In this video, Kryon speaks about the "one" entourage.  Offering help, love, and guidance from the other side. Each of us has the "one" entourage.  There is healing and support around you always.

The "One" Entourage

Greetings, Dear Ones; I am Kryon of magnetic service. Indeed, it seems like this entire program for this Healing Wednesday is about to help from the other side. This may seem to be a review, but you can't hear it too often. The other side of the veil is caring energy. It is not what you were told.

When you look at what you are told about God, God is not necessarily that approachable. God does not then feature information about a grand Soul that you have that is packed and filled with systems of help. The knowledge you get in major religions about God does not tell you about the entourage that each of you has truly; that is there to watch you. With its hand, held out to you so many times, if you choose to take it.

Let It Stay with You

Many questions come to this program about being in the Circle of Twelve, feeling and knowing that you are being healed. Yet, when it is over, it all comes back to some reality where you are not being healed. You are struggling to maintain that information, that feeling, and multi-dimensionality in the Circle of Twelve. You snap back to reality, and it's just not good enough.

The answer is, Dear Ones, you cannot turn this on and off. There is wonderful healing due to you. In other words, it's there, and it is ready. It's on a shelf that says your name be healed, and you're picking it up in that envelope. You're holding it while you're in the Circle of Twelve, then you put it back in the envelope on the shelf and leave.

I want to tell you that there is so much more for you here. That so much more is the ability to decide to cognize and believe that when you leave a Circle of Twelve, the entourage stays with you. Some of you said, "Well, I'm trying to do that." Many will tell you, "Stop trying."

Instead, call upon the spirit and say, "Dear spirit, I'm having trouble with this. Please let the entourage stay with me, give me a sign they are here. Let me understand and feel they're always with me, so when I go to the Circle of Twelve, I understand it's no different than when I'm walking around my home. It is no different than when I'm sleeping. That they're always there."

The Love of God

Many doubt that this is even a reality. After all, how many of you learned in your Sunday schools, any other places, or even in your meditation chambers? How many of you were taught that you have angels and guides with you all the time? There is still this 3D idea that you've got to pick yourself up and do something to garner that, which is the grace of God in your life.

I want to ask you if you've had parents who really loved you and could feel their love. If you were fortunate to have that, I'd ask you, did you have to beat down any doors for their love? Did you have to climb stairs, do activities, or whatever to get their attention? The answer is no. All you did would show up, and you could see the love.

Hopefully, you had some parents like this. They're out there, Dear Ones, many of them. What is the difference between the love of a parent, a child, and the love of God for you? That is this: God's love for you is a hundred, 200, 10,000 times. It is the same compassionate love in the same way.

You might say, "Dear Spirit, take my hand." In that, you are permitting for Spirit to do all of these things for God to be part of your life in a personal way. Instead of what you've been taught. For those who have trouble keeping the feeling of the Circle of Twelve, it is because there is a 3D construct that you have been trained into.

You Are Not Alone

It says that you are not magnificent or there are no angelic that come with you. There are, and not only that; they are always there. You don't even have to call them in. I will give you a premise I have given you many times before. Most of humanity comes into this planet and comes with all the angelic help they will ever need. All of it is there.

When Human Beings are babies, children, toddlers, and growing up to 4 and 5 years old, sometimes they're very aware of that. They have little personal friends, and they even name them. Some keep them from being afraid of the dark or the monster in the closet. These are all things that children know about, and they're real.

Then, as they grow older, they go away. Sometimes that's because their parents say, "Well, honey, that's not real, and you know that they're really not there." It's trained out of the children. Some children know better, and they keep it to themselves. They'll say, "Okay, okay."

When their parents are looking, they're still talking to them. In general, my point is this; they come in with you. You don't have to call them in. Right now, where you sit and in the Circle of Twelve later, I'm going to encourage you to see that in your own way. They're with you now, and who is it that's with you doesn't matter.

Your Angel, Your Guide

Understand that they're assigned to you as helpers. They're multidimensional, angelic, and beautiful, and they love you. They're there to assist and help with healing, fear, attitudes, redoing who you are, and for your synchronicity. That is the biggest thing I could tell you to keep you from stepping into the potholes of life. They've always been there.

I'd love to give this channel again and again. I want you to feel the field with the beauty, understanding, and peace that goes with this. You don't have to try that hard. All you had to do was release the old programming that says you have to try that hard. Again, for those of you who feel one way in the Circle of Twelve and exit it, then you feel another, this is for you.

When you get up from the Circle of Twelve, having felt perhaps healing energy. I want you to stop right there and say, "Thank you, Spirit, and thank you, guides, for being with me. I need you now; stay with me, come with me, be with me." I want you to claim it every day.

Every morning you get up to yourself; perhaps, you can say, "Thank you, guides and angels, for being with me today. Continue the healing that I know that I deserve." You might say, "That's in the queue for me, that it's going to be there." Start getting used to it, Dear Ones.

There's more here than you think. It's here because of the love that Spirit has for you, especially right now in these troubled times. Claim it because it's yours. Practice it and change your life. I'm Kryon in love with humanity, and so it is.

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