An Amazing Young Clairvoyant with Remarkable Skills

­­Our guest tonight is a clairvoyant, Elizabeth April, was born with extra sensory abilities. At a young age, Elizabeth could see ghosts and spirits and read energies from other people. Since then, she's expanded these abilities into an array of skills, from clairvoyance, remote viewing, past life regression to precognition.

And based on a wide variety of experiences, Elizabeth is most excited about exploring the topics of spiritual awakening, cosmic disclosure, one of my favorites, quantum physics. Welcome to the program, dear. Thank you so much for being here.

Thank you so much for having me. It's such a pleasure to be here.

How Did All this Happen?

Did all of your skills and gifts from childhood develop into what you're doing now full time?

Yeah, it was really a process to get to where I am today. The biggest thing about anyone's spiritual awakening and navigating this space is discernment. A lot of things had to happen in order for me to build the knowledge and experience that I have. The discernment to tell the difference between distinct vibrations and what's definitely happening on the planet right now is the number one thing that I like to share and give to other people and help them experience as well.

Being a Way-Shower

You are preaching to the choir. Sometimes people ask us how to tell the real Kryon, since there are others claiming to channel that entity. Discernment is always the answer. So, how would you tell others to discern truth for themselves?

Yeah, this is where it's tough, right? It's almost impossible to teach discernment. The best thing that we can do as way showers, teachers and leaders is to remind everyone that their own greatest navigator is within them.

How Do You Feel?

I like to say, listening to a teaching, do a meditation, watch a video, or read an article and notice, how do you feel afterwards? Do you feel fearful, anxious, or exhausted? Or do you feel uplifted, excited, and motivated? Your own emotional state is a pretty good indication if that piece of information, or that teacher, is bringing you closer to pure sourced energy or if it's bringing you farther away from it. And of course, we need to know both sides in order to make a choice. And the choice mostly should connect you to yourself through that source of energy and feeling motivated and enlightened after interacting with other energies.

I'm curious about your childhood and your parents. Because so many have these gifts, but they get squashed or shut down because of either parents or the environment. So I'm curious. How was it for you?

I Was Talking to God…

Yeah, so I think my mom was always really freaked out by what I could do, especially with the ghosts and the spirit. She's like, "Oh, you're watching too many scary movies," and maybe we cut back on the media time.

Whereas my dad, who was actually the more Catholic one, we were raised Catholic, was very open-minded. So what's great about what he did, and what I really encourage parents to do now, is to allow your children to explain what they're experiencing and ask as many questions as possible.

As a kid, I would say, "I was talking to God…" My dad would say, "Well, what is God telling you?" Those questions would really prompt an open discussion and would make me feel it was more normal to have those experiences and to see those spirits and ghosts and ET beings than not. And that really allowed me to flourish in that state.

I love that. Thank you, dad. And I'm sure eventually mom came on board too.

My Mom is My Biggest Supporter

Oh yeah. My mom is by far my biggest fan and supporter and she's front row at all my conferences, listens to all of my pods. She doesn't understand everything, but I just love the unconditional love and support she has,

Tell us about your work. I want to know about the Galactic Federation and anything that you want to describe. How did this evolve and what does it mean?

Ooh, okay. Talk about a loaded question.


So, I really had a kind of my reawakening at 16. I had shut down a lot of this stuff when I had my first past life regression. That allowed me to understand reincarnation is real, time is an illusion, and we all can explore past future lifetimes and override time and space as we know it. So that opened me up at 16 and at 18. My abduction by extraterrestrial beings opened me up to the world of ETs, the good and the bad.

And shortly after my abduction experience, I was really curious tying the past life aspect to the ET aspect. If we've been other things in other lifetimes on this planet, maybe we've been other things in other lifetimes off this planet. What could we be off this planet? And what does that look like? And what is the entire system and the structure off of this planet?

The Galactic Federation

I think a lot of that curiosity and questioning led me to connecting with the Galactic Federation. I think it was in my contracts to connect with them in this lifetime. So shortly after my abduction at 18, they contacted me and they invited me to a meeting that they were having, and this was back in 2010. And in this meeting they talked about this giant vibrational shift that was taking place and what was going to happen that was a part of this vibrational shift and the different species and beings that were on this planet interacting with human beings and the whole purpose of human beings.

Is This Real?

