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June 26, 2022 in Kryon Team

Lee Harris – Energy Tune-Up Mastery

He’s a globally acclaimed energy intuitive and transformational channel who offers grounded, practical teachings focused on helping conscious, intuitive, and sensitive people heal, thrive, and live a better life. He began doing intuitive readings out of his home in England in 2004 as a part-time healer. Based in California, he has built the company Lee Harris Energy into the multimedia worldwide event company. His book “Energy Speaks” became an instant bestseller in March 2019. His intuitive messages via his free and highly popular monthly energy update videos reach hundreds of thousands of people every month. These videos offer practical guidance for navigating daily life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism.

Lee has an acclaimed Soul Magic and Energy Mastery Retreats, and  Energy Tune-Up seminars. They are held around the globe, and they’re adventures into the most profound aspects of living, loving, and awakening. Lee is passionate about grounding creative spirituality into these challenging times, leading a ten-member international team. He is also determined to see people experience impactful and abundant lives while supporting each other through community. Lee is also into music. He has albums, great musical associates, composers, very popular with the new age music scene-a true creative.

Learning Through Self-healing

In my late teens, I started to heal myself one step at a time. I got into self-growth work and self-development. I would go off to workshops and would have tarot readings. Whenever I got into the healing realms as a participant, I would feel more alive and passionate, like, oh, this is life. This is the real thing. This is not the smaller version of life we’re living when we are not in this energy field. I didn’t realize that I would end up working in it and being a facilitator. I was 23 years old when I started channelling, and it happened to me very spontaneously on the tube train, the London underground in the UK where I was living. I just heard the voice of my guides one day.

I soon realized the voice that I would hear had the most helpful information and could see things that I couldn’t see. As soon as I sat with the information I was given, my whole energy Field would change and start to expand again. That began my relationship with the channelling. For a few years there, with the few friends that I felt safe to talk to, who were spiritual as well, I would give free readings, and people would come to me. My friend, a yoga teacher, suggested I do it for a job. It was 2004 when I started doing donation-based readings. I didn’t think anyone would come, and I did readings for 15 years, and out of the readings group everything else.

Channelling the Zs

I remember thinking people were quite afraid of channelling, especially in England. I have to say this country is much more receptive. In the year 2000, 21 years ago, I actually called myself a channeller. What I also did, because that word would be a barrier for people, I think the heading on my leaflet was guidance writing. In the leaflet, I explained the effect of reading and that I was a channeller.

I work in a few different ways, there’s the channelling side where I channel my guides, who I refer to as the Zs. They gave me the name Zachary when I first met the lead spokesperson. In later years, a few other names came through, beginning with Z. The audience who followed my work started referring to them as the Zs because they didn’t know who would show up, but they all began with a Z. They became collective again in 2012. They said, “We’re now going to speak as a collective voice again because unity is important, and it’s been useful that we’ve separated this way, but from now on, we will only be a group.”

Sometimes I’m channelling the Zs for a message, and other times I speak to people from what I call the intuitive level. If the Zs are the top of my ladder, the ladder I can access, the intuitive level is halfway down. I’m getting bits of information from them about what I’m seeing. Still, I’m also sensing what I’m feeling in the collective intuitively and hopefully giving people either recognition about what they’re feeling, aha moments, or different ways to deal with it. In a way, we normalize the world of energy and intuition, which is normal. It’s very much a part of our lives. However, there can be a barrier, resistance, or disbelief about it in mainstream society. I fully understand if you haven’t experienced it, it would be easy to think it doesn’t exist.

The Energy Speaks

I didn’t want to write that book. I was doing something else. I would write a book called the A to Z of Energy, which I soon realized was enormous and would take far too long. During that period, I had self-published two energy Speaks volumes, and I was on tour doing lots of live events that year. People would always say to me, “I love those books, I have them by my bedside, I flick open a page.” I had this opportunity to create a book. Suddenly I thought, I’m not doing the guides a service by not looking to all of the material we have in writing, adding a whole load more that has never been published, and re-edit and reorganize the way it will be presented.

“Energy Speaks” is a bit like the greatest hits of everything that my guides delivered between the years of 2006 to 2018. We took messages about every area of life, so you’ve got sex and sexual energy, money and abundance, sleep, and what happens when we sleep. It is a compendium of the most essential topics my guides offered us. How we’re experiencing life and how we can work with it.

Do Not Surrender

Around 2016, I thought I was going to quit, and I sat with it for almost a year, and of course, you think, well, what else am I going to do. This keeps me busy and keeps me occupied? I felt like I’d come to the end of the road in a way with everything I’d been doing. I would just be repeating myself. Around that point, I kept hearing this message from them, “You are needed, and now is your time.” This was a message I was being called to deliver to people.

