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April 12, 2023 in Kryon Team

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Hello, dear ones. Today we are going to explore the topic of Earth’s energy as well as the cherished soul, Peggy Phoenix Dubro. Peggy’s work with the Universal Calibration Lattice® has been helping humanity connect with Earth’s energy for decades.

What is Earth’s Energy?

The Earth is a living, breathing entity with its own consciousness and energetic system. It is important for humanity to understand and connect with the Earth’s energy in order to live in harmony with our planet and with each other.

Peggy’s work is based on a system of energy called the “Universal Calibration Lattice” (UCL), which she first discovered in 1997. The UCL is a multi-dimensional energy system that connects all living things on Earth – and beyond. It is comprised of energetic grids and lines that create a matrix of interconnecting energy pathways throughout the universe.

The lattice serves as a portal for working with the Earth’s energy, aligning our physical presence, opening channels for accessing collective knowledge, and expressing our core consciousness. As we become more aware of this energy anatomy and consciously engage with it, we can direct our energy more effectively and co-create our desired lives.

How Does Earth’s Energy Work?

Through her work with the UCL, Peggy has developed a system of healing that focuses on the restoration and balance of the body’s energy systems. This system, known as “EMF Balancing Technique,” is designed to work with the body’s subtle energy fields, helping to release blockages and restore flow.

Peggy’s teachings and workshops have helped thousands of people around the world to connect with the Earth’s energy and to achieve greater levels of spiritual awareness and consciousness.

Begin by placing your hands on your heart center and high-heart center, breathing deeply and focusing your attention within.

Place your hands on your knees and focus on your center below, imagining it connecting with the Earth and the Earth’s energy.
Focus on your center above, affirming your ability to channel more of who you are and evolving your abilities to express your soul presence.

Direct your attention within the center of the entire length of your Universal Calibration Lattice, imagining, feeling, and knowing your core consciousness.

By reassessing your beliefs and consciously directing your energy, you can grow your mastery of self-regulation and co-create your life of choice.

Does the Earth Give Us Energy?

The energy of the Earth is constantly shifting and evolving, and it is important for us to stay attuned to these changes. As we move into a new era of consciousness, the Earth’s energy is becoming more and more refined. This refined energy is allowing us to access higher levels of consciousness and to connect with our true essence.

In a way, you could say, the Earth’s energy is pouring into us as we pour into it, creating perfect synchronization. By aligning ourselves with Earth’s energy, we can enhance our connection to the Earth and to the universe.

Peggy shares that why we came here is already recorded in our DNA. It’s up to each of us to learn how to translate and decode this information so we can integrate it into our daily lives.

She lovingly says, “We each have our own unique library, our own unique frequency for being here. I absolutely honor you. We are coming into a unique and united energy. It’s important that we honor the uniqueness of one another and that we also honor that we can be united at the same time.”

The beautiful knowledge of the Lattice Peggy has taught has been used and activated by thousands of people all around the world. In addition to her EMF Balancing Technique, Peggy developed additional bodies of work, including the iPhoenix as well as the Waves with Dr. Todd.

If you’re interested in the beautiful work and offerings that Peggy has, you can go to her website,

In conclusion, connecting with the energy of the Earth is essential for our spiritual evolution and for the well-being of our planet. By honoring the Earth in all that we do, we can align ourselves with the natural flow of the universe and move towards a more harmonious existence. Thank you for taking the time to listen, dear ones. Until next time, blessings and love to all.

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  1. Crying I’ve been following you for years I had a most magical extraordinary Awakening on the blood moon is a rare blood moon at night is a full eclipse I’ve been trying to reach you for years everytime I listen to you it feels like you’re talking directly to me I know this sounds crazy I wanted to be there in Arizona because I’ve been having dreams about the Hopi Indians and about Sedona Arizona and the Red Rock canyon and then boom you’re going to be there so I don’t know it’s too coincidental everything is there so much I got to say I please need to talk to you

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