideas of how we’re supposed to operate, this is a process of unattaching from the mind, putting the mind in its rightful place to serve the soul, and learning to identify as the soulful self instead.

We Are Pure Energy

So how that translates in life is we end up working underneath the story of our lives, underneath the layer of our being that is the believing machine. We’ve been focusing a lot in the last several decades on how to identify our limiting beliefs and recognize that it is those limiting beliefs that keep us from achieving or accomplishing or experiencing the life that we would love to be experiencing. And so then we tried to turn those limiting beliefs into more positive affirming beliefs. And at the end of the day, that actually leaves us still identified as a believing machine. Only now having better beliefs that will build a bigger box for us, but nonetheless, it’s still sort of a box.

So what we want to do is to realize that there’s a version of us that existed far before beliefs began to be established in our existence, that we are eternal beings, that we are actually the pure energy of energy medicine. We are the pure energy of the Quantum field. We are what spirituality would call spirit. And Quantum Science would call that misty essence, that liquid aqueous solution that the universe is made of. We are both. And so as we bridge science and spirituality, we begin to realize that those two languages are actually saying the same thing with different words.

Bridging Science and Spirituality

And so when we recognize that we are the spiritual essence that is coming into form and expressing through this body out into the physical dimension, we could also say that we are the unified field that has compressed itself into physical form. Because we know that all physical form is compressed energy. In fact, everything is only energy. Now the spiritual world would say everything is God, everything is spirit, everything is heaven on Earth if we allow it to be. And the scientific world is now saying it turns out that’s true. Quantum Science is bridging the worlds between science and spirituality in such a beautiful way.

And so as we have compressed ourselves into physical form, we actually literally are the Universe. In the work that I’m teaching people, I’m showing them that the stories of every ancient tradition are actually reflections of human physiology, that every spiritual tradition and every deity that is named in Eastern cultures are actually referring to parts of our brain and parts of our systematic way of living as we’ve compressed ourselves into an energetic system, that is what we call this human form.

What Happened 20 Years Ago

So when it comes to healing or accomplishing something that we would love to experience in this world, it’s a by-product. The manifestation of that is a by-product of us being able to masterfully manage this energy and do so in a felt manner, meaning we are not trying to work with the energy in our body. We’re here to recognize that we are the energy that is this body and so much more. So I have a few images that I’d like to just hold up and show because a picture’s worth a thousand words, right? So if that’s okay, beautiful.

I’m so thrilled that when we tap the truth, there are a million ways, to come to that truth. 1,000 paths to the Divine. And, and so it’s such a joy to be able to share it here with everyone today. So this is an image that is the closest way that I can possibly depict what happened to me that day 20 years ago. Here’s how I would describe it. I awakened right here. Now we tend to think that this is who we are, this human self at the bottom of the page in this biofield that I’ve drawn in here. And we seek spirituality, we seek guidance from our guides or from the higher realms, et cetera. And all of which is a very brilliant choice to make, to seek that support and to recognize that we are not an isolated, separate self.

A Quantum Flip

But what happened for me that day was I was no longer this, seeking support from this. I was this on a project. So this is who we are and this is what we’re doing.  We think mistakenly that this is who we are and this is what we’re seeking. And the reason we have such a hard time finding it is that this is actually what we are. So what I described in the book is this Quantum flip, flipping the seat that we sit in and becoming this soulful self that is dropping into this bodily experience into this physical realm experience. And we are rising here.

So let me just give you an idea of how this works. There is a descension process that occurs in the compressing of our own system in the yes that we say that we’re ready to embody. We’re ready to come into this physical dimension and have this life experience. There is a further compression that occurs and we descend down into this third dimension. So we drop, we hit the Earth and we rise.

Now when we hit the Earth, that splat I was talking about, it occurs right there. And so when we splat and we disperse our energies, we don’t have enough wherewithal gathered and collected. And in a quickened state, we don’t have enough energy to rise up to our fullness, which is the recognition of who we really are. So what happens is we rise as high as we can go and then the energies start to disperse and they fall around, we take them up again, we try to give rise to ourselves again and again and again and again. And over time, that is what generates this whole physical experience that we’re having here.

Cycling Energy Rising

So I’m going to show you a closeup of this version of it in just a moment. But what I want us to get right off the bat here is that the purpose of our life is to be able to descend here and rise all the way up that this cycling energy becomes so big that it’s actually including our highest self, the highest levels of our own consciousness in the revolving energies that we are utilizing every day. And what happens is we have a struggle getting there until we realize that that’s the name of the game.

So I have one more picture here for you to show you kind of a closeup of how that works. This energy descends to the Earth and it rises and it is you. It is you. You don’t have it running through your body. You are an energy being. Okay? You descend to the Earth and you rise. And you rise all the way up through levels of energy, layers, different frequencies of energy that represent different aspects of your own consciousness.

Levels of Consciousness

So we know the chakra system represents different levels of consciousness as well as many other influences that they have inside this whole system that we are. Let’s look at it from levels of consciousness. So, if I rise up through my rootedness and my wisdom center and my personal identity as a cosmic, universal, multidimensional being, and I rise up through the love that I am and my ability to manifest and my recognition that I am not a human being, I am being human at this time. And there’s a big difference there.

I’m a Spirit energy being human at this time. It starts to take on a totally different context, and it starts to take on a totally different avenue of solutions in our lives. In fact, I ultimately want you to recognize there’s no such thing as a problem. The only problem that exists is the belief in problems, and we’ll get to that.

