Parables of Kryon: Series 1 of 4


January 25, 2023 in Free Gift, Parables of Kryon

Tune in as Kryon shares 4 soul-changing parables within the very first series of The Parables of Kryon. For videos 2-4 in the Parables of Kryon series sign up below.

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Welcome to The Parables of Kryon: Series 1 of 4

Kryon gave the shortest Parable ever. And the one that summarizes how when we change ourselves, it changes everything. This was also one of the first Parables ever given in front of a group. Imagine yourself and many other human beings in a tarpit covered with tar.

Dirty from head to foot, unable to move quickly from place to place because the tar is so thick. As you plod from place to place, you become used to this condition and year after year. Your life is lived in this fashion along with the others.

A Gift from God

Like the planet’s gravity, the encumbrance of the tar is simply accepted as a fact of life for all. This is your imagined state; suddenly, but quietly you are offered a gift from God.

A magic tool that cleans your body and keeps it clean even while you are in the tar, like an energy field, it actually repels the tar as you walk through it.

Your Co-Creation

Accept the gift and the work that must go with it, and you begin to learn how to use it. Slowly you change to others. You are beginning to stand out, for you are different, fresh, and clean while they are moving around you, still in the dark tar.

You begin to realize how you have co-created this for yourself. But you also realize that it was a very personal gift. So you say nothing. Now, do you think the others around you will ignore you as you walk freely without the tar touching you or encumbering your feet?

Magic Tool from God

They will watch the tar touch your body and never soil you. What do you think will happen? Watch. They’re about to change.

The first thing that will happen is that wherever you walk, there will be space, for they will clear the way for you. The second thing that will happen is that they will ask you how such a thing is possible.

And when they find the magic tool from God, each of them will begin using it for themselves and more Humans will also be clean, each person creating for him or herself personally…

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