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"From reading all of Kryon's books, listening to 100's of recordings, watching YouTube videos, as well as receiving Marshmallow messages, Lee Carroll's dedication to Kryon is amazing!!! Now more than ever the "new tool set" has arrived at the appropriate time. Confirmations, insights, affirmations, spiritual answers, and solutions from Kryon are necessary to navigate this new level of collective consciousness we are creating. As an artist, pianist, NDE and author, my spiritual knowledge is continually enhanced through Kryon's teachings! Thank you, Lee Carroll, for your continued messages of upliftment, wisdom and teachings! Yes, we are truly loved!"


Lori D., Binghamton

"Lee Carroll and Kryon's Messages of Love have given my life meaning and an understanding of Humanity's purpose on Earth! The Kryon Book Series, free audios and seminars are everything a True Seeker and Light Worker could ever need to become Enlightened and develop Self-Mastery. I wholeheartedly recommend the Kryon information to those searching for The Truth of Who They Really Are and Why They Are Here! ALL the messages are uplifting, enlightening, filled with Love, compassion, understanding and Highly-Conscious Guidance to face and overcome ALL of life's challenges... I only wish I had learned of Kryon 30 years ago instead of only 10!"


Dr. Cindy G., Marietta

"I was first introduced to the Kryon teachings in 2010. After reading Book One and learning about the concept of releasing karma, my life was profoundly transformed. And the rest is history! Having since read all the Kryon books, attended many Kryon events, and listened to countless free audios, the Kryon teachings (old and new) remain an integral part of my daily life. Lee Carroll has a wonderful generosity of spirit, and continues to share his stage with other cutting-edge, new-thought leaders, from whom I have gained valuable wisdom. Thank you Lee, Kryon, your human team, and our collective Loving Entourage, for creating a platform to bring Truth, Love, and Divine and Innate Wisdom into this world. The Kryon teachings, past, present and future, remain relevant as a steady guidepost for me each and every day, and forevermore!"


Susan W., Boulder

"The Kryon Teachings have had such an impact on my personal and spiritual evolution that it's somewhat challenging to express with mere words the extent of my gratitude.  I truly appreciate Lee Carroll for following his calling and bringing these benevolent, loving messages of Kryon to the world! It's because of Lee and Marilyn Harper that I wanted to become a professional channel and began acknowledging my intuitive gifts and activating my innate abilities. Since discovering Kryon and Adironnda, I left the corporate world and now run a thriving spiritual business working from home and making a measurable difference in the lives of others. Thank you Lee and Marilyn for helping me discover the Truth, find my Divine Spark, and recognize my magnificence! I have found my purpose, connected with my soul and life just gets better every day."


Julie R., Tampa

"I absolutely loved my Quantum day experience with Dr. Amber Wolf and Lee Carroll. I have shared some of what I learned this week to several of my business groups, associates and with my children. I especially love the NEW tool and awareness of Do-Ing and plan to incorporate a small segment into my interactive workshops. Since practicing my "Quantumness" this week (watching and listening for the road signs) I have gained NEW understanding and creative insights into my life, it's like I have a higher voltage to plug into (of course it was always there just had to learn how to use & recognize it). I feel calmer and more willing to accept BE'ing in the flow. In gratitude and Spirit."


Anita A, Alberta

"I feel like I learned so much about me & the world I live in. What a difference it makes when people of like minds gather. The energy is almost impossible to describe. There was so much love & light surrounding us the entire weekend. What human being couldn't benefit from something like that? Just that in itself made my weekend something I will remember for the rest of my life. The Kryon team was awesome. All of them made me feel honored to be there. The time flew by so quickly. Thank you so much for arranging weekends like this. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to attend. I would recommend it to anyone who feels the urge to grow spiritually, with lots of love and support surrounding them."


Lynn H.

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