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kryon channeling retreat mt shasta california celebration


Mt. Shasta

JUNE 23-29, 2021
Kryon Mt. Shasta Celebration
Includes Pineal Tones Experience, Lemurian Star Goddess Gathering, the Mt. Shasta Stargate Experience, and a Kryon Channeling Retreat.

kryon monument valley tour

Arizona & Utah

Monument Valley

MAY 5-15, 2022
Kryon Monument Valley Tour
The "Valley of the Ancients" is calling you here to experience a profound, intimate journey into stillness and healing with your Kryon Family of Light.

kryon cuba tour


Havana & Trinidad

JANUARY 21-30, 2022
Kryon Cuba Tour
Join us for this exciting (and safe) adventure around Cuba for 10 days. Like us you'll adore the land, history, culture, people, music, and food!

egypt tour kryon lee carroll


Giza, Saqqara, Nile & More

MARCH 4-26, 2022
Kryon Grand Egypt
This 22-day excursion will include an extended tour of Saqqara and Giza's Pyramids, Temples and Tombs plus a full Upper and Lower Cruise along the Nile river.

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