Hawaii, Lemuria Event – Video #1


December 16, 2022 in Kryon Team

Well, hello to all of you from Kauai

This is a short video explaining a little of what happened at our Kryon Lemuria Retreat here in 2022. It always starts with a beautiful gathering. There’s our host, Elan Cohen, giving a meditation before we begin. We start by getting to know each other. And here’s something new we’re beginning. Monica and I are starting something new. We will offer teachings of the Lemurian Teaching Wheel from the Krysalis Academy. We will always include this from now on. Well, that’s a cheerful bunch.  

The Metaphor of the Eternal Pool

It’s a metaphor. This is a metaphor for the eternal pool. We’re going to greet everyone here. All 100 people receive a greeting from Monica and me. Welcome to Lemuria. This eternal pool is in the story of Lemuria, where everything begins and everything ends and begins yet again. That’s why it’s the eternal pool. It’s a profound time when every single person gets to feel the energy of the island, the greeting from us, and the beauty that is here. Next, we gather around and enjoy the teaching that we have started this very month, November 2022. The Lemurian Teaching Wheel. Krysalis Academy and Monica and I share some stories that are revealed in this year-long course that we are beginning.


Beautiful time, enjoying the chickens. Did I say chickens? We’ll see more of those soon enough. Here, we are eating. It’s something we often do here in Hawaii as a group. Wonderful places are provided by Elan Cohen on the island. Well, every single one of our retreat days features a free time. In fact, we even have one full day of free time. And why not? We’re at the beautiful Kauai Beach Resort & Spa this year, and it’s got all the amenities you might expect. All the attendees have a great time in addition to all the teaching and the places that we’re going to go. Tomorrow, we’re going to go to a very special place, the Hindu Monastery. But for now, we just enjoy the beach all day long. Wouldn’t you like to be here with us? It’s time to say good night. 

Thank you.

Love and Blessings,

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  1. I would have loved to be there. My son and daughter-in-law live there in Kapaa. They both work at Juice-Co in Lihue. I’ve been to the Hindu monetary, it is beautiful and very spiritual. I left a ring there. One of these years I’ll make it there when you have a retreat.

  2. Wow, so beautiful. I’m feeling grateful you shared this because it gives me inspiration and desire that I’d love to experience that one day when I have financial liberty to do so. Thank you, Kryon, from the bottom of my heart.

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