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September 7, 2022 in Healing Wednesday, Kryon Team

A Modern Mystic

Michael Sandler is indeed a modern mystic. He is a teacher and the host of the massively popular Inspire Nation show. It is a transformational, spiritually focused YouTube channel transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Michael is a best-selling author, speaker, coach, and co-creator of the School of Mystics and AWE. Now AWE stands for Automatic Writing Experience. He’s a former pro-athlete, a near lifelong meditation practitioner, and it was two near-death experiences, which we also call NDEs that completely transformed his life.

Near Death Experience

Two NDEs led Michael to a much deeper understanding of the word, the world of spirit, and absolutely everything. You have one of these and that happens. He’s had two. And that just changed his whole life. He calls this, getting the big picture. From that his book and program, AWE, the Automatic Writing Experiences emerged. The wildly popular School of Mystics now teaches thousands of mystics in training, which we call MITs, around the globe. automaticwriting.com

Challenge Sometimes Cracks Us Open

What you don’t have in that thorough bio is that there was a third accident after the first two that wasn’t an NDE, which cracked all the bones in front, behind, and above my heart, and finally finished the trifecta of cracking me open. Because you get the big picture with one NDE, and it is not this glamorous thing. People are like, “Oh, that’s so cool.” No, it’s not cool. It means near death, it hurts. But ego likes to sneak in the back door. And so after my first NDE, I’m like, “I must save the world.” And then I’m going full bore ahead and I’m ignoring what I’ve learned. And so the universe whacks me again and says, “Stop it, man.” And then it took one more time to finish me off and crack me open where I really live, you could say from the heart, or a different way. It doesn’t mean I don’t have the same challenge as anybody else does, but I was given a lot of insight in a challenging manner we could say, beautifully challenging manner.

We just love to turn guests loose and let them talk about everything. And we’re going to talk about modern mystics in a minute, but tell us just a little bit about your life and how this changed it. What were you before all that?

Everything About My Life Changed

I was a good guy, but I was focused on my own world. I was focused on the “me.” Now I was still actually doing things. It’s all right, Roo, I was doing things for other people. I was writing books for other people. I was very focused on helping. But it was very egoic, hold on tight, drive, strive, push, all about the me, and all about the getting things done. Even though I’m prolific now, it’s much more in a flow. And I’ve been a pro athlete for so many years. There was that competitive side of me. And NDE number one, it’s not that there’s a term like a stand-in or something like that. It’s not that a different spirit came into my body, but April 2nd, 2006, is my new birthday because everything about who I was beforehand that moment completely changed. A softening, far greater understanding, and my personality radically shifted. Radically, radically shifted. And that’s interesting. I had a fiance at the time that lasted another two weeks. Everything about my life changed. I called that time period the festivities.

Yeah, you could almost call it a country music song. Oh, you definitely could. Actually, it was my next girlfriend dumping me and cheating on me for another guy. She actually sang me a country music song as that was going on. And I’m like, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

What’s With the Rooster?

And you have the most beautiful rooster. “What’s with the rooster?” 

I don’t want to go too much into his story, we are not the past. We are who we are right now. But he was gently placed maybe on the side of the road at five months of age after sunset on a Colorado twisty-turning mountain highway. And then we came along my wife and I, after sunset, and got to rescue him. And that was well over two years ago now. He is a sacred member of the family. He does almost all guest meditations with me, which is why he’s Rooroo the Guru. He is energetically sensitive, we would think of a cat, normally considered sensitive, as completely numb compared to how sensitive Roo is to people’s energies. So if Jessica and I go to hug upstairs and he’s downstairs in his bedroom asleep, all of a sudden, because he has more vocalizations than cats or dogs, he will make the hug sound. It’s his love sound. And he pushes 

Rooroo the Guru

If I’m downstairs or upstairs and he’s on the other floor, and I have an oh no thought, just a thought, he will start screaming. Because as a rooster, his job is twofold. Their job is to procreate, and protect. And so he’s scanning everything at every moment and it’s like he can see emojis of emotions coming up. He’s always watching. So he demands, and why is Rooroo the Guru? He demands we be very energetically sensitive or he’ll start crowing. There will be a feedback loop. And he’s 140 decibels, something louder than a jet airplane. He encourages you to stay centered, to stay grounded, and to really watch your energy.

