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July 4, 2022 in Kryon Team

A Famous Scientist

I would like to briefly talk to you today about a good friend of mine, Dr. Todd Ovakaitys. Now, Todd is a brilliant medical researcher who Kryon actually calls Yawee. According to Kryon, Yawee was a famous scientist in Lemuria who lived a very, very long time.

And one of the attributes of Dr. Todd is that he has remembered singing and toning as taught by his Pleiadian mother. Not only has he remembered the tones, but he has taught them to hundreds of old souls across the world. And he’s actually created many choirs that have been singing these unique tones that have unlocked profound energies that are deeply connected to our planetary shift.

The Maya Choir

At every choir that Dr. Todd has ever presented Kryon has been there, giving wonderful information. We’re doing it again this year on 11/11 in Cancun, Mexico. Now that’s November 11th this year, in Cancun, Mexico. The Maya Choir is going to be a beautiful reunion of old souls gathering together with purpose.

Rekindle the Dormant Multidimensional Information

And part of that purpose is a rekindling of multidimensional information that lies dormant within your Akash. And at the same time, our tones will be sent out into the cosmos, sending a signal that humanity is indeed firmly on its path of ascension.

If this is something you’d like to participate in, we’d love to see you there. All of the details can be found on this link.

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