Lee Overcoming Fear in 2020


March 7, 2021 in Teaching Moment

Overcoming Fear

The video linked below originally aired as a Facebook Live. It’s is a teaching moment from me, Lee Carroll, about fear. How about that, is it okay if I talk about fear? I want to tell you a story… and it’s my story.

While I don’t normally like to talk about myself, I want you to know what has happened in this last year.  It’s related to what I’m teaching about and that’s fear. Fear, according to Kryon, will shut you down. You didn’t need a Channeller to tell you that. It stops the light, it stops logic, it stops so much.

Types of Fear

Fear changes chemistry. It’s not anything that we want to buy into and yet we often do. We do so because it is something that is absolutely common to all of us. I had fear as well and I want to tell you about it because it’s an example of what I felt and what I did.

There’s many kinds of fear and you can start listing them, because it’s unique to every single one of us I think. It’s a fear of survival, fear of your death, a disease perhaps. I know many of you say, “I’m not afraid to die.” But when it comes right down to it, when the doctor says something, there is fear there. Of course there is. It’s fear for losing your children, it’s fear for your children, and it’s fear for many things.

Biggest Fears for Men

We have so many fears. There are some basic ones however, that I’m going to talk about right now because I think they relate more to COVID than anything else. So I want to be more current perhaps than you even thought I would be. Kryon, a long time ago, identified some common fears between the genders… between men and women.

Now, this may not totally relate to you, you may not agree, but this message is from the channeling. Kryon says that the biggest fears, in general in our culture for men, would be about security, protection, providing for yourself and your family. It’s something that a man needs to do. And then of course, to lose that you’re very fearful of losing your job, losing all of those things as you know.

Different Fears for Women

Woman are very, very different. It’s about emotion, relationships, the clan, if you want to call it that. Community, emotional separation, and abandonment. COVID tested many of us, far too many. I want to tell you about my experience.

We got a chance to go to Iceland, Monika and I, in March. It was a great trip. I want to go back. It’s just a pristine place. I did a big video, which you’ve not seen because I haven’t tried to edit it yet. Because everything changed. Everything changed for us in March, for you as well, when COVID appeared. And it seemed like it just raced every day to something new and more ugly.

On Tour in Iceland

And while we were in Iceland, just for like a 10 day tour… I went from going to Iceland, having everything totally and completely normal, to coming home totally different. I want to tell you about it and what it felt like and what took place at that time.

When we were on tour in Iceland, in buses, going around that Island, we were hearing about what was happening at home. We were listening to the news, which we had to because it affected what we were going to do, even next. We saw the restaurants starting to [social] distance, started realizing we couldn’t sit down [inside] anymore. We had to go outside, yet we can’t go outside in the ice, that’s too cold. And they would separate you.

Brief Refuge in a Church

So things started changing immediately. And that was the first time we saw the stickers go down on the floor that says, distance yourself. Didn’t have masks yet, that happened later when I got home.

Some little things happened… like for instance, we had a situation where we had a flat tire on the bus and we needed to get off the bus and go someplace. And we just happened to be right next to a town. There was a church there. Went, we found it locked. Churches were not even doing anything. We finally got a hold of those who were in charge of the church and they let us in for about an hour and a half, then they asked us to leave. They were afraid.

The Beginning of COVID

This was the beginning of a misunderstanding and understanding all manner of things. What is the disease? What is it going to do? How contagious is it? But more than that, how’s it going to affect you?

For me. I want to paint a picture for you to let you know what I was seeing. They were closing airports all over the world. They were saying they didn’t know when they would open. This was the beginning. You’ve gone through this with me. You knew what was going on too. But here I am. Here comes the fear. And I want to tell you what it’s about.

Traveling for a Living

31 years, I’ve been doing Kryon. For the last 15 or 16, I’ve been traveling. That’s what I do for a living. Some of you that have known me even before this time, this Facebook time, know that I had a schedule, which was actually quite aggressive. When we were in the States, we were out for four days, home for three, out for four, home for three. We’d spend a month or more on the road in various countries. We were almost never home.

Monika and I traveled for a living. You might say, we lived out of our suitcases. That’s really true. We had done duplicate sets of everything. It seems that we could pick up and go. I was a 2.5-million-mile flyer with United. On and on. I chose to travel; I chose this because I wanted to be with you. And I wanted to be with the people to hug you and shake your hand.

Thinking It Was Over

I wanted to present slide shows, on a stage. All of these things. I had some friends who were just starting to stream and I thought, nope. Not for me. No, I want to go out. I want to travel. And so I had no experience at all truly streaming.

