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October 7, 2022 in Healing Wednesday

Financial Advisor Turner Astrologer

What is financial astrology? Bracha Goldsmith is a financial advisor and an astrologer. She is also a channeler, author, interviewer, musician, and spiritual coach, whew, and listen to this one, she’s been practicing astrology for over 40 years. Now, right away, this got my attention, because I know she would’ve had to have been six when she started, so already right away, we’ve got a miracle. Beyond that miracle, I wanted her and ask her, please take a peek at the charts of Monika and me together. Do a together chart to see what might be there. Perhaps she has some information about those charts, which may be of interest to you, it is to me and Monika, but we didn’t ask her in advance. We wouldn’t let her tell us, so you and I, all here on this program, will hear it at the same time.

Channeling the Pleiadians

Hopefully, it’s good news, everyone. Now, over six years ago, she began channeling the Pleiadians, a group of loving, joyous beings who share meaningful and uplifting messages. Well, she probably doesn’t know that our entire new Krysalis Academy is all about the Pleiadians and their beautiful teaching. We’re very on board with all of this. She also channels her energy into creating the most beautiful paintings that are healing and soothing for the body and soul.

Bracha, amazing. Welcome to the show, Can you tell us, how did all of this begin? Financial advisor and then you are moving into astrology for 40 years and now you’re channeling and painting. How did all that unfold?

Thank you, Monika. It’s an absolute pleasure to be with you both today.

A Passion for Astrology

Largely in a very unplanned way. Yes, you have your own plans and you think life is going to work out in a linear fashion, and it never does, or that’s not been my experience. I had always had a passion for astrology. It was always something that fascinated me because you could learn so much about a person just with three tiny bits of information, the date, the time, and the place of birth. You have a massive wealth of information that you can begin to work with, to play with, depending on the kind of relationship that you wish to have or may have with that person, whether it’s a parent or a child, or a lover. Lee, thank you for the introduction. You’ve got that beautiful silver tongue with your lovely Aquarian sun, really strong in your chart. You’re really adept with words and using words in a very creative way. You’ve let me loose here, and once you let me loose with astrology, you might not be able to stop me.

Financial Astrology

I’m interested in the whole astrology thing but it doesn’t seem to be commensurate with an MBA in business finance. When did that leap occur?

Well, there are environmental pressures, shall we say, to being an astrologer, it’s like, “What’s that? You’re never going to make a living from being an astrologer,” so I was always trying my best to do more serious work. Yes, so I did the MBA, the finance, all those things, which I have to say I enjoyed at the time, but always the theme running through everything was the stars and the signs and the aspects and the transits and the cycles and all these things. I felt like they’re so integral to our world, both personally and globally, it just kept coming back, so I ended up doing financial astrology. I ended up bringing astrology into whatever field I went into because that’s the beauty of astrology, you can never really get bored with it because it covers all life areas if you’re willing to study it in enough depth.


Tell us about what you think is going on here. I have this beautiful partner, we’re doing these things together, and I’m ready to let you just talk about it.

Amazing, really. When I looked at your charts, it was like fireworks just went off. I don’t know if that was how you experienced meeting or being together or the connection between the two of you, but it felt really fiery. It felt very profound. It feels as though when I look at your charts, you’ve known one another forever. You’ve got the sun. Lee has the sun in Aquarius, and Monika has the sun in Sagittarius. These two are very compatible together. The fire sign Sag, and the air sign of Aquarius, so this is the sun energy, so you very much shine in this very sparkly way. Yes, you’ve both got a certain sparkle to you.

Where’s the Moon, Astrologically Speaking?

At the same time, what we always look at astrologically is where’s that moon? The moon tells us emotionally what’s important. When you get the moon in the same sign in a relationship, then you’re talking business, then you’re talking, “This is great.” Of course, I have to say I wasn’t surprised to see that you both have the moon in Scorpio. The moon is in Scorpio together, same sign, and you, Monika, have a lot of Scorpio in your chart. I don’t know how well you know your chart. You’ve got … It’s like simmering beneath the surface is a wealth of information, of knowledge, of delving into so many different areas. It’s like you want to dive deep, and you’re not frightened to keep diving. You’ll keep going and you’ll keep going, and it’s like it’s never going to be enough because there’s always going to be something else to be discovered.

A Forever Bond

You’ve both got this attribute. You love learning. You both love learning. Yes, you’ve got these third-house planets. I mean, Monika’s got third house planets up the wazu, so you love to learn, you love to find out new things. You want to connect with people. There’s this deep desire to connect on a very deep level and so you have this tremendously deep connection between the two of you that is, I would say, fathomless and you keep finding out more about one another every day. 

