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Lemurian Starseed Gathering (HD Replay)


  • Experience 10 hours of “Lemurian Akashic Remembrance” recorded professionally in two parts
  • Hear “Messages from the Stars” from the 5 Lemurians Starseeds Kryon identified (Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Dr. Amber Wolf, Dr. John Ryan, Peggy Dubro, and Monika Muranyi) plus channelings from Lee Carroll & Kryon


One-of-a-Kind Experience

Most of you know that Kryon has given messages about the ancient mini-continent of LEMURIA for years. There is even a book from Monika Muranyi and Dr. Amber Wolf that contains many of those channellings. This book explains the many mysteries of what Lemuria was and why it existed. The main teaching from Kryon is that Lemuria was one of the areas where those from the stars landed 200,000 years ago and modified our DNA. We’re offering a powerful 10-hour replay of this Sacred gathering to activate your Lemurian Akashic remembrance. 

Recorded in Studio Quality

Due to COVID mandates, only about 50 people in the United States were able to attend this event LIVE. So the Kryon Production Team set up a streaming studio in Tucson, Arizona and to record and broadcast this first-of-its-kind event so EVERYONE can attend – even on the other side of the globe!  For everyone in the virtual audience watching the reply, this will be “an Experience of Lemurian Akashic Remembrance” rather than just a recording of a weekend workshop.  This will definitely be one to remember!