Earth Energy Grids


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You’ve heard of the major energy centers or grids on the Earth… Machu Picchu, Stonehenge, Mount Shasta, Uluru, and the pyramids in Egypt. Is it possible that there are Earth energy grids that Humans can feel and interact with? For hundreds of years the indigenous, mystics and sages have understood that our planet is alive. What does KRYON say about the Planetary grids of energy?

Earth Energy Grids

According to Kryon, there are three main Energy Grids of the Earth.  Kryon describes these Earth Energy Grids as the Magnetic Grid (communication), Crystalline Grid (remembrance), and Gaia Grid (ancestor wisdom).

Why do the energies of some places wrap around us like a warm embrace? Could this be a portal? What IS a portal? Why do they exist? Could they be part of a system? How does that work? The answers to these questions (and more) will be answered in this one-hour FREE SHOW!  Plus, a Kryon channeling follows all the fun.

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Earth Energy Grids

The Magnetic Grid has been linked to consciousness as measured in Microteslas (strength of the electromagnetic field). Humans need the Magnetic Grid for Life.

The Crystalline Grid holds and stores memories and creates an energetic imprint of emotional events (like hauntings). It is quantumly aligned with the Cave of Creation (representation of your Soul stored in remembrance of your past lives).

The Gaia Grid represents Mother Earth and the sacred wisdom of Ancestors. The Earth is filled with multidimensional life and benevolent energy from the Elementals (esoteric entities).

Kryon says, “Acknowledge the Planet as your partner. When you leave this Planet, part of your Soul stays as part of the Gaia Grid.”

Don’t miss the channelling at the end of our discussion!


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  1. I am reading Monica’s book, The Gaia Effect, and it has provided me with a much closer awareness of the partnership between myself and Gaia. This book is a resource as I try to share parts of what I’ve learned about the three grids spoken of in the book.

    A big thank you to Monica for all the heavy lifting in putting together Kryon’s channels on Gaia into one source.

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