I realized I needed to diversify the way I worked to hopefully help empower other people to be ready to go out into the world and do their work. Perhaps, I didn’t know yet how or had some fears or lack of strategy, whatever it was. I started shifting my work about five years ago, but it got very serious at the end of 2019. A series of events happened in my personal and work life that gave me this knowing. I was in Costa Rica at the end of 2019, and I had much very powerful, life-changing, and mystical experiences there.

When I came away from Costa Rica, I knew that I was initiated. It wasn’t that I hadn’t taken my work seriously before, but I got this feeling that things are getting serious now. They’d always talked about 2017 to 2024 being very difficult years on Earth. Yet they also said these were years that Lightworkers would probably feel alive, on purpose, and even potentially happier if we saw all of this chaos and unraveling around us. It seemed to be a strange message when I heard it in 2016. Now, I’m okay, and I get it.

The Momentum

Everything got quite serious starting November 2019, and then mid-March, before all the lockdowns hit. I just had this overwhelming feeling of, and here we go, things are about to get very intense. It’s definitely colored my work ever since then. Even though we do plan several months, we are in the very moment too to respond to what we’re seeing and what’s going on. I would say that’s probably been the most significant change for me in the last couple of years.

The messages are straightforward about more than anything. They will talk about the importance of holding our frequency, holding our core, discerning what’s ours, and what’s an illusion. I think the messages are just a little more rubber meets the road time than before. Channelling is different for each of us. It’s not a thing that people do, and it has to do with our personalities and life force.

Acquiring The Message

For me, there are three types of getting the message. There are the messages that I bring for people, which, as you both know, you’re holding space for something for people. Then you’ve agreed to show up and bring a message, or if it’s a recording, that’s one side of the work. That’s when it’s going out more to the public.

There are two different ways I get the messages. They either hand them to me when I’m not looking for them. That doesn’t happen a lot; it might happen 6 to 10 times a year that I hear a verbal message. I’m working a lot with my intuition anyway and testing things all the time with my body, my senses, living intuitively more than I ever have anyway. Then the other side is when I hold space for my question and answer session with them. The times they give me unsolicited messages are usually the hardest. I was living in Colorado, Boulder, in 2014. I’d been there for 4, 5 years, I thought, “Oh, this is going to be my home for a while.”

I just heard one day, “You’re leaving Colorado, prepare, tie everything up, you have to go,” and California was where I knew I had to go to. Even though I trusted the message, I went through a certain level of grief for about 3 to 6 months, just letting go of it. I knew it was correct, but sometimes they’re ahead of us in terms of the timeline. They’re not necessarily dealing with the Human feelings or healings we have to be here on the planet.

Do Not Be Afraid

Not knowing what you are all holding for your audience, I’ll go with what comes to me. A couple of hit points that are coming up for right now, the Zs keep talking about the world situation. It will get worse before it gets better. Part of our job is to find our balance point within that waving sea that we’re in all the time.

By all means, have the grief you need to feel, have the sadness and anger, but the emotion should be short. If we’re letting our emotions move through us and healing through what we need to heal in resonance to everyone’s feelings and everything going on, we should be able to move it through our body and flush.

If we’re getting stuck and impacted, if you’re depressed or angry for a very long time, you need to dig in and get to the core of that because it will pile up more and more. The ways you can do that are to enlist the help of a friend who is patient and will hold space for you: a therapist or a counselor. Find ways to put your congested feelings or congested experiences under the microscope, and perhaps it’s journaling. There are different ways that we can give focus to our healing.

The Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing is the other piece they speak about when it comes to our healing. It is a little different from letting your feelings move through you and investigating them if they’re not. They talked about how much of name was given, conspiracy theories we’ve all been taught to have as the headline for some of these revealing, interesting, illuminating, and sometimes misleading pieces of information.

They said, “Check the emotion; it’s coated. Most conspiracy theories will usually have at least some grain of truth in them,” But they also said, “Is it designed to inform or enlighten you, or is it designed to hijack you? And you’ll know it’s hijacking you if it’s coated in a certain emotion.”

Let’s say someone delivers information to you, and you hear it. Then you’re, “Oh my God, is that what’s going on in the world? That’s quite scary.” Ask yourself, has the information scared you, or was it coated fearfully? You have to be mindful of the agendas running on the planet that are darker.

Emotion and Fear

They want to co-opt visionaries and people who are used to manifesting and seeing the future. If they coat it in a certain emotion and you then take that fear into your body and go,” Oh my God, that’s what’s going to happen.” They said no timeline is set. We are going to experience certain things in the next few years, which is unavoidable, but that we create the future.

We have to be very careful that we are flushing through our fear, our emotional triggers, and also paying mention to when things are ancestral. For example, they said people who are panicked about certain areas of the climate or certain things they’re seeing going on with governments right now, ask yourself, am I completely at the moment with this? Am I processing what happened in Pompeii? in Atlantis? Am I processing that time that I had my freedom taken away in another life?

It’s not to dismiss those ancestral healings. We’re going through quite the opposite. We’re shedding a lot through everything going on in the world. Shed this stuff and allow ourselves to shed it the more we can, but hold space for it, let it move through the system. The quicker we will come back to our vibrational power, we need now.

Self-healing Thru Active Listening

The other piece I’ll throw in is they’ve talked about the Earth and underneath the Earth a lot in the last few months. They said many of you are focused out there horizontally and look to the stars and the cosmos. They said, don’t forget the power and the energy, and the crystalline energy that’s in the Earth. This is what we want to come up and through us at this time.

We can only allow that if we shed some of our Earth’s density. That would be the fears, hopes, and emotions that we have. They’re very inclusive of emotions, and they say that our emotions are our most significant power. However, they need to be as aligned as they possibly can be. That’s why anyone’s stuck in something or noticing a repetitive pattern in life; a repetitive fear, anger, and judgment.

It’s up for healing for you. The more you can do to help yourself heal, the sooner you’ll return to your power and your light. The last thing I’ll say is they say that silence is golden. Choose your battles when it comes to speaking your truth. Everyone’s speaking their truth right now, but very few people are listening or critically reviewing the truth they’re absorbing.

Live On Your Truth

They’re just taking that piece of information as golden or gospel because they don’t have the emotional or energetic capacity to take a more comprehensive look at everything. There’ll be times when you need to speak your truth to illuminate something to someone else. There will be times when silence will be your ally. This will take a few years to clear up and shake out.

You can serve your energy as much as you can. When you’ve had enough of the outside drama, make sure you come back self-care, and refuel. Remember, you’re alive at this moment. None of us are promised life tomorrow anyway, and that can be a perfect way to bring yourself back to the present and go, “What can I appreciate right now? What can I cultivate? What can I bring right now?” Equally, if you’re exhausted, rest and get off Facebook newsfeed because that isn’t going to help you.

Intrapersonal Routine

One of the things they have said, which I think is very in line with where you are going, is they said the Earth, she can take a lot more than the surface can. I love what you said about sending it down. One other thing that I have noticed is reminding us all that our self-care routines and our shedding routines are very personal.

When I was new to the spiritual community and the self-care community, the part of me in my head that thought I wasn’t getting, am I getting it right? Is this the right way to go? I still see a lot of that in our community? I should probably do yoga, even though I tried it five times, and it did nothing for me. It’s like, well, no, at that point. Maybe you let yoga go, and you go over to something else.

It’s been a long journey to find the things that work for me and let myself off the hook with the things that I thought I should be doing. For years, I thought I should be meditating. Then I realized there are different ways I meditate in my life. Sure, it’s not the way that meditators do it. The most important thing is knowing where our balance is and how to soothe ourselves. Sometimes you might soothe yourself with three glasses of wine or two donuts, but you’re going to pay the price for that in a way long term. There’s no judgment here on the things you are doing to soothe.

Unique Soothing Practice

If you notice that your soothing mechanisms are all either quite extreme or not necessarily long-term beneficial, this is a time to figure out what does light you up. It might be putting on Metallica in your bedroom, loud, jumping around, and screaming your head off. This is where we are all unique. It’s essential for you too, away from your partner, your kids, the people who are dependent on you, to have something for you that you will reset yourself if you do this several times.

That is also part of shaking off the energy of the collective that we are in. Even if you aren’t focused on the news or involved with other people, we can feel it. We can feel the anxiety levels in the collective right now. We also can have them ourselves. This soothing practice being very personal is very important. They have been talking about self-care like nobody’s business in the last couple of years, more so than they ever did.

The Power of Water

As I had deepened on my own, I found out that I am much more balanced, grounded, and less stressed than I could be if I weren’t taking care of things that work for me. So one, I’ll throw out is water. When we have a shower or put ourselves into a body of water, we break the electrical circuitry of our energy field. If your energy Field is a little revved up and you introduce water to it, onto the body, over the body, or put your body in it, it will change your circuitry.

Water is one of my go-to to getting myself in water and shifting my energy. For people listening or watching it, it might be very personal. Please don’t be ashamed of your self-care routines, and make sure you practice them not as a luxury but as a necessity.

Share The Learning

If you visit my website is leeharrisenergy.com, you’ll find everything I do. I usually put out three to four videos a week on YouTube. My channel there is Lee Harris energy. Once a month, I do something called an energy update where for about 25 to 30 minutes, I’ll take the pulse of what’s going on energetically. I am telling the six to eight themes that I’m noticing are happening now or just about to come in the coming month. I also give a few tips or tools to deal with the energies that we’re doing.

Then the other thing that I do, as well as my members’ community, is the portal, I create music with Davor Bozic. We make music tuned to 528 Hertz, which is a healing frequency. Sometimes it very much sounds like a traditional or alternative pop song. Other times it sounds more new age, sometimes the spoken word. As you listen, the encoding goes into your body. We did a similar thing with energy, speaks the audiobook, which Davor underscored for me with tones and frequencies that line up with our Human bodies and different parts of the universe. So that as you’re listening, that sound goes into and through you for healing as well.

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