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June 1, 2022 in Kryon Team

Your Choice Matters

Greetings, Dear Ones; I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I want to, again, talk to you about your own magnificence. Dear ones, you tend to forget the Creator inside-the Light within, which is the message I want to give you. Based upon some of the questions, even in this particular program, based on what I know about human nature, you forget something or never know it.

This is something you need to know. The Human Being walks this planet in an odd state. That odd state is neutrality that you come in with. You have free choice, and that’s the way it has been designed. You may go any way you want to with your consciousness, belief, and actions.

There are no consequences after you die, and that is not what you have been told. That’s part of the test of consciousness in general Humans. How will this planet go if left alone? In an atmosphere of dark and light, of duality, what will it choose to do? We have answered this profoundly so many times before.

The Change is Coming

You right now are in something called the Shift, and COVID is part of that. It is almost a reboot, reawakening the most important things to you. All of this is because humanity chose to move into a lighter vibration. We have told you this, that happened in 2012. It started happening a long time before 2012.

Dear Ones, my partner has been here for 32 years because I arrived to tell you this. I told you about the magnetic grid changing because of this. It needed to be part of a new consciousness because you’re all related to the earth. To the magnetics of the planet, ascensions of the planet, to mother earth itself, and consciousness was beginning to shift.

The darkness of the old ages was starting to diminish. New thoughts were starting to occur of higher integrity, how you treat each other, and what you truly want as a society. At the end of the war, all things incrementally started to change. You got to see it many years ago.

I came in right at that juncture where the Berlin Wall fell down. If anybody put these things together, they would see why I have come. To guide you into a higher vibration, that’s why I’m here. To tell you things you need to know about that, that’s why I’m here.

The Bubble of Light

The first one I want to tell you is something happens as you increase your awareness of all these esoteric things. As you participate in the circle of twelve and start to cognize, believe, know, or see some of the things that we’re telling you, start to understand more about them and bring them to yourself. I’m going to give you not an esoteric model but a solid metaphor that you won’t forget. You have a bubble of protective light around you.

You have a bubble of protective light around you. The higher thoughts that you can think, the more you claim to be aware, the more you claim to understand the love of the Creator and put it on yourself and practice it in your life, the stronger that bubble becomes. I want you to think of that as a bubble of light, and as you walk from place to place, dark things bounce off that bubble. Did you get that?

This is a metaphor, but it’s the best one I have. As you proceed, no matter where you are or what you do, your awareness bubble is there. Lightworker that cuts right through the darkness and will not let the darkness get in, especially if you are practicing compassion and the love of the Creator. It’s almost like assuming and absorbing much of that divine that was given to you right at birth that you are now starting to see.

Can’t you feel it? I want you to understand that this is a form of protection, isn’t it interesting. That protection is yours on how you think. It doesn’t come from another source. Suddenly the angels, the guides, are not guarding you.

Light Over Darkness

It has come from you. Odd to think perhaps that it works this way, but it always has and always will. One of today’s questions is, can evil entities, both esoteric and physical, attach themselves to me? Do I have to be careful of where I go, what I say, or all these things?

I will tell you, Dear Ones, that the evil entities that might be candidates for that will see you coming and run the other way. You’ve got this bubble of light, and they don’t want anything to do with it. I want you to remember something. This is a great metaphor. Darkness is defined as the absence of light.

As long as you don’t have light, there can be a lot of dark things around, but as soon as light enters the picture, the darkness is erased. You’ve realized that haven’t you? If you have a black room filled with darkness and things that go bump in the night, then you turn on the lights, and they all leave. They cannot exist because of the definition; darkness is the absence of light. Turn on the light, and it leaves.

Darkness does not want any part of you. Dark entities don’t want any part of you because they can see the divinity coming. Wherever you walk, they leave. My partner has had this example time and time again. The first time that he presented at the United Nations in New York City, he was told by some who were supposed to know that he would be attacked by darkness if he went.

Bring On Your Spirituality

He went, and what he discovered when he got there was the most beautiful, wonderful light and support he had ever had. He went in fear because he’d never gone to New York before. He’d never been to the United Nations before. He didn’t know what to expect, and everywhere he walked, he was received and loved. That is when he understood and knew that none of the soothsayers, no matter what kind of clothes they wore or the experience they said they had, were correct when they gave a new message.

His own light protected him, and that has been its way ever since. This is you, dear ones. This is the principle of light and dark dear ones. I want you to understand this and hold it to yourselves, understand it, know it, as we say, cognize it.

In other words, make it your belief so that where you walk, you don’t have to wonder for a moment whether you’re in trouble from the dark side or whether something is lurking there. It’s the opposite. Where you walk, they will not tread. Did you get that? In that, you can help others.

When you walk into a place where there’s perhaps fear, or there have been arguments, unkind words, or other things, you clear a path. People often fear things, and when you arrive, somehow, they feel peaceful. Did you ever have that happen? That your presence makes people very happy, you are there. Sometimes they’ll come over to you to stand in your bubble, and you don’t know why they’re standing there.

This is the truth. There is so much to be said for this. There are so many instances I could give you that my partner has seen this that he knows it’s absolutely true. He has no fear of where to tread or go and walks forward because he has that bubble. It’s his divinity, his own divinity.

Shifting to the New World

Again, there is no entourage of protective angels in front of any of you. This is the power of your magnificence. This is the power of your own divinity, and in this new energy, Dear Ones, it is ratcheting up. In other words, it is more profound today than it ever was before. The energy on this planet at the moment is that which promotes and cooperates with light.

You’re going to see some things in this year of revelation. You’re going to wonder why so many dominoes are falling so quickly, whereas in the past, they never did, and now you know. I just gave you an answer for something that may occur in your future. You will start to see what my partner has been saying all along. This is not your grandfather’s world.

This is different, and some of the things that are being portrayed on this planet right now are part of your grandfather’s world. They will not last, and they will be shocked when they find that out. This, dear ones, is a new age. It’s an age of enlightenment, a promise where light is starting to win.

Be part of that and understand it. Thank you for so many bubbles of light who are listening to this and watching this. Bless you, for understanding that you are more than you think, and you belong to something far greater than you ever thought. I am Kryon in love with humanity, and so it is.


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