Kryon Tachyon Sphere

Lee Explains the Kryon Tachyon Sphere

As a valued member of our Kryon Soul Family, I'd like to share with you a bit about the Kryon Tachyon Sphere.  We've received quite a bit of interest recently in the sphere, simply by having it next to us on the table in the Kryon studio during Healing Wednesday.

So many people have inquired about how to get one.  It wasn't originally planned as such, yet we're now making it a product available for purchase in the Kryon Web Store.

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This beautiful, crystalline globe was custom-made in Europe. It helps you connect personally with Kryon's energy, an energy of Love and Compassion for deep inner transformation. Use it as an art piece or in daily meditation, holding it in your hands or sitting in front of it.

Melding with Spirit

The sphere has been tachyonized to help us remember that Kryon has asked us to meld with Spirit and remember our true self. The sphere's effect is one of enhancing connections, smoothing emotions, and empowering the energy of God in our lives. The Kryon Tachyon Sphere creates a soothing effect by slowly shifting colors ranging from pink, purple, yellow, green, and blue.



Tachyon Sphere Energy

The Tequence System, manufactured by Terra Tachyon, is composed of glass, silk, wood, metal, stainless steel, plastic, and liquids. These elements are energized through a complex "tequencing" process that permanently alters the physical and energetic structure of these materials. This "tequencing" process enables the materials to resonate with the Tachyon Energy and so it becomes suffused throughout each material. The materials retain this special property throughout their existence. This one-of-a-kind globe has been created for the Kryon work and is produced in Europe. The Kryon Tachyon Sphere is being offered in a minimum quantity. If you’re interested, order yours now while we still have some.


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  1. Hello Lee and Monika,
    We would love to purchase a Kryon Tachyon Sphere,
    we live in 100 Milehouse, BC. Canada. Please let us know
    when they are available in January, Thank You!

    ?Love & Light✨

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