Hello again. This is the Kryon Lemuria Retreat, and this is video two.

Spiritual Experience

Our trip to the Hindu temple on Kauai is one of the most beautiful spiritual experiences. It really is amazing. We're met by the Swami. His name is there at the bottom of the page. I'm not about to try and pronounce it. Such beautiful information and a wonderful man, gorgeous, in every single way. This is a go-to place for spirituality. You can feel everything that they have done here. They've been building a temple now for about 20 years. It'll be opened within a year, they hope. Very exciting. Look at the foliage here. It's just an astonishing place. People were so excited they even went back there on their free day. I'm just going to let you enjoy some of the scenery here.

Largest 6-Sided Crystal

We've been coming for years, watching this temple being built, this beautiful, beautiful temple. Craftworkers from India have built it, coming over every year. Some of the pieces have been imported from India to complete this 363-acre Hindu monastery. They're laying the final tiles today, so we can't go in. But the main feature of this monastery temple will be a 700-pound 39-inch tall crystal that's currently in the smaller temple. Uncut quartz crystal believed to be the largest six-sided single-pointed crystal ever found will be put inside that, and then it'll be dedicated. It's going to be a beautiful day. I think thousands will attend, actually. We've been told. What a beautiful place this has been. Ah, one of my favorite little places.

Krysalis Academy

The first course in the Krysalis Academy is the Lemurian Teaching Wheel. Monika and I got a chance to offer more teachings of this profound little story that Kryon has given to us. This will now be a part of every Lemurian retreat.

And then, of course, the Kryon channel. You can hear all the channels from this Lemurian Retreat at kryon.com/free audio. Thank you for joining us today.


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