When we were on your show, I remember you brought him out; he just stuck around and stayed. We loved that.

He loves good energy. So I’m sure he felt your energy, Lee, and Monica, I’m sure of it. And if the energy is not good, he’ll start screaming.

This is great because he’s been on the healing journey for the last couple of weeks. It’s actually been really scary and we’re not sure what triggered it. But he is getting better. And I know he wanted to be on air and he hadn’t started his TikTok channel. He wanted us to get that going, Rooroo the Guru. So we did. But I think he’s grooving on everybody’s energy because time’s not real. So right now we have people watching this past, future and present, and he’s plugging into that.

What is a Modern Mystic?

I want to know what a modern mystic is. What does it mean?

Simply put, you guys are modern mystics. It’s somebody who’s living on both sides of the veil. You’ve got a foot firmly planted in this world. You’ve got a foot firmly planted in the greater world. So you hear without your ears, you see without your eyes, you know without thought. In fact, those things sometimes can get in your way and trip you up because you’re able to access the bigger picture, the outside of the matrix picture you could say, at the same time. But it’s not somebody who’s an airy fairy, “I’m spiritual, I’m up in the clouds.” You are fully grounded here on earth using that knowledge to navigate this world.

I love that. The grounded, practical approach. One of the things Lee and I say to each other, our go-to question is, how is this helping the planet?

You Incarnated for a Reason

We could use the term, for example, enlightenment. I want to be enlightened. I’m not picking on anyone. But when your goal is to check out, we’ve got a challenge because you incarnated for a reason. You chose to be here. There are only 8 billion souls out of all of the worlds, in all of the known worlds and unknown worlds that get to be here at this time. You chose to come here not so you could check out, but so that you can rock it. And so we need that combination of remembering who and what you are and how to play with energy, how to live on both sides, combined with being fully grounded so that you can move physicality. You can’t use this pen for instance if you’re floating up here. And so you need that combination.

I have an expression, that is, being so spiritual when you’re no earthly good. And that’s what you’re talking about?

An Empath is a Modern Mystic

Bingo. Yes. An empath is a modern mystic. An empath is, we’ll call it a mystic in latency. So an empath has incredible sensitivity. In fact, we’re told too sensitive. And I’m considered too sensitive. My wife is considered a hundred times more sensitive than me. That sensitivity is your super skill. That is what’s going to help you to be a mystic because you’re seeing and feeling beyond the senses. In other words, you are completely and totally tapped in. We don’t want you to push that back under the carpet, which is what this modern society tells you. It wants you to toughen up, to be an island, to numb you, or at least fear-base you into numbness.

Instead, we want to lean into your super bridge skills. We want to lean into your sensitivity. We want to learn how to work with it. Then your light grows incredibly bright and you become a way-shower for others. So I’m very specifically saying it. Empaths are the leaders of the future and are the ones holding the light. The ones who are pushed to the back of the room actually belong at the front. We just get to learn how to dial in the energies so that you’re not overwhelmed by everyone and everything else.

How Do We Dial It In?

I love that you just said what you said. How do they dial in the energies? Because I know there are people watching who are completely connecting with being an empath and identifying with it. So how do they dial in?

There are many techniques. That’s why we have a School of Mystics. There’s a really fun one that I got to use three days ago at the veterinary clinic. And at the veterinary clinic they brought in Roo and they got concerned that he may have a respiratory infection and because he’s, huh, I can’t believe this, because they say that he’s part of a food chain, they must notify the state and see if they can even let him go home with me. If you can imagine the sense of panic of bringing your youngster, I don’t care what species they are, to the doc and being told you may never be able to get them back.

A Ribbon of Peace and Love

So, what did I do? There is a ribbon or a flow of energy that’s next to you at all times. You can call this a river or a ribbon of peace. It’s just to your right. It’s only a few feet off and I’ve got my eyes closed because I can feel it right now. What I had to do is get myself into a state of love so that I’m not in a state of panic. Because if I’m in a state of panic in front of a very concerned veterinarian, chances are she’s going to go into a state of panic. Two people in panic do not make good conversation, do not make good friends, and do not make good outcomes. So what I had to do in a sense, was close my eyes, step to my right, and feel myself in this ribbon or river of peace and love. And that is the song of the universe. But that’s a whole other story.