Suddenly, the airports were closed and suddenly, it looked like, are you ready? It might be over for me. If I can’t travel, I can’t work. If I can’t travel, how am I going to even channel? How is it going to get out there? I looked at the whole thing. It even went so far as to say, this is a sign from spirit that is time to retire. And by retire I mean, we stop the boat. No more Kryon, no more channeling, no more presenting, nothing. That’s where my mind went for all of this.

Border Closings

In addition, at the same time, Monika was also seeing something she didn’t expect. We couldn’t have a non-US citizen go back to the States. They’d closed the border. She’s not a US citizen. And so she couldn’t come home with me. Not only that, she couldn’t go to her home either. They had closed all the borders. She was about to be stuck in Iceland, unbeknownst to us for more than three months!

So here I am facing, is this the end of my career? Also, my partner can’t even come home with me. I went to a dark place. I want to tell you about that, because I couldn’t see the light at all at that time.

What Kryon Taught

I want to tell you what I did… it’s what we teach and it worked. Because it is a very profound fear for me to not only lose all that I was, perhaps the career of channeling Kryon, because I didn’t think I could do it anymore. And also you have the loss of all income. All income, not just some, because that’s all I did.

Here’s what Kryon has taught. And I think it’s one of the most difficult things you can do. I was there folks and I can report to you that it’s difficult. Number one, stop and don’t react. You ready for that? Don’t react. Easier said than done. It takes a lot to think about, what are the instructions Kryon? Stop and don’t react. Act as though it hadn’t happened, you’ve got to go to a still place. A still place where you can collect your thoughts, where you do not react, because that’s where it’s going to allow for logical solutions and benevolent thinking. Can I say that again?

Trusting in Source

Thinking out of the fear, as though it were simply as something happened for that day and it would be all right the next. I had to go to that place. There’s more. Do you believe what we teach or not? If you’re watching this on a Kryon Facebook page (or our website), you’re part of a Kryon interest group. And so I know that you know the teaching… trust. Do we believe what we’re learning or not?

Is there a creative Source that knows our name? Indeed, is there or not? Are you alone or not? So being still and dropping into that place where you can start to think logically again, knowing you’re taking care of and the benevolence is there, is number one. Don’t make up your mind [about] what’s going on. That’s the other one.

Stop and Be Still

It would be easy for me to say, “Okay, I know it’s over so I’m going to make plans for it to be over. What’s the social security like that I have. Can I live on that? Can I do this?” I would have gone there, probably, if I hadn’t had the knowledge from Kryon that I’m loved. And that this works, when you’re in that kind of fear… to stop and be still. Don’t assume anything.

You’re not a victim of the planet. There are so many people that will say, “Well, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and it dropped, now it’s over. Now I’m the victim. I knew this would happen.” If you’re one of those that says, I knew this would happen. We’ve got to talk. Because that means you’re already setting yourself up for failure.

Don’t Make Assumptions

That was not on my mind. Again, don’t assume anything like, what’s next or, how it’s going to get worse. And that’s the other thing we do. It goes to a certain level when we go, “Now it’s going to get worse.” Don’t expect anything. Kryon says, “Things are not always as they seem.”

So in that moment of stillness, things were running through my mind, I guess I could stream. But then there was this little voice that says, that’s not what you do Lee, you present on stage. You walk around, you have slideshows, you don’t stream. And you say, well, I have my friends who do. That’s great. And they’ve learned how, and they’ve got a way to do it in platforms. I have none of that. How would I then stream? Or what would I do?

Identifying Resources

Then I started hearing the little voices in the stillness, in the calmness. Don’t worry about it because you could learn how, because you’ve got some resources you didn’t even think about. And I thought about it for a moment… Wait a minute, I may not stream. I may not know how to stream, but I have people who do. I know people. Streaming for the Soul with Karl, he’d been helping me on a couple of the Beginnings shows I’ve been doing.

He does this for a living AND he’s in my state of California. I’ve worked with him. I thought to myself, I got to email him right away. Is it possible that we might be able to set up some kind of a situation, even if it was small with a camera where I could start bringing the Channelling, at least that? And we could stream and I can continue Channelling and continue making a living. And even though it wouldn’t be the same and I wouldn’t really know what I was doing, and I hadn’t really spent much time in front of the camera, hardly at all, could it work?

Answers in the Stillness

And in that one email, I got all the answers I needed, because that was what occurred to me after I was still. After I hadn’t made up my mind, it was over. And I got an immediate email back from Karl who said, let’s do it. I’m going to put together a room and a studio. By the time you get back from Iceland, come and we can begin streaming immediately.

