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Catalytic Change Part 2

Join Lee Carroll for "Thriving in a Time of Catalytic Change" - Part Two and WATCH FOR FREE.

Do you know Dr. John Ryan? We would love for you to experience him. He’s simply amazing. Dr. John Ryan is a Board Certified Physician and author of two books. Unity Field Healing Volume 1 has been described as the go-to source for new-consciousness healing.

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Like Lee Carroll, he shares a very uplifting message of thriving (and surviving) this massive worldwide transition!  In "Thriving in a Time of Catalytic Change," Dr. Ryan says, "If there was anything important to say to you during these days of the pandemic, Imagine the power you hold within you by having this communication and this connection" (to Spirit).

Topics Covered

Here is what you can expect:

  • How to Create space for you to heal yourself
  • The power within you - you were born for these times – really.
  • Your DNA at a higher "vibrational" reality
  • Reality connects with the pandemic
  • The three grids - Magnetic, Crystalline, and Gaia and how they are supporting you through change
  • More about Quantum DNA and its effects on planetary change
  • How to look inward and use this time to grow and develop

Don't miss the remarkable life story of Dr. John Ryan and his unique messages direct from KRYON. This interview is perfectly timed with the current state of the Universe.


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1 thought on “Catalytic Change 2”

  1. Thank you Lee and family to help us and specialy in my case clarify things that I always felt and knew but never explained.
    Love to you all! Tears of joy and gratitude!

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