You’re aware of this frequency of peace as an empath, you feel it so strongly and can get in sync so much more easily. So I’m breathing into it and out through it. Like violins in a symphony, all of the strings start to vibrate in harmony. As I go into that ribbon, I feel at peace. Now the veterinarian is at peace and tells me, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure everything is all right,” because now I’m coming from that place of love and light everything has shifted. That’s just one tool.

Be Like a Tuning Fork

All of us have access to an amazing array of frequencies, vibrations, feelings, and emotions, particularly as empaths. Being energetically sensitive we can plug in more easily. We can get in vibration or attunement with these frequencies. And then when you get into a place of ahh, you can handle the freakiest, cheekiest, scariest moments. We lost a twin earlier this year, and I could see that coming. It was horrific and super crazy hard because we had to choose to let her go. But that wasn’t as difficult as basically being concerned that your boy is been taken away from you and you will never see him again because I had no preparation for that. If I hadn’t been able to step into a field of energy greater than myself, I would’ve fallen apart in that moment.

And as you just said, two people in panic don’t make good decisions. So we’re like a tuning fork. And once we get ourselves into that vibration and frequency as the tuning fork, and this is where Kryon says that old souls carry more weight on the planet in terms of the light/dark ratio, when we get ourselves in that frequency then everything shifts around us. That is the most exquisite example I have heard of changing the outcome just from going within.

A Satori Moment

We have interviewed other people who have had near-death experiences. Can you give us what you felt, and what it was like for you? I know you were dying, so it was probably not the greatest, but what was the feeling?

Two different feelings from the two different experiences. The first, I think Wayne Dyer used a term years ago, called a satori moment, an instant awakening or instant understanding. There was, as I came back, a completely different understanding of everything and everyone around me, and an incredible sense of bliss, happiness, and joy.

So, I’m completely broken on a bike path. I’m bleeding out internally. The EMTs come to me, and they all ask me the same thing, “Did you hit your head?” And I’m like, “No.” And then they keep talking to me and I go, “Can we get me to the hospital now? I’m really suffering.” Because you talk about the ultimate duality, I’m like totally blissed out, and in the greatest pain of my life. So, that was experience number one.

Choosing to Come Back

Experience number two was in many ways more profound, but it required a big decision. I made a decision to come back. I had my wife by my side, and I had just told her, “Let’s have kids,” which is now seven or eight years ago. We had had three miscarriages and blah, blah, blah, since then. It took a little while. But I had to choose to come back. I was completely racked in pain. It took, I think it was an hour before the emergency crews got there, or maybe it was half an hour until they got there, half an hour until they helicoptered me out. My blood pressure had fallen to zero.

And what I had to do to stay alive was to elevate my state. It was a Lake Tahoe sun above me, so incredibly bright. I can’t say that that’s the tunnel of light, but I was breathing in light, sending out love. In other words, but not for myself. Breathing in light, sending out love, breathing in light, sending out love. My state kept elevating up, and up, and up, in a weird way it didn’t matter that my heart wasn’t able to pump any blood around. I wasn’t going anywhere. At the same time, I was receiving an understanding of the universe that I’m still probably interpreting. The right word isn’t interpreting. Breaking open to an understanding that was coming through, as I was breathing in that light, sending out that love at a very high vibration.

Are We Going Through a Conscious Shift?

I love this. It’s so different from so many others, and every one of them is unique. I want to ask you something else, turning the page. Do you think there’s a shift going on in the earth, consciously?

I’m both excited, and it’s incredibly harrowing. It’s like going through this experience with Ru. I know he’s coming out the other side stronger, or the experience we’ve gained with our miscarriages, and everything. We know we would come through stronger but in the moment… Because humanity doesn’t understand time, I can’t pretend that I know it any better than anyone else. It feels so freaking real, raw, painful, and scary. And you’re going, “People are doing what? They’re saying what? And now what?” But it’s happening. If you can step back, it is such an accelerator right now. You go from your… What is it? Your stone age, to bronze age, or gold age, to agricultural age, to industrial age, to information age. And all of a sudden the ages are now in days or weeks rather than millennia.

