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kryon channeling retreat mt shasta california celebration


Mt. Shasta

JUNE 23-29, 2021
Kryon Mt. Shasta Celebration
Includes Pineal Tones Experience, Lemurian Star Goddess Gathering, the Mt. Shasta Stargate Experience, and a Kryon Channeling Retreat.

egypt tour kryon lee carroll


Giza, Saqqara, Nile & More

MARCH 4-26, 2022
Kryon Grand Egypt
This 22-day excursion will include an extended tour of Saqqara and Giza's Pyramids, Temples and Tombs plus a full Upper and Lower Cruise along the Nile river.

kryon monument valley tour

Arizona & Utah

Monument Valley

MAY 5-15, 2022
Kryon Monument Valley Tour
The "Valley of the Ancients" is calling you here to experience a profound, intimate journey into stillness and healing with your Kryon Family of Light.

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