It took me a while to really unpack that into my understanding of this life. Unfortunately, I didn't really have any teachers or mentors or a community to ask, "Is this real? Is this legitimate?" So I had to do a lot of navigating on my own. And of course, a lot of what they talked about in that first Galactic Federation meeting is now coming to fruition. And since then I've had meetings with them every single month for the past, what, 12 years, something like that.

So, it's really about connecting with them, keeping up-to-date on what's happening at a greater galactic level, and what does planet Earth and humanity have to do with all of that? What is our role in all of this? And what do we need to know to best navigate the collapse of the old energy and step into the new vibration?

And what would be the message for what our beautiful planet Earth?

There's a lot. So, I would say there's two big things that I would want to relay in this moment.

Human Beings Are Very Special

One would be that human beings are really, really special and I think that a lot of channelers have relayed the message that we're special, but why are we so special? And to sum it up really quickly, throughout our evolution in human history, there have been many species that have come to the planet, mixed their DNA with ours to help us evolve. Sometimes simply for their own greedy needs without understanding the bigger picture.

But the bigger picture is, there has always been a Galactic Federation prophecy that there would be a species, the children of the highest vibrational beings and the lowest vibrational beings in the universe. This species could experience both vibrations simultaneously. And through their freewill make a choice, by choosing either love, the highest vibration, or fear, the lowest. The outcome would not only change the trajectory of this planet, but would impact the entire universe.

We Are the Ones We’ve Waited For

Within this prophecy, we are that species and we are the ones to end the war of all wars out there in the universe. So that's a lot, right? I always see us as superheroes that don't even know we have superpowers yet.

So understanding that we are a part of this huge prophecy. The question is, well now what? Because we look at the planet and we feel hopeless in so many ways. We feel like we're up against a force that is greater than any power within, but we have all the power. We've been led to believe we don't. So, in understanding that we are the prophecy, the next big piece of information that the Galactic Federation continues to relay is that we, at an individual level, are in full control of creating our own flourishing individual reality and we are completely responsible for creating a flourishing, unifying, equality-driven, collective reality.

It’s Up to Us

The governments are not responsible for it, it's not up to the Galactic Federation or your spirit guides. It's up to us. So how do we do that? How do we create a new unifying reality without external help? And it comes down to our focus. Are you focused on the agendas? Are you focused on the matrix? Are you focused on the conspiracies? Or are you focused on unity and equality, and unconditional love for everyone on the planet?

And so it is through our focus where we actually end up creating the collective reality for everyone to flourish. If we understand that we have the power to change the future on planet Earth, the responsibility for that, then we understand that through our thoughts and focus, and belief, we're creating the collective outcome.

How Do I Connect?

So, I would like to ask a question because there are probably many listening, who would dearly love for our beautiful galactic family to come and communicate with them. What advice do you give?

I think what a lot of starseeds get caught in wanting that connection so badly, but really believing that they're blocked or there's some sort of disconnect happening? Once again, whatever you believe in is what you're creating. So if you believe that you're blocked in connecting, then you're creating a block in connecting. What I love to say when connecting to your galactic family or your cosmic spirit guides or whoever is believing that it's already happening, because it is. 

A lot of us assume that they're going to pop right into our mind and start an open dialogue with us like we're talking right now. But that's not actually how most contact happens. It happens within our physical reality. It happens through some coincidental conversation you have with a stranger or some article that pops up out of nowhere on your computer.

Are You Ready to Connect?

We need to realize that contact is already happening at an individual level, just like contact is already happening at a global level. Almost every single day there is a new UFO sighting or someone has a dream of an ET visiting them, and these are all different ways and versions of contact. So I guess the number one thing is to believe that it's already happening, and it's going to amplify from there. The second suggestion is to make a very clear and concise statement that you're ready for deeper contact and deeper connection with your galactic family and your spirit guides. And it just goes something like this. All right universe, all right higher self, I am ready to fully connect with my galactic self and I am open to how that happens. When we take away expectation, when we take away attachment of how we perceive it's going to happen, then we're

I love that, release the expectations, because I think that does often block us. I'm so grateful that you said it will not happen like a dialogue and conversation like we're doing now, back and forth. Which senses do you perceive your information through? Audio, visual, what is it for you?

