Ever wonder who you are at your core?

Unlock the ancient wisdom of your DNA and discover your full potential. 

Reveal The Mystery Within Your DNA

Your DNA carries the memory of all that you are, from every lesson learned in your current and past lives to your personal Akash.

This "Quantum Blueprint" also holds the knowledge of what steps to take and what you’re capable of. Through studying the esoteric principles of this Divine system, you tap into its ancient wisdom and discover the full majesty of who YOU are.

Your DNA is Waiting for YOUR Instructions

Certain aspects of your DNA are active at your time of birth while others lie dormant, waiting for your conscious signal.

You can learn to intentionally unlock your DNA, tapping into your fullest capacity in this lifetime. Through Quantum instructions you can even change the chemistry in your body. Knowledge of the complex and sacred energies within your DNA can be easily understood through Kryon’s loving and compassionate messages.

The 12 Layers of DNA course allows you to know without a doubt that you truly are part of a Divine Plan.

“The dirt of the Earth contains the wisdom of the ancients. What if that also is projected onto your DNA; if that DNA structure contains inside of it not only that which is you but perhaps that which is Divine?”

- Kryon of Magnetic Service

The 12 Layers of DNA

An Esoteric Study of the Mystery Within

Kryon has long shared the truth about our existence as sentient beings (those having the capacity to experience sensations and emotions).

You are far more than what you’ve believed yourself to be in this current reality, or even the accumulation of all your lifetimes.

You are pure love, consciousness, and magnificence. This is what lives inside of YOU.

The lessons, meditations and messages from Kryon, Lee, Monika, and Elan throughout this course invite you on a journey to deeply understanding what your genetic blueprint contains, revealing a system of sacredness and purpose.

“Surging through you, by agreement, are those you’ve loved and lost, taking their places next to you, becoming part of the DNA for the rest of your life.”

- Kryon of Magnetic Service

The 12 Layers of DNA

Here's What You Will Discover

DNA Class One (1:30:22) - Discover the full Spiritual meanings of DNA layers one, two and three.

DNA Class Two (1:28:30) - Unlock the mysteries of layers four, five and six of your DNA.

DNA Class Three (1:39:48) - Explore your Lemurian connection with DNA layers seven, eight and nine.

DNA Class Four (1:33:42) - Uncover the God within in layers ten, eleven and twelve.

Bonus Video One (18:08) - DNA Affirmations of Intent from Monika Muryani

Bonus Video Two (26:37) - DNA Visual Journey with artwork from Elan Cohen

You’ll also learn how these layers are grouped together, their numerological energy, and how they interact with other layers.

PLUS, you'll experience channellings from Kryon throughout.

“What you call the guides are part of your multidimensional DNA.”

- Kryon of Magnetic Service

Benefits of The 12 Layers of DNA

  • Understand your DNA in a whole NEW way
  • Access your untapped potential
  • Identify your life lessons
  • Learn affirmations that speak directly to each layer of DNA
  • Reveal a system of sacredness and purpose
  • Explore what’s contained in the invisible space
  • Gain an understanding of the Akashic Records
  • Acquire hidden knowledge of the numerology for each DNA layer
  • Master the Hebrew pronunciation of each DNA layer
  • Engage in activating meditations and affirmations
  • Absorb how the layers work and interact with each other
  • Unravel the groupings of each DNA layer
  • And so much more…

Unlock The Mystery of Your DNA 
For Only $199

Enroll in The 12 Layers of DNA now and you’ll also receive TWO BONUS VIDEOS!

This powerful collaboration between Lee Carroll, Monika Muranyi, and Elan Cohen delivers these esoteric teachings in a way that is both easy to understand and incorporate into your being. In this course, you’ll receive:

  •  Immediate access to all 4 Master Classes of The 12 Layers of DNA
  • Meditations to further integrate this knowledge 
  • Total of 8 Kryon channels
  • Over six hours of content to enjoy at your own pace
  • BONUS VIDEO #1 DNA Affirmations of Intent
  • BONUS VIDEO #2 DNA Visual Journey

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