But here’s what I want us to see. Here’s what happens. Everything is here to allow us to rise up through this state and this energy cycles back around. We take it back up at the tip of the spine. It rises through the spine, shoots out the crown, cycles around the outside of the body, and this is basic bioenergetics. This is how the energy flows through the physical system. It’s constantly being replenished from overhead, from that higher self-perspective that we were talking about, it’s constantly receiving from that abundance, it’s constantly hitting the Earth and being grounded and stepped down for human consumption. And then we’re constantly rising, and we’re here to learn how to rise without any interferences.

Creating Your World

So that brings me to my next picture here. This is what’s happening in our lives. So we rise. And because we don’t have all the circuitry in place, the energies that we are, rise and they find the path of least resistance. We rise up through the things that we’re already good at.  And we avoid the things that we’re not familiar with, or that we’re afraid of, or that we’re intimidated about, or that we’ve been shut down over in the course of our development.

So in this, there are parts of me knowing that this is my gig, that this life experience is mine. It’s not a world I’m supposed to be fitting into. It’s my world that I’m creating. And if we don’t know that and own it, then we circumvent that and we just try to fit in. We just try to do the best we can. And then as we cycle around through the next area, we don’t tap our own personal wisdom.

Energetic Distortion

We look to our minds, to look outwardly, and figure out who knows what and how should I follow what they know or improve upon it, or what have you, based upon an externalization of our power. And so you can see what starts to happen here. We start circumventing and wobbling, and that circumvention creates a wobble in the rising energy. And that wobble creates a distortion in the energy field.

So now this individual is standing here inside of a field, looking out through a distortion. They’re going to see a distorted world. They’re going to see a world that doesn’t care, and a world that isn’t fair, and a world that doesn’t love them, and a world that continues to abandon them, et cetera.

Building the Circuitry

So what I’m doing is working with people to teach them how to build the circuitry right here, that this essence that they are can rise without interference in a perfecting, ever-perfecting manner. And in byproducts of that, we witness people healing as a by-product of simply focusing on how do I get to what needs to happen here, so that I can build the circuitry, so that I can rise in my true power and in the truth of who I am, be able to bring my whole true self here, out into the world in an unaltered manner.

So this is who you are, and you’re coming down into this world and coming out, right out, through this physical body, into the world. You’re coming through a threshold, a doorway, that this physical body is to express out into the world without interference. And so until we learn how to do that, we suffer. Because until we are doing that, we are not living our destiny. We’re not identifying as the truth of who we are, we’re missing the boat, we’re not putting the pieces together. And life becomes very, very painful.

Externally Oriented

So the Buddhists would say that the cause of all pain is attachment, and that attachment is hanging on to beliefs and ideas and identities that aren’t the whole truth of who we are. And so the release of that would drop us into this core space where we could begin to identify as this true soulful self that resides more deeply in the core of the being, rather than out on the surface of life, where we’re interacting with the world.

In the splat, we disperse, and we attached to the mind, and we start looking outwardly to figure out, am I safe? Is this okay? Am I going to fit in? What’s going on here? And we become externally oriented. Our circuits are put in place to perceive the outer world much more so than to perceive the inner world.

Enhancing Your Perception

However, that is a user issue. It’s not by design. It’s by nurture, not nature that that is happening. By nature, we are sensory beings. Science would show us that we are 10 to 100 to 10,000 times more sensory than motor. How that translates is, it is more important that you perceive the truth of who you are and what is happening here than anything that you do. The motor nervous system is about “the doing.” The sensory nervous system is about “the perceiving.” So I’m teaching people how to perceive a greater version of who they are, a truly sensory being.

We have so many online courses, at drsuemorter.com. It’s D-R-S-U-E-M-O-R-T E-R.com. I have online coursework. And if and when we get together again in groups, I do in-person workshops all across the world. I go to sacred sites and do all kinds of meditative practices and those types of things. All as an attempt to enliven the memory of the truth of who we are, to activate, reactivate that memory. I also teach yoga called BodyAwake Yoga. And the purpose of that is to anchor the consciousness back in the core of the body, rather than being out here on this dispersed outer layer of who we are. And trying to navigate life.

The True Self Speaks

When we begin to find this deep core center and anchor ourselves here, we have a real opportunity to sense and feel and perceive. But if we’re not living in the body, it’s very challenging to feel what the body is trying to relay to the mind. This here’s the order of how it works. The soulful essence, this true self, speaks to the body, and the body speaks to the mind, and the mind doesn’t listen. It’s busy writing a story. It’s like, “I’m out of here. I’m going to disperse.”

It’s busy deciding what went wrong and what did they do wrong, and how can I avoid people like that in the future and all the things that we’ve defaulted into doing for survival purposes.

Feeling it Inside the Body

Well, the most rewarding part of it is I came out of physical medicine. And so I’m all about getting results. Like how do we take these concepts and do something with them? And so the body of work that I’m teaching people is literally how to build those circuits, how to anchor in the body, and build the circuitry. Because when we have a reaction to someone and when we have our buttons pushed or our triggers tripped, there’s a reason for it. It’s because that energy is hitting those areas where we don’t have the circuits, and it is trying to go around them.

So we literally can feel that in the body, when it’s happening. We get a knot in our stomach or a lump in our chest or a knot in our throat or whatever. And it’s all a byproduct of the body trying to tell the mind, “Hey, you’re not operating in here the way that you could be, in the way that you should be. If you would be, we would be feeling differently and responding differently out in the world.” So it’s my greatest joy.


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