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FREE Replay from October 7, 2020 with Special Guest: Peggy Phoenix Dubro

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October Healing Wednesday Schedule

Featured This Month

Meet the spectacular healers who will join Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi each week on the upcoming Wednesday Kryon "Circle of Twelve" Streamed Live Recordings in October to discuss their unique methods for personal healing. 

peggy phoenix dubro

Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Streaming FREE Oct. 7

Pioneer in Energy Dynamics and Universal Calibration Lattice®
Dr. Duccio Locati

Dr. Duccio Locati

Streaming-Live Oct. 14

Director of PSYCH-K® Health and Wellbeing Program
Dr. Frank Springob

Dr. Frank Springob

Streaming-Live Oct. 21

Author, Healer & Creator of the Morphogenic Field Technique
Ian White

Ian White

Streaming-Live Oct. 28

5th Generation Australian Herbalist and Author of 5 Books

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Dr. Eric Pearl

Healing Instructor & Best-Selling Author - (Air Date: September 2, 2020)
Dr. Eric Pearl ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years when one day his patients began reporting healings from simply holding his hands near them. Now Dr. Eric (and his partner Jillian) teach what science today calls Reconnective Healing®, affecting the lives of millions globally. Dr. Eric's international bestseller is "The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself" (available in 40 languages).

Sherianna Boyle

Emotional Detox Expert & Author

Paola Ranova

Energy Healing Practitioner & Author

Dr. Emil Faithe

Medical Intuitive & Best-Selling Author

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