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12 Layers of DNA


Take a deep dive into many years of DNA-specific channelling on what’s contained within your genetic blueprint and reveal a “system” of sacredness and purpose.

These channelled messages of love, compassion, and appropriateness from Kryon will radiate through you. Upon taking these four classes (6 hours of course content), you’ll KNOW without a doubt that you really are a part of the “Universal plan of the Creative Source!”



Is it possible that your DNA is mostly Quantum instructions? If so, what instructions are being given to your body?

Inside this Krysalis Academy course, you’ll find an esoteric study of “the Mastery within” and discover incredible things about your DNA that you never knew!

Kryon’s DNA wisdom is not so much a study of Twelve layers as it is a study of the enormity of a Divine system that places “pieces of God” on the planet and asks you to discover “the rest of the story.”

Each session was professionally recorded in high definition, and you will have immediate access to this 4-part series to watch at your convenience.

You’ll get to enjoy 6 hours with Lee Carroll – Kryon, Monika Muranyi – the Kryon Archivist; and Elan Cohen – Hebrew translator and 12 Strands of DNA Artist. PLUS, experience these DNA channellings from Kryon!

This 4-part ONLINE masterclass (within the Krysalis Academy) is your path to understanding the multi-dimensional, esoteric energies contained within our genetic blueprint. Watch it anytime with 24/7 access!

Three years in the making, this series is based upon the fascinating elements from Kryon’s Book Twelve, The Twelve Layers of DNA.