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I'm Lee, and this is my co-host, Monika.

Join us weekly on Wednesdays at 6 PM PT for Kryon's messages of hope and love, leaders in the field of consciousness, and a like-minded community to support your Soul journey.

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What do you want in your life?

Are you searching for direction, hope, and peace? Are you ready for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing? Do you long for a soul family that supports and understands all of the above?

Healing Wednesday is a portal with a loving community that supports our intent of a safe space for healing, suspending time, allowing you to step into your soul, and rekindle the Divine Purpose within each and every one of us.

We deliver this through online weekly programs hosted by Lee Carroll, Monika Muranyi, and Kryon along with spiritual thought leaders. Members receive monthly experiences, Q&A, archives, meditations, private online community ...and more bonuses in your exclusive portal.

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  • NEW: Monthly “Green Mist” Healing Meditation Experience

    The Green Mist made its first appearance during the Kryon Summer Light Conference in Sedona. As Lee channelled a meditation from Kryon, what began as a customary channelling quickly shifted into a palpable and powerful stillness. A healing energy, referred to as The Green Mist, had entered the room, moving throughout the space and spreading healing and love to all in attendance. It was a surprising and welcome gift.

    Inspired by this experience Lee and Monika wish to gift a new kind of Green Mist meditation to their Healing Wednesday members. Monika, Lee, and KRYON will guide you through a profound landscape of healing energies. You will journey into seven spaces and meet seven master healers… who will fill each of you with their special healing energy. The Green Mist will be livestreamed on the 1st Sunday of every month at 8am Pacific Time, and of course, a replay will be available afterwards.

    NEW: 5th Wednesday Special Channeling from Kryon + Adironnda

    We’re excited to present the 5th Wednesday Special, for our Healing Wednesday members. On the 5th Wednesdays that occur throughout the year, Lee, Monika, and Marilyn come together to create a fun, enlightening program featuring questions, discussions, and a dual channelling.

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    NEW: Monthly “Green Mist” Healing Meditation Experience

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    Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi

    More About Your Hosts

    Lee Carroll, the "Original Kryon Channel" since 1989, is the author of 17 books translated into more than 25 languages worldwide. Lee is a world-renowned thought leader in Metaphysical and Spiritual circles and is frequently asked to provide his profound insight on esoteric topics, ancient history, and current events. Lee is considered one of the "100 most spiritually influential living people" by the prestigious Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit Magazine in the UK.

    Australian author, Monika Muranyi, known as the Kryon Archivist, collaborated with Lee and KRYON on a special Kryon trilogy – subject-driven books that examine the Kryon teachings to deepen our understanding of Gaia, the Akash, and the Soul. Her latest book, The Women of Lemuria, begins to answer questions about our real biological lineage with brand-new info from Kryon.

    Who is Kryon?

    The answer is difficult because the question is linear and Kryon is not. There is no physical attribute of Kryon, just like there is no physical attribute of God. Being a part of God is not explainable in a linear way. Furthermore, Kryon is not singular and, like you, is a
    piece of the soup of God.

    Kryon has said: “My group is feminine, but my essence is masculine. I am a balanced group, just like you. Although genderless, the balance between what is absolute to you is variable with me. I am both, and I change to accommodate the circumstances. It’s an honoring, and you can watch me do it.”

    Kryon is described as a loving entity, who gives messages of peace and empowerment for humanity. Like Archangel Michael, these messages are channelled through humans. When Lee first encountered Kryon he was overwhelmed by an intense love wash that resulted in uncontrollable weeping. The experience was unnerving for a practical man, but deeply moving. Slowly, Lee continued to connect with Kryon. It took Lee four years from the initial contact back in 1989, for the connection to reach the rest of the world.

     Meet Our Healers & Special Guests 

    Healing Wednesday special guests discuss their unique methods for personal healing & provide SPECIAL OFFERS exclusively for Healing Wednesday members. Here's are just a few of our guests featured in previous episodes.

    • Dr. Bruce H. Lipton — The Biology of Belief
    • Matt Kahn — Healed by Love
    • Dr. Eric Pearl — Reconnective Healing
    • Lee Harris — How to Channel and Why
    • Gregg Braden — Power of the New Human
    • Marilyn Harper — Holographic Healing
    • Dr. Bradley Nelson — Energy Healing
    • Alberto Villoldo Ph.D. — Healing the Dark Side
    • Lynne McTaggart — The Power of Eight
    • Jonathan Goldman — Sound Healing
    • Daniel Scranton — Multiple Approaches to Healing
    • Emily Harrison — Akashic Records
    • Sean Stone — The Great Awakening
    • Lady JB Owen — Transformational Storytelling
    • Amy Leigh Mercree — Medical Intuitive Healing
    • Joeaux Robey — Spiritual Soulopreneurship
    • Lori Ladd — Evolution of Consciousness
    • Joe Vitale — Ho'oponopono for Divinity
    • Elizabeth April — Evolution to 5D New Earth
    • Bracha Goldsmith — Astrology and Healing

    And hundreds more!