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Our Manifesting Your Mastery online course is an 11-episode masterclass created in collaboration with Kryon to help you create the life of your choosing. With hundreds of powerful affirmations channeled from the consciousness of Kryon and exciting bonus material, you can learn to master the art of manifesting to heighten your awareness and affirm a new reality.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you’re constantly co-creating the world around you. This is because thoughts and words carry vibration. So, whatever you think or speak, your body picks up on those vibrations and cues your external world to respond accordingly.

Throughout the Manifesting Your Mastery online course, Lee and Monika share over 100 affirmations created from the consciousness of Kryon, which you will use to guide your manifestation process and affirm your desired reality. As you move through the 11 epi 11-video series and bonus material, you’ll also learn how to create your very own affirmations.

Manifesting Your Mastery was developed in collaboration with Kryon in an incredibly profound way to help you familiarize yourself with intentionally choosing your thoughts and practicing gratitude.

This online video course includes 11-episodes and bonus material. In addition to these, you’ll also receive:

  • Understand the power of affirmations
  • Learn how to create personal affirmations
  • Identify what it is you want
  • Learn how to reframe negative words and phrases
  • Explore how to connect with the Field of Potentials
  • Discover the connection with Innate – Your Smart Body Intelligence
  • Unravel the complexity of relationships
  • Find the secrets to fulfill your affirmations
  • Enhance your Soul connection
  • Strengthen and drop into your core
  • Reclaim a powerful sense of self-worth

To use alongside this course is a bonus gift, an easy-to-print digital 88-page “Gratitude & Affirmation Journal”. You can use this journal to take notes and follow along with each episode and to use as a reference even long after this masterclass is completed.

If you prefer not to print the journal yourself, our design team has created a beautiful, pre-printed spiral bound version which you can purchase separately from us here.

For a limited time, you’ll also receive a second F*REE bonus gift! Our beautiful 44-Card Deck, valued at $19.95. These cards can be used in conjunction with the Manifesting Your Mastery course and to hone your own intuitive skills by confirming your own inner-knowing.