The Logistics of Perception

For me, I'm very clairvoyant. So everything comes through as a visual, even full-on downloads or a straight conversation with an ET. It all comes through as pictures in my mind. And that's how I see and perceive past lifetimes, which can be a kind of difficult for me to teach different psychic abilities and connections because my way of connecting is so visual and many people connect clairaudiently, which I just simply don't have. 

So, how do I teach someone to tap into all of their extra senses and to really pay attention to all the things in order to understand what their main modality might be? Even though a lot of us have many of them, we need to realize that it doesn't come as clearly as saying something that I do or something that you do. It does come in other forms and that's where we have to really pay attention to our physical reality and the signs and the synchronicities that come through in our day-to-day lives.


Hey Elizabeth, this may be too personal, but I'm just backing up to what you said, and I'm a little clairaudient and remember a lot of things, and hear into things. Your immediate past life or the one before that set you up for this one. Can you tell us about that, what you learned about yourself?

Yeah. So there was a very significant past life that I relived when I was 16 and I was a shaman in South America. Basically I never took on any students. I was very solo in my kind of exploration. I just remember I would sit at the top of this flat roofed pyramid and there was this enormous rectangle cut out of the roof. Especially at night, I would sit under there and I would star gaze and I would leave my body and I would go into the universe and I would gather as much information as possible and bring that information back into my body and relay it to my community to let them know that there's so much more out there in this world, but there's also so much more out there in the universe. It in that lifetime, relived at 16, that I knew my purpose, my mission, and what I was supposed to do.

Universal Truth

And even when I was six years old, I would pace my backyard with a notepad and a pen and say, "I have to write. I have to write. They need to know. I don't know what I have to write, though." And so it really frustrated me at knowing that I had to give information, but at six years old, at even 18 years old, what information do I have as a human to give? And then understanding that the information is not mine, it is not based on my physical experience here. It's a universal truth that is just meant to come through me as a conduit. So I believe that's the lifetime that you're probably picking up on.

Yes. This is just me asking. I don't know how many people would ask this, but do you feel that you're outgoing, or are you a hermit?

I call myself an extroverted introvert. Really, I love interacting with people. I love speaking on stage at conferences. I really miss the one-on-one in person, but I also really enjoy and definitely need my alone time. So I would say at this point I'm probably 90% introvert, 10% extrovert. But when I get back into the online or the physical space, I definitely love the 50/50.

Balancing Energy

I think that so many of us who do this kind of thing are. I am a hermit and I'm forced out there, but I love to come home and just shut all the doors. Partly because that's where all the information comes in.

What are the current dynamics right now on the planet? Many people are wondering, what's going on?

A lot is going on. The original timeline that the Galactic Federation gave me back in 2017 was that between 2020 and 2024 was going to be the absolute collapse of the third dimension frequency of the old world, old earth. And I told people for many years, this is going to happen. 2020 is going to change the world forever. And I got laughed at quite a few times. Then 2020 happened. 

Now, in 2022, as we finish this year, it's clear that the collapse is all around us, but it's nothing to be fearful of. I think that there is this innate fear, not only because we're being manipulated to be fearful, but what surprised me was the fear that I was seeing within the starseeds and the galactic volunteers.

Fear From the Past

And I believe that fear comes to them through past life experience of the pole shifts or giant cataclysms, as well as the fall of ancient Atlantis. And so we have this innate fear of it happening again. We didn't do things the right way and we're getting wiped clean again. And that's just not the case this time. This is a very revolutionary, very new time for us, even though it really reminds us of the times before.

The timeline between 2024 and 2028 is going to be the rebuilding of the new earth frequency, but it doesn't mean we're fully stepped into the new earth. I picture the new earth frequency as a lot of solutions, environmental solutions, economic solutions, and solutions for food and water and shelter access to everyone on the planet, not just the western world. So I really see this equality and unity on the new earth frequency. And then, of course, the vibration within us individually is already rising. 

Don’t Wait for the World to Shift

So I always like to mention, especially for people in this community, don't wait for the world to shift to shift your own life, don't hold your breath forever. Right? It's okay to shift before everyone else. We need you to shift before everyone else so that you can be a leader and a way shower and a teacher for when 8 billion other people decide to shift and awaken and need as many coaches and channelers and healers as possible to bring them gracefully into that new earth vibration.

You spoke of fear and that's one subject we've been talking and channeling about a lot this month yet again, because it just seems as more light shows up, the fear gets grander than well.

Yeah. It's almost like the pendulum swings to real opposites. The fear is deeper, and the light is brighter. So how do we navigate the two?

Light and Dark

Yeah, I love that. For a very long time, I was asking the Galactic Federation a question, and only recently did they answer me. I think this was maybe last year. And so my question was, all right Galactic Federation, we're here, we live in a binary universe, which basically means that there's going to be light and dark everywhere in the universe, not just contained here on the planet. So my question to them is, as we raise our vibration and we go into this new earth frequency, this fifth dimension, what happens to the darkness? Because we can't just have all the light. And so finally they responded to this question, and it really resonated with me.

And they said that instead of individuals on the planet being dark, and we're talking like really, really, low vibration, and just a couple individuals really, really high vibration, and then the rest just a bunch of chaos, they said that we're all going to be shifting into a place where we understand and we hold space for both the light and the dark, the fear and the love within ourselves in a balanced way so that there's no division. Right?

Fifth Dimension

And I really feel like the fifth dimension frequency is not all light and love and butterflies, it's just unity. It's everything simultaneously, the ability to observe love and fear objectively without needing to choose a side. Holding the space for both is the key. So I really feel like it's kind of like an elastic band, right? We're going to really stretch out the extremes of the light and the dark, the fear and the love, and it's all going to snap back into unity. And that's not just at an individual level, but a collective level. And as we all know, things have to happen at an individual level before we can shift the collective into that place of unity as well.

Are you able to disclose in the Galactic Federation who you are talking to?

Yeah, so I talk to a variety of different councils. There's so many councils a part of the Galactic Federation. So I would say that the main, I guess three beings that I communicate with, there's one named Kinetic, and he is a part of the Pleiadian Security Council is what they call it. And it's about eight Pleiadian beings and they kind of oversee security issues or measures for planet Earth. Sometimes it's environmental, sometimes it's war, military based, and sometimes it's economic. So they kind of relay that information to me.

It’s Complicated

There is a small council I go to frequently, the Arcturian Timeline Council. There's only four of them. And one of the main Arcturians that I speak to, his name is G, just like the letter. Essentially, they can observe all the different timelines, and I guess like precognition, like future stuff.

It's tough because with the battle between the shadow governments or the darkness and the light on planet Earth, there's an infinite number of timelines that are playing out. 20 years ago, 50 years ago, there was really one main timeline for planet Earth. These days, the timelines switch almost every day, but it gives us a wonderful insight into what may be next for humanity and how we can best navigate it.

How Best to Live Our Lives

And then the third council, which I guess isn't really a council, it's just a being. She's a female, she's from the Siri being or Siri species, which is a very rare species. And she's very aquatic. Her name is Bukta, and she is a hybrid biologist. She's really awesome. She works in a laboratory on the Galactic Federation ship, and she specifically knows all about human beings as hybrids and how different vibrational frequencies are activating our DNA. 

So we talk a lot about the ascension symptoms and how to best live our lives, whether it be maybe a diet or a mindset or what's going on right now as far as us being affected and activated. And so she's really helpful when it comes down to that. So those are the three main beings that I talk to most often that cover a lot of my own curiosities about the planet.

As strange as that may seem, I am so on board with all of that.

I want to let people know that Elizabeth's website is Couldn't be simpler. And any last messages, I kind of feel that there's a beautiful message coming through from the Galactic Council, if you'd like to share that with us as we draw to a close.

A Spiritual Being in a Physical Body

There is a key message that they always end with, and it really comes down to how powerful we are and how much ability we have in creating and co-creating the surrounding reality. So it's really important to let go of all the noise, all the chaos, all the projections, all the surrounding pressures in your life, and to really come back to the truth. You're a spiritual being, existing in a physical body temporarily, but you're here for a reason. You're on this planet because we need you.

So try not to get caught up in judgment, illusion, fear, attachment. You're exactly where you need to be. And the more that you can consciously know your own thoughts and your own mindset and your own intentions, the more you're really going to shift your reality into full alignment and the more you're going to shift the surrounding reality collectively into full alignment for everyone. So never undermine your power. Always understand that you are the creator of your own reality and never undermine the position that you have on planet Earth because you are so special. You are a teacher in your own right and you are very much so needed.

Elizabeth, you've carried the shamanship of the past into your future and to today, and I hope people are really listening. Thank you so much for all of you brought to us.

Thank you so much, you guys.

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