How do I say it? It worked. There IS a benevolent Source. Things are not always as they seem. It’s the beginning of a streaming career after 31 years. It’s the beginning of Healing Wednesdays after 31 years, Kryon knew where we were going… he knew where we were going. We were going to change gears. You know what it has done?

There’s Light Here

Some of you have noticed on our audio page, the hundreds of hours of free audios [of Kryon Channellings]. You realize those were all generated by our meetings? And we’re not doing meetings anymore. For those of you who said, where are all the audios… do you realize that’s what generated the audios?

All the audios are still free. Everything we Channel, but it isn’t as quite as much. And there’s a month delay now. It’s changed. You’re still getting your audios, but I’m not doing meetings. Will I do meetings in the future? Probably, some, but I don’t think we’ll ever go back to where we were. What are we going to do because this was a shift of paradigm for me? As we look backwards, all right on schedule.

If I had bought into the fear, I probably never would have made that email. I probably never would have had those concise, logical, succinct, benevolent thoughts, because I was still in those places. This is the answer. We’re not a victim of this planet, no matter what happens in that which I talk to you. Whether it was loss of job or relationships or anything during this time, there really is light here. There’s light that can be something for us all.

Thank you everybody for again, watching another Facebook Live. I’ll be back.


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  1. Thank you, Lee. This touched my heart and confirmed my confidence in the future for humanity. God is in control and will never abandon His flock.??♥️

  2. Thank you for this helpful message. Thank you for your honor and integrity, for saying ‘yes’ to Kryon. For being someone who is trustworthy in these ‘shaky’ times. For the messages over the years that keep us grounded, optimistic and aware that there is something much bigger at work. It means a LOT.

  3. Thank you for sharing, Lee. Your presentations continuously guide me into that ‘special’ space, and Kryon’s teachings have helped me be more relaxed about the present ‘situation’ and to trust that ‘tomorrow’ will come and not to come from expectations.
    Circle of 12 is so helpful. I am getting meaningful symbolic moments while dreaming, which I have been able to figure out after waking.
    Every Wed. I look forward to see you and Monika on the screen. Keep streaming. Namaste, i’ina

  4. So beautiful, Lee. Thanks for sharing your venerabilities and the Source’s constant and all embracing Love. Your tears were so touching. Blessings, dear one, on and on and on.

  5. Dearest Lee, you say the perfect things, at the perfect times.
    On this day I needed your words, as I sit in exhaustion, and having felt so very alone. I took my dear partner to the hospital last night. Spewing blood, and being told he had heart failure, all seemed so dark and lost. Tonight there is better news, and the future looks brighter. I merely need to pause and not react. Things changed, quickly. My love and gratitude to you. Margaret

  6. There has to be support for a person such as you Lee, you have given so much to mankind for so many years. Kryon has been my teacher since 1995 and my life has been so blest. Thanks for yet another great lesson.
    Roy Galloway, Circle of 12 member

  7. Hi Lee,
    This is Deatrice from Charlotte, NC. I’m the lady with the daughter named Angellika. We are the ones that gave you the 30th Anniversary Scrapbook. I think your Facebook message on Fear was one of the most beautiful messages you’ve ever given. Not to mention you did it without even Channeling Kryon. LOL! I will definitely utilize the techniques you have given. Thank you for all you do and tell Monica I love her lead in meditations when she introduces Kryon on Healing Wednesdays.

  8. I am excited to hear and very happy about the sharing. I feel peaceful and that the faith is strengthened thank you very much

  9. Thank you Lee for putting light on these things. This is so heartening.
    Yet, please, what does it mean to go in that still place???
    Is it just stop doing, sit down, put the mind in the back seat and breathe?
    What/where is that still place? Is it different for each of us? Do you visualize something peaceful, do you listen to music or do you just put your consciousness “there”, in “the void of stillness”… in the softest sweetest part of you where you can feel love, safety, warmth? Thank you so much for being who you are!
    Circle of 12 is the most intriguing experience I could expect!
    Catherine, France

  10. Inspiring! I am grateful that you listened and were open to Plan B.
    So many of us are benefitting greatly from the Circle of 12.
    Thank you, Lee.
    Thank you, Kryon.

  11. Bonjour,
    I have discovered Kryon in 2009, got few books. Last October decided to take a look at the website and started to listen free audio. Joined HW in February.
    I LOVE you guys, Monica and Lee. It is awsome what you are doing for all.
    Merci, I feel blessed nothing less to have you in my life.
    It seems so easy to BE, but it is not eh. I will surely succeed, I have found the best teachers ever to enable me!
    Thank you so much.

  12. Thanks for being so human and so divine, for sharing your truth with us and for being so authentic. Love and gratitude.

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