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Gratitude & Affirmation Journal


This beautiful 88-page spiral Gratitude & Affirmation Journal was carefully created for you to use alongside our Manifesting Your Mastery course as a way to further enhance your journey.

*Subject to availability. Shipping includes USA residents only.

Our design team has taken this elegant spiral-bound Gratitude & Affirmations Journal to the next level with its unique and intentional calendar style for you to have and to hold.

This fun and easy-to-use notebook can be thought of as your Manifesting Your Mastery companion. As you take the Manifesting Your Mastery course, use this beautiful journal to follow along, take important notes, and create your own affirmations.

Our Gratitude & Affirmation Journal is packed with many helpful features including:

  •       Gratitude statements and prompts
  •       Space to write down your own gratitude statements
  •       Key points and summaries of each MYM episode
  •       The entire list of 105 affirmations shared throughout the course
  •       Ample space to create your own affirmations and to take personal notes