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Pleiadian Passport to Earth (HD Replay)


Reunite with your Pleiadian Star Family, receive their ancient wisdom, and celebrate your divinity in these new times of accelerated consciousness on the Planet. This online event landed right after the Summer Solstice to support the great shift to the New Earth! Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Indigos, and Starseeds from all over the world connected “virtually” within the multidimensional field that was broadcasted from Mount Shasta, CA in 2021 for this incredible summit.

Mount Shasta is a Pleiadian Portal and a direct link to our Pleiadian Star Mothers, who are still present in a non-corporeal consciousness form. International channellers, teachers, speakers, readers, and healers from different traditions and backgrounds all arrived together for this 4-part event to assist you in connecting with the Quantum energies of our Pleiadian heritage.

Be part of this cosmic connection. You are part of a mighty Team of Light who is overseeing the grand shift. Lightworker, you are here to be a comfort for those who are awakening worldwide. Feel your calling and step forward now to lead them through.

Join together with your fellow Starseeds and Lightworkers in anchoring the new energy on our evolving planet now. Heaven on Earth, the Aquarian Age, has arrived.

Integrate the powerful new knowledge that rises from the reigniting of your ancient spiritual wisdom. Awaken and expand your cosmic consciousness. Lightworkers and Pleiadian Starseeds are leading the charge in healing the world.

Part 1 includes:

  • Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi
  • Peggy Phoenix Dubro
  • Shamir Ladhani

Part 2 includes:

  • Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
  • Jan Lemuri
  • Michelle Karen

Part 3 includes:

  • Dr. Amber Wolf
  • Prageet Harris and Julieanne Conrad
  • Robert Coxon and Lilly Wong

Part 4 includes:

  • Dr. John Ryan
  • Dr. Mary Kennedy
  • Joeaux Robey and Marilyn Harper

Connect with the incredible multidimensional energies of Mount Shasta and its deep connection to ancient Lemuria and our Pleiadian ancestors that live in the multidimensional city of Telos inside the mountain.

Immerse yourself in the profound energies from Source; plus, experience deep insights from each of the Kryon Team teachers. They will lead you through some of the most powerful metaphysical energy work known today.

Access more of your Divine star energy to aid in your spiritual evolution. It’s our intention that anyone who wishes to join this multidimensional online experience will be able to enjoy the ride. Get your “Pleiadian Passport to Earth” and submerge yourself in the recordings of this 4-part journey.

Note: Purchasing of individual sessions is not available. This one-of-a-kind adventure is offered as a complete package only and includes the ability to watch these replays anytime in high definition.