This is a forever bond. There’s one thing about the Scorpionic energy, which is that it’s tremendously loyal. It doesn’t give up. It’s persistent, it’s determined, and it’s going to get there, no matter what. Now, what you both also share really strongly is Mercury in the third house. I mean, Mercury in the third house, you both have this along with Venus in the third house. You both have that and you have so many similar types of aspects. It’s like … How can I say? It’s like there’s a resonance.

Romantically and Professionally – A Joint Mission

One of you is playing one note and the other plays another note in harmony, and then another one plays it, and it’s like you’re constantly harmonizing with one another. There’s a musical interaction between the two of you that goes on. Are you aware of that?

I am because I feel definitely like we’re playing the same guitar and it’s always been this way. When she has certain kinds of ideas, I don’t just cast them away. I’m a guy, I often do at first, but then I return to it and pretend it was my idea, but yes, absolutely. We think problems out together and work these things. Yeah.

I think we’re quite unusual, Bracha, in that we are romantically involved, but also professionally involved. Often, that can be difficult for a relationship to survive, but we were pulled together first with the magnetism, but my desire and wanting to awaken and learn and know more, it was just this pull in with the Kryon work, so that everything we do in partnership, it’s like we have a joint mission.

Monika Came in and the Work Rose to New Levels

Yes, and of course, that was what I looked at. I thought this is also a professional relationship. When I saw the moons and all the lovey-dovey romantic stuff that jumped out of the charts, I saw that you, Monica, you’ve got Saturn and Gemini right on your midheaven. Now, Lee also has Saturn Gemini. It’s not on the midheaven, but yours in the midheaven, so the work that you do together actually takes Lee’s work onto a new level. He’s not what … He wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what he is supposed to accomplish without your input.

Totally. Absolutely. She pegged it. When Monica came in, this work increased and it went to levels it never did before. I finally had a partner in business who could do things that nobody has ever done. She did it automatically, without me ever asking, so yes. I mean, wow, this is amazing. You’re great.

This is what’s beautiful about the charts. This is why I kept jumping with excitement. It’s like, wow, because as you said, Monica, usually there’s a romantic relationship, but it can be difficult with both, but not so with you two, not so. I would say that this is constant growth and learning. You have something, particularly you, Monica, about communicating far and wide to the masses, something very, very valuable.

Complementary Styles

You also work, both of you, because of this Mercury in the third house that you both have, you work profoundly with the mental realm, the mental energies, the power of the mind to do anything and change anything molecularly, structurally. I’m not scientific, but it’s something that you both have, and you, again, work together very in a very complimentary way. This power of the mind and being able to transmit that power through the work that you do enables this awakening to gather momentum and to gather speed so that people can learn that their power is not in this very limited world that we’ve been conditioned into.

Folks, I want to say, we’ve spent half the program on us, and that’s not really what we normally do.

Right, but that’s what people are interested in. The people are interested in you. Yeah, this is your show, and they’re getting to know you.

I want everybody to see what she’s done here in just a few minutes. She’s pegged it, just the astrology that she has, I mean, the system, it doesn’t happen by itself. It has to be studied and learned and all that, and this is what she does, this is just amazing.

Astrology Speaks

Thank you, Lee. It speaks to me. It’s not really rocket science, it just talks. The astrology speaks, and it’s like, “Okay, this is what I’m seeing.” There’s of course a lot more that I could speak about, but I would say that Monica, you have the most tremendous mind. Your mental abilities are off the scale. I mean, Lee, we already know is that, but I’m not sure many people are aware of the tremendous abilities and talents and gifts that you have, Monica.

It gets me in trouble because I have a very good memory. As Lee has said, sometimes it’s hard to live with a woman who remembers everything.

I try to pretend not to know how smart she is. Tell me, just in general, in astrology in general, is there anything in the charts that would specify the health and well-being of somebody or can you pick that up?

Using the Energies in a Positive Way

Ah, okay. Just in general? Absolutely. Yes. I mean, I’m not a medical astrologer, Lee, that’s a very specialized field, which involves a good six or eight years of extra training, which I haven’t done, but in terms of health, certainly, there are transits that can affect health. It’s always very valuable to know when, for example, you might have a Saturn transit coming over your ascendant. That’s often a wonderful time for really getting a grip and becoming much more self-disciplined about your health and your well-being. You might have been able to get away with things, but when Saturn comes along, it’s time to get your house in order. It can be a really wonderful thing.

And as far as I’m concerned, I’m always looking for the empowering, positive way to use whatever energies are coming our way because there’s always a positive route. 

The Longer Transits

And it’s the longer transits, the transits of the slower moving planets like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. These are the ones that can have a profound effect, let’s say a Pluto transit in somebody’s chart. This can last quite a few years, and it can completely transform you. I was going through Pluto transits when I changed my name, for example. Yes, this was a transformational time.

So Uranus transits, they bring often an awakening, taking you right out of your comfort zone. You may travel to another part of the world, or into a completely new career, or a surprise relationship. A Neptune transit may take you into a romance, a love, a higher feeling of compassion and love, and an opening up of your heart. So it’s a big area. I don’t know how much detail you want to get into, Lee and Monika.

There is Always a Positive Aspect

Well, I love how you said you get the energy. The information, it’s like a GPS or a map telling you what’s coming. And then you said you look at it for what you can get out of it positively. And I agree because people say, “Oh, Mercury retrograde.” We always blame computers crashing and travel interruptions. But it’s a good time to revisit past projects. So there’s always a positive aspect of what these transits bring and what astrology brings. 

I love how, no matter what astrology I peek into or listen to, there’s an alignment with the messages of Kryon, in particular, this shift that we are going through right now and the coming years to evolve, where we are creating a new human. What in your astrology readings can you tell us about the shift we’re going through and the years coming ahead?

A Huge Transformation

Well, largely, we are getting a huge move towards the Aquarian energies. So Lee, of course, is very familiar with the Aquarian energies. From March of this coming year, Pluto will go into Aquarius. That’s a very, very big shift, where we are moving away from Pluto and Capricorn since 2008, where we had the global financial crisis, where we’ve had Pluto in Capricorn. 

The United States, Pluto’s return, it’s going through this year, which is a huge transformation of the United States. How does it want to govern itself? The structures? We are moving away from the vertical type of structure, a top-down, authoritative structure. 

We’re moving more to the new human, the more horizontal community-connected types of structures, which is very much this Pluto into Aquarius until 2044, which is our opportunity to create the new human. How are we going to use technology and biology? And how are we going to use those for the highest possible good for this awakening of the new upgraded human on our planet?

Out With the Old Vertical Structure

My first degree is in economics, and everything you said rings so true. The vertical is the old way. We’re moving to a more horizontal … not government, but corporate. There are so many more things that you can do without the vertical structure, and you just pegged it. 

I’ve never heard anybody say what I have studied and believe is happening on a very dismal level because economics is a dismal science. And people don’t equate the business stuff to astrology or anything else. But you do. And I’m hearing it. You have a lot to say about a lot of things here that are exceptional. Thank you.

Well, thank you for that. I feel it’s just coming through me. It’s not something that I know myself, so to speak.

It’s coming through a lot of accumulated knowledge that you’re using to do this. I want to know what you would have to say to anyone listening regarding an overall picture of the planet and themselves and perhaps something that might be different for everyone, rather than just one or two people because of their charts.

Tremendous Hope

I would say that there is tremendous hope. There is tremendous positivity. We are moving upwards. It may look as though things are falling apart. Pluto in Capricorn will blow apart the things that are not any good for us anymore, the things that are not helpful, and that are not serving us. That may be happening for you personally if so, welcome that because something new is being birthed that is so much better, so much higher, and easier than you can possibly imagine. It is an opportunity to have a 360-degree view, rather than this very blinkered type of limitation that many of us have been living through.

So I would say that despite some of the difficulties and some of the things that we might have to learn and climb over, it’s going to be a fascinating journey. Well, it is a fascinating journey. And with so many wonderful people like yourselves, Lee and Monika, the wonderful work that you’re doing and the work that you’ve done over the years and helped so many people, we’re just accelerating now. Right? We’re getting turbocharged. Because as more awaken, the power increases, and we can move more quickly together.

What Would Joy Say?

Absolutely. I love that. And I also want to briefly touch on the Pleiadians that you are channeling. If there is any message that you want to share with us, a theme or something that you feel the Pleiadian group wants to share with us, please do so now.

Thank you. You have put me on the spot now. Are you asking me to channel something?

You don’t have to. You can tell us what you have channeled and what you know and what that message, in general, might be from the Pleiadians instead of actually channeling.

Well, their message is always one of love and of joy. And that those are two words to just keep all the time in the front of your mind. And no matter what is happening in your world, love and joy will give you answers to the hardest possible questions. 

If something’s broken down or somebody’s driving you a little crazy, what would joy say right now? What would that message be? And you might find yourself just chuckling and it’ll distract you away from pulling you and sucking you into a quicksand. So you don’t need to be sucked downwards anymore. Allow yourself to be pulled upwards. Just think of the energy going upwards. You’re going up, up, up. That’s our message.

Could it get any better than that?

It could not get any better than that. Love and joy.

It’s in total alignment with everything we teach. It truly is. If anybody picked that up, that was a transmission.

So much wisdom, my dear, that you have. Thank you so much for everything you have given today. Now, Monika, you want to tell them where people can find her.

Yes. If you’ve enjoyed listening to the wisdom and knowledge and divine guidance from Bracha Goldsmith, her website is yourastrologysigns.com. And she also has many YouTube clips you can go and check out, look at her website. So much on offer from this beautiful divine astrologer. Any last words, Bracha?

I just want to say how grateful I am for this co-creation today with the two of you. You pulled out of me things that I didn’t know were there. So thank you for that.

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