genesis cells

Genesis Cells

Hello everyone, I'm Lee Carroll and I have a new Marshmallow Message for you. What's a Marshmallow Message? You might ask.

Well, it's a message that's soft, and it's sweet, gentle, uplifting, informing, and it often comes from past Kryon books or channellings.

This one is called Genesis Cells: The Starting Template. This passage is from Kryon Book 14, "The New Human" on page 85. You can read it along with me.

The Manual of Birth

The term I'm using in this message today is a Kryon term, not a medical term. There may be a medical term similar, but this is different.

One of the templates that always exists and never goes away is part of the "Human manual." It's not as linear as in this explanation, but it will work. Think of it this way: I want you to think of the manual of birth.

When you came in, what was the manual like? What page were you on when you were five days old?

How about at six months? What page were you on when you were 30?

The Starting Template

You all know that all the pages are different, because of the chronology of growing up. The pages are still there, and the template is still there, for what I call "Genesis Cells."

Genesis Cells, as I will define them, are the cells of a newborn that accelerate growth and learning in a special way. The child absorbs so much of the world around him or her in six months. This includes speech, language, the beginning of standing and walking, and much more.

The antennas of the Genesis "manual" are so big. They're listening to the attitudes and the consciousness of everything around them. You already know that. It's active for a newborn human, then it slows down and you become the adult.

Genesis Cells are magic. They're used at first, then they're not, but they're still there ... And they never go away. Think about that.

Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “Genesis Cells”

  1. Suzanne Ananda Seabourne

    Well. As someone healing an infant trauma , I believe that I may have a special window or wide open door to genesis cells as a side effect of this shamanic wound. The gifts are eternal but the wound heals. We get special gifts from going to the wound and mustering the abilities to get the healing . I am definitely getting new brain matter. My head is bigger and rounder. I accidentally cut my bangs to short for how much my head lifted the hair from growing ! !! My head grew but of course my bangs will too. I was just asking God about an gifts when this popped up like a marshmallow in the hot chocolate does. Life is so awesome ! !! Thank you. I couldn’t have made it without Kryon. As i get better, I’ll be there to share with everyone .

  2. thankyou as i am working with my cells in the body.. this is food for thought… i am aware of inate body.. and talk to it every day.. can i use this genesis cells to talk too as well… namaste marycarroll

  3. Is marshmallow messages once a month? I wait everyday to see it on my inbox. They are always so special, that my whole world stops to listen to them, then I let it be pat of me, then I’m one with it. Thank so much for that & so much more.

  4. Thanks for all you do, Lee and Monika. There’s so much. I discovered Kryon about 15 years ago and have been so grateful for the wisdom that has been coming through. I have all the books as well. Gratitude abounds — just being aware of how to digest all that’s happening now. After all of this, yes, I’ll be back for the “party”.
    Much love to all,

  5. Thank you, Lee. Sometimes this life gets depressing but remembering why we came here and the message of compassionate love certainly helps to change a negative mood.

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