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June 21, 2022 in Kryon Team

There is no Isolation and Separation

Greetings, Dear Ones; I’m Kryon of Magnetic Service. The channel is basic, but it’s something you need to hear often. How many of you feel there is isolation and separation in a way that is beyond that which simply is a Human in your body and your civilization in your society? How many of you feel isolated, perhaps from everything that’s happening? I want to give you some perspective.

That isolation and separation is a result, Dear Ones, of what you’ve been told that you feel that you’re not included in some way. Over these many hundreds of years, there have been many millions that have been given information in a profound way that sticks in your psyche. You grow up being told things, and they stick. They can’t unstick, and you can’t unknow them. Most of you have grown up feeling that you are isolated from the Creator.

This Creative Source we talk about made the heavens and the Earth, and the source did. That is the process of making the heavens and the Earth. I’ve told you that Souls always existed. They were not created separately. Now, this is very difficult for some of you to understand. There is no isolation and separation.

You’ll say, “Well, didn’t that happen in the Garden of Eden when God put us here?” No, Dear Ones, that did not; that’s another story. But that particular story is when you got your Soul. When the Human race itself got the Soul, which is eternal, that Soul existed, always did. That Soul existed before there was time.

A Part of the Beginning

If I said it always was and always will be, you have trouble with that just in general. Humans, in general, look at everything linearly. Everything must have a start, a beginning, everything. Everything that you look at is as simple as a piece of string. It has a beginning and an end, and it has to.

The string has a length; it has to, and that’s the 3D of you. But if we say to you, “In a multidimensional world, when you speak of the things of God, that there is no beginning, how does that make you feel?” You’ll say, “Well, I can’t really get a grasp on that.” You’re right; you cannot but assume that it’s correct. Assume that this Creator who created the heavens on the Earth had a situation if you want to call it, where you were part of it.

You were there at the Soul level. What if Souls were part of God? What if the Creative Source itself is a collection of Souls and the beauty, power, and splendor of the Creative Source itself? What if it’s a system of love that’s always been? If you’re feeling that there is isolation and separation, small, or think that there’s a separation between you and God, I want to put this into perspective.

The Incredible Soul

I’m going to give you a truth now that is beyond anything that any doctrine on the planet ever gave you. Are you ready? When things were void, and there was no universe, God created that which was the universe. God created the galaxies and all the parts and the incredible amount of time that it took. When God created your sun and the Earth, in the Genesis area that you read and think about, I want to tell you that you were there.

All of you were there, and you watched it. You saw the majesty of it, the beauty of it. You saw the Earth being molded for you. You knew that you would come into this place with a test of light and dark. You knew what you would go through.

More than that, you saw it going on all through the galaxies, all through this one. Long before this Earth was ready for you, you are participating in that, many of you, in other planets and other areas. How does that make you feel? I want to tell you how big you are, enormous. I don’t mean your size but your lineage, history, beauty, and splendor.

Beyond the Known Doctrines

Your Soul is magnificent, and so are you. All of these things, you were there. The story of the Garden of Eden, of Adam and Eve, is a metaphor, Dear Ones. It’s not that far off. That scripture has some actual meaning and truth.

The ancient scriptures often have elements of truth to them that stick, and most of them are metaphoric. When you hear about the Garden of Eden, that’s the planet. Of course, you hear about Adam and Eve, and that’s all men and all women. That’s the metaphor, and you hear that an angel came down and imbued both of them or all men and women with something they never had before. It was time for them to receive their Soul.

The divinity then became something that was part of you. Even your DNA changed at that moment in time. That’s when you got your Soul. You were standing in line for that one, Dear Ones. All of you were there.

Not just a few that came to earth, all of you were there watching the process until it was your turn to come into this planet. Many of you that I’m talking to are what I would call Old Souls. I’ll say it again; this is a school. The more lifetimes you’ve had on this planet, the more experience you’ve had. It’s cumulative, and you remember enough of it from lifetime to lifetime that you start understanding how things work.

Sustained Over Lifetimes

One of the things that carry over from life to life is your spirituality. Some of you are shamanic, you have asked the right questions, and learned about the energies, and all the things you talk about today stick. It was inside your DNA, inside your memories at the cave of creation. What I’m saying is, you pick it up when you come in your next lifetime, and you carry it. Your search for God is innate and it’s intuitive.

Those who did it lifetime after lifetime, you come in and do it again; that sticks. The wisdom that you’ve learned for certain things also sticks. Dear Ones, we’ve told you about some amazing differences in this new energy, especially what you carry with you in one of them is a new tool. Many coming in now and those of you leaving and coming in again will never have to learn the things you’ve learned this lifetime in any form. It all sticks; that’s a new paradigm and new energy.

That’s what the new magnetics of your Earth is about, all of that. You’re going to have more light in the future than you’ve ever had on this planet. That’s where this is going. But in all of these things, I tell you, you were there. You are not disconnected and there is no isolation and separation from any of these processes.

Uncovering the Mysteries

You are part of the issue, the planet, and the system. You come into the planet, and much is hidden. We have even given many channels about the hidden things if you recall. Part of that is who you are, and I’m here to tell you who you are. The magnificence goes beyond anything you can imagine.

I’m telling you; you saw it all, and you are ageless. When you leave this place and go back to that Soul level, you will continue forever. There is no end to your existence. There was no beginning at the Soul level. That Soul level is becoming more and more available for you to touch.

Over a year ago, I told my partner to create the Circle of Twelve, the beginning of touching your Soul. Within that, there could be miraculous healing of all kinds. Healings of the fear perhaps that you have today of the uncertainty, not just your body. To have peace where there is no peace. That is a major healing, Dear Ones.

Feel the Truthful You

To have joy when you haven’t had joy and no reason to have joy. That’s major healing. It’s not just corporeal things, and it’s about you realizing your profundity on the planet. You were all there. Bigger than you think, more included than you think.

With guides and angels in an entourage around you everywhere you walk, waiting for you to acknowledge them or know that they’re there. Be more aware and more informed about actually who you are. It is a spectacular truth, Dear Ones, and you were there, all of that. “How can you be more aware of this?”

You might say, “How can I feel more included without isolation and separation? Dear Spirit, help me understand and feel who I am and the lineage I carry of humanity. Help me have peace over these things and know that I’m included and loved dearly. Help me feel the entourage with me all the time and relax over the things that I am not relaxing about. Help me understand my eternalness and the light that I carry for the Earth.”

That’s a good place to start. You’re asking for things that will willingly be given to you. We’ve been waiting for a lot of you to ask, and that’s the truth of the day. That’s the biggest truth I could give you today. You were there for all of it.

I’m Kryon in love with humanity, and now you know why. There’s a lot to love. And so, it is.


The Incredible Soul

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  1. This is freaking fantastic. I get an email from Kryon and this letter snippet of beautiful information lights me up. It is beautiful, profound and just down right awesome.

    More of this please.

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