Something is Happening

There is such an accelerator right now that you can’t help but say something is coming. Something is happening. And it is in the milieu, the consciousness of people, meditation and vibration, and energy and universe. There’s a reason that everybody is starting to speak the same language, even if it appears that there’s a greater polarity, a greater me versus you out there today than ever. To me, that’s the last gasp of, we can call it the old guard, or we can say there is one human-beingness on the planet. There’s only one human. I’m a cell, but you’re a cell, Monika. Lee, you’re a cell. Everybody listening, you’re a cell. There’s one human being. And it is the egoic mind of the being, the fear-based mind that wants to keep us under the table wants to keep us small, and is creating all of this divisiveness right now to try to keep us in our status quo.

The Heart Always Wins

But the ego never wins. And the heart always wins. We can have it the easy way or the hard way. That’ll be determined, which we get. In my case, it took several cosmic two-by-fours the hard way… for me to submit to my surrender. But I’m convinced we’re going to make it through this. We’re going to come out the other side and as almost every great teacher is saying during this time, the job right now is not being out there. Not that there’s anything wrong with doing the work on the outside. It is all about the inner work right now. The work of the modern mystic, because Monika, as you’re saying, as Kryon is saying, we are each a tuning fork and we are going to change the vibration of the planet like an electron state change and rise to the next level by working on our own frequency first and foremost, period.

What is Automatic Writing?

Absolutely. So I would like you to tell us about automatic writing because that is a great tool that we can use in this process.

To experience automatic writing in its simplest form, you go into a meditative or trance-like state. You don’t have to be able to meditate. Put your pen to paper and write out a few prayers. Close your eyes slightly, listen to some nice brain entrainment music, and talk to Spirit. You might say, “What’s going on?” And the pen moves almost without effort and says, “Hi, dear one, it’s good to see you today. You are loved. You are doing fine. Breathe deep. Everything is all right. Here’s what we want to share with you today.” “Yeah, Spirit, but what about what’s going on with Ru?” “It’s going to be okay, here’s why this is taking place.” “Spirit, I just got a flat tire yesterday on the way back from the Ru visit. What happened there?” “Here’s why that happened. Here’s the synchronicity behind it. Here’s what you get to know.” “Yeah, but Spirit, my mind is going crazy during this time.” “It’s okay, here’s what we want you to do.”

The Life of a Modern Mystic

You receive guidance, direction, a GPS, and you get a high-level understanding. This is the life of the modern mystic, you’re no longer just living in this fear-based world. There can be instant communication with the other side. The cool thing about automatic writing is you don’t have to be a writer or practice journaling. No need to be a medium or psychic or an ‘anything.’ All you’re doing is plugging into that energy that’s already and has always been there. And anyone can do it. Everyone gets it over time, except for Ru because he doesn’t need to write and frankly doesn’t have opposable thumbs. But he’s already plugged in while the rest of us get it.

Absolutely. Ru doesn’t need to get automatic writing because he is already at that tuning fork level that you described earlier, where he just transmits energy. I want to just let people know where they can go for connecting with you further, AWE automaticwriting.com is where you can go for all of those awe experiences. Also, the Modern Mystic School, Inspire Nation University inspirenationuniversity.com

I’m a Woo-Hoo Guy

Tell us about your upcoming shows. We’re doing primarily live shows right now every Monday evening on YouTube. Also, you can find the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and anywhere that you want to check it out. Type in Inspire Nation Show or youtube.com/inspirenationshow.

Inspire Nation Show, is exactly, what we’ve just experienced with you. It’s inspiring, it’s uplifting and amazing, Michael, How important is joy for you?

It’s everything. Okay. So I’ve got a 12 or 13-week-old upstairs and I’m probably making way too much noise. Sorry. When she wakes up and she opens her eyes… I know Ru, she opens her eyes. All of a sudden she has got this beaming grin coming from the universe. It’s not coming from us. She is pure joy, that is the love, that is the light, that is everything. It’s our job in whatever way it looks for to you. I’m a woo-hoo guy. You don’t have to be that. Joy is whatever it looks like for you. Plugging into that energy, to me is everything because it shifts everything.

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