Hawaii, Lemuria Event – Video #4


December 16, 2022 in Kryon Team

Hi everyone. 

Today we’re at Waimea Canyon, and this is called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, and it’s just beautiful. We’re going to show it all to you. This is a wonderful tour. We’re going to do this every year. If we haven’t told you this before, it’s all part of the new Krysalis Academy School that we’re creating. Our premier teaching within the academy is the Lemurian Teaching Wheel. 

Waimea Canyon

Well, here are the ever-present chickens. The state bird of Hawaii is not the chicken, just in case anybody told you it was, but there’s a lot of them on Kauai. Well, we’ve arrived by bus as typical, and we climb a little slope and go up to the lookout. This lookout is quite famous. This canyon is just a very gorgeous thing to see, and everybody’s looking forward to it.

When you first see it, you really can’t believe it. You think, what is this doing on Kauai? It looks very similar to pieces and parts of the Grand Canyon, as you’ll see here. Going over to the edge, and there’s another railing below where people can see it. Isn’t this beautiful? Wow! The first time I saw it, I was just amazed at the beauty.

Different lighting on it, different times of day just makes it come alive and change completely. Here it is, Waimea Canyon.

Wailua River

Monica and I took a helicopter ride in Kauai, and one thing they do is fly through the canyon, so we thought we’d give you a close-up of this. Isn’t this gorgeous? This is what you were just looking at, except we’re airborne.

So back to the canyon here. We’re almost done, and we leave you there to the next portion of this video. This is the Fern Grotto.

Well, here we are at the Wailua River, and this is, of course, the gateway to the Fern Grotto. Once again, the Roberts buses have taken us here, and we’re all going to get off. Now, the challenge here is that there’s been a little of flooding. This happens sometimes in the river, and there we are going on the dock, and that’s about as low as we can get to the dock is almost covered with water. We were wondering if we were going to make it, but they said it’s going to be okay when we get there. This is run by the Smiths and has been since the forties. It’s a group of family members. There’s the captain right there, been with them for a long time. There’s Elan, of course, who is giving the instructions.

The Fern Grotto

This river is one of the few that can be navigated in Hawaii. It’s approximately 20 miles long, lots of canoeing and other activities. Well, we’re here and we’re able to get off, and it was no problem at all. The waters had gone down on our way to the Fern Grotto. Fern Grotto has survived in many hurricanes and floods. It’s changed a lot, and you go through a rainforest to get there, a real rainforest. And this is soon after a rain, so it’s still muddy and we have to be careful. Boy, was it beautiful.

The Fern Grotto was where they sing the Hawaiian wedding song. It used to be a place where you could go into the caves, and over the years, what has happened is the cave kind of filled up. They’ve built a nice deck there, but you can still see the beautiful ferns.

Marrying Your Higher Self

It’s a place where Monica is going to give the first meditation and also a lesson. And the lesson this one is marrying your higher self. Of course there was a channel, and then, of course, eventually we’re going to have the Hawaiian wedding song sung for us and one of the professional hula dancers gives us an example of what they do there. Just a lovely time, and it wasn’t too hot. We’ve been there before when it was a bit too hot, and we stayed there for quite a while. Just a wonderful time. You can see that beautiful Fern Grotto in the background.

Well, it’s time to come back. Here she is again now, doing a little more exciting dancing, but the most exciting dancing of all was done by the group. See, here we are.

Lunch on Paradise

We now get to go to lunch at this wonderful tropical paradise on the Smith’s property right by the river. Now, the reason this says it’s closed is that it’s closed to everybody but us. This is a Kryon group. Your entrance to paradise, indeed. The paradise was mostly for chickens, and here you see more and more chickens. They really… Oh, more than chickens. There’s something else. Look at this, a peacock. That is such a beautiful, beautiful bird, and this truly is a beautiful property. This property is… oh, more chickens… also where we’re going to have lunch in just a moment.

I keep showing chickens because it’s just so much fun. Another peacock, lots of little chickens, and other birds. And we’re on our way now to just look at these beautiful grounds before we have lunch. Isn’t this just magnificent? This is all on the Smith’s property. And then, of course, we have a wonderful lunch. This is often what we do at the end of our adventure. We’ll let the chickens close this whole video, video four. Thank you so much, and get ready for the next and last video, the Nepali Coast.


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  1. Wow thank you so much for allowing me to see such a special beautiful place. You all look so relaxed and happy enjoying each others company and making new friends.
    I am looking forward to seeing more places that you visit. These days I am unable to travel due to age and health situations but I did for many years as my husband was a pilot for a while in the British Army. I lived in Germany, North Africa, Cyprus, and finally came to Australia in 1968. I am now very much alone, a light/worker since 1973 this is why I joined ‘Healing Wednesdays’ to feel connected to a spiritual group once again. So thank you Lee and Monika for all the blessings you bring to us.
    As I listen to Kryon it truly feels God is talking to just me1 Amazing … in Peace and Love from Celia in Melbourne .

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