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Meet Anjie Hipple, Channel for Judah

Some years ago, desperate to ease her suffering, Anjie embarked on a journey to heal her mind, body, and emotions and elevate her consciousness. She began reading the enlightened masters’ teachings, deconstructing her deep religious programming, and dreaming about enlightenment.

During this season of meditation, ego stripping, and deep surrender, Anjie was suddenly and unexpectedly ambushed by a loving, powerful collective of Angels called Judah, who spoke through her in a dramatic direct-voice channeling encounter. Judah’s high vibrational energies immediately healed her chronic illness and opened her psychic gifts.

She and her partner Chuck were profoundly affected by their nightly visits with Judah, who soon brought more cosmic friends. Now, Judah and Anjie deliver ancient divine wisdom from beyond with practical, real-world application. Together, they facilitate tangible experiences of higher dimensional energies for those in an awakening and enlightenment process.

A guided meditation download with music and channeling.*

*Valid until February 29, 2024.