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Since 1989, Lee has brought the loving messages of Kryon to the world. Lee Carroll is the author of fourteen Kryon books, and co-author of: The Indigo Children, An Indigo Celebration, and The Indigo Children Ten Years Later. (17 books total). These Indigo books introduced the world to the term "Indigo Children" in 2000, spawning many follow-up books by various authors, a movie, a documentary, and lots of interest worldwide regarding our changing kids! The Indigo books have sold almost half a million copies world-wide in 24 languages.

During a trip to McCaysville, Georgia, at Delphi Metaphysical University in 2012, Lee was surprised with an honorary doctorate degree of Science, Trans personal Psychology, & Metaphysics! The award indicated: "For his extraordinary contributions of love, wisdom, and spiritual understanding."

Lee has been named one of the "100 most spiritually influential living people" for four consecutive years by the prestigious WATKINS "Mind, Body, Spirit" magazine.

Monika Muranyi has always had a deep affinity and connection with Gaia, Mother Earth. This led her to university where she obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science degree with Honors at Southern Cross University in New South Wales, Australia. Monika has worked in various national parks within Australia and New Zealand for over fifteen years. Her ideal heaven was to be communing with nature in remote landscapes of breathtaking beauty. Following a spiritual awakening, she began to explore the deeper mysteries of Gaia and the universe.

Monika Muranyi is the consummate researcher and archivist of the Kryon material. Never before has anyone compiled the Kryon material into subjects and presented them in an easy-to-read format. Monika has produced a special Kryon trilogy that provides detailed information about three beautiful and profound systems. These three books, The Gaia Effect, The Human Akash, and The Human Soul Revealed, help tie together the complex subject of who we are and why we are here.

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