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Thriving with Dr. John Ryan 

Dr. John Ryan is a Board Certified Physician and author of two books and, like Lee Carroll, shares a very uplifting message of thriving (and surviving) this massive worldwide transition and pandemic. Yes, good things are coming from this! Enjoy the free replay below.

Experience thriving with Dr. John Ryan and hear what he has to say about walking through this time with grace and balance when massive change is happening all around us. Join along with Lee for "Thriving in a Time of Catalytic Change" - Part One and WATCH FOR FREE.

Dr. John Ryan had the privilege of being Lee's first guest!  "Streaming with Lee" is a new program offered by Lee Carroll - original channel for Kryon - offering free informational videos about current topics that matter the most!  These events are hosted by "Streaming for the Soul" productions.

This is a two-part, 2-hour interview presentation that offers balanced, grounded facts about the current events.

What you will learn about thriving with Dr. John Ryan:

  • Facts about the COVID-19 virus and its process
  • How to walk through this time with grace and balance
  • How to thrive and not just survive
  • The Science behind COVID-19
  • Metaphysics of the virus and how it affects you
  • How to look inward and use this time to grow and develop

Kryon asked, "Why aren't we getting the whole message when we listen to the news?" Find out what Dr. John Ryan has to say about this and thriving.

Don’t miss the channeling at the end of our discussion!


P.S. If you enjoyed this episode of Streaming with Lee, check out our blog for more free videos!

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