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February 2, 2021 in Teaching Moment

Influence of Affirmations

Lee Carroll: Hi, I’m Lee. She is Mon. I call her Mon. We’re here with another posting. We’re talking again about the power and influence of affirmations. Now we’re doing this quite a bit because there’s a lot to say about it. Now today is a little different because we’re not going to be pulling any cards.

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Florence Scovel Shinn

Monika Muranyi: A little different because I thought we could talk about the influence that affirmations have had in our lives and where that influence first came from. So I actually first became aware of affirmations after reading an amazing book by an American author, Florence Scovel Shinn. That was her name and she had a book, I think it was called The Game of Life & How to Play It and she wrote affirmations, What is extraordinary, Lee, you probably have not even heard of her.

Lee Carroll: I have not, no.

Monika Muranyi: The book came out in the 1920s.

Lee Carroll: That’s why. I was very young then and that’s why… I wasn’t reading yet, so that’s why I didn’t know. 😉

Practical Application

Monika Muranyi: So in the 1920s, she produced this book and the affirmations were really exactly what it said. It was about affirming. I actually started applying her affirmations and believe it or not, one of the first kind of affirmations I used from her influence was to help me sell my motorbike.

Lee Carroll: How practical. I love this.

Monika Muranyi: It was practical and it worked. I had a motorbike and I was in New Zealand and I was moving back to Australia and I was wanting to sell my bike so I could get a new one when I got to Australia. And everyone was saying, “Oh, no one’s going to want that bike.” And all the rhetoric about, you won’t sell it and you won’t get the money for it, but I didn’t care. I just held to my affirmation.

It was something along the lines of, “I give perfect thanks for the perfect price, giving perfect satisfaction to all.” That was my affirmation. And then the person in the bike store contacted me about three weeks later saying, “You’re not going to believe this. The person that came into our store had a instant connection with your bike. It was the exact one they’d been looking for and hadn’t been able to find it.”

Lee Carroll: Wow.

Monika Muranyi: And I didn’t believe it because I was using the affirmations.

Point of Influence

Lee Carroll: We’ve seen this with many people who have reported this kind of thing, especially with the affirmations.

Monika Muranyi: And your affirmation influence was from Louise Hay, wasn’t it?

Lee Carroll: Not really influence, but I activated it. And this was Louise Hay. Now she is known as “The Affirmation Lady”. She was a personal friend. And so I knew her and just for those of you, she’s passed now, but Louise Hay is exactly who you think she is and she wasn’t somebody else when you got to know her personally. She lived and breathed all that she was in her books. And her first book was You Can Heal Your Life.

Monika Muranyi: Yeah, I read it. It was very impactful.

Lee Carroll: Well, I asked her how it felt to come out with something like that in a time when it wasn’t accepted. And she said, “Other than the death threats?” And she was truly serious.

Monika Muranyi: But how extraordinary.

Lee Carroll: Yes, because it was just so out of the box.

The Reframe

Monika Muranyi: Threatening, I guess.

Lee Carroll: Bring this up to current. When I had to sell my business, I was told I couldn’t because who would want that?

Monika Muranyi: Just like my motorbike. No one’s going to want that.

Lee Carroll: Because it wasn’t all that profitable. I was in survival every time, but I loved what I did. And so that’s why I had my business and I paid my bills… barely. I said, “Who’s going to want this?” Because I want to get out of that business and do Kryon full-time. And somebody walked in the door who said, “I want your business.” And I almost said, “You’re kidding.” But I held off on that and said, “Really? That’s a good thing.” So this is also how I did it and it was seeing the guy walk in.

Monika Muranyi: It’s about reframing as well, isn’t it?

One Perfect Match

Lee Carroll: It is, indeed. Louise taught me that. When we were at dinner with her many times and you’d think what idle conversation might be with Louise Hay. She was always living her truth and she would tell about what had happened in her publishing company and all the things that were just milestones for metaphysics, which came from her. And I realized she was just talking her walk, walking her talk.

Monika Muranyi: Yeah. And sometimes it’s just tweaking something. I remember my sister was wanting to move rental houses and she had a dog and many renters know that when you have animals, it’s not always easy to find a rental home because many of them say no pets. And I remember having the conversation and she’s like, “Oh my gosh, it’s going to be so hard and impossible and difficult to find another renting place because I have a dog.” And I remember saying to her, “Why are you so worried? All you need is one.” And it’s shifting. It’s true, all you need is one match. So you don’t need to have 20 or 30 different properties to go looking at. All you need is the one perfect match for you. We get bogged down in the needing to have all… No, you just needed the one person for your studio. I just needed the one person for my bike.

Affirming for a Relationship

Lee Carroll: Can I finish this extra long blog?

Monika Muranyi: Yeah. This is an extra long blog.

Lee Carroll: Yeah, so for those of you who are working with relationships and I know there always are, will this work? May I just say there was only one. She’s sitting next to me. It